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Nassif Younes Mar 2016
You think you are free
But you are not free
I would know
Because I am free,
I taste it every day
Real as my breakfast.
I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow
After my shift.

It ***** your brain
It can’t be tamed
So stay away
From aspartame
Got any flake?

Time is an illusion
It is proven,
Watches on planes
Or something.
If you believe in time,
Then you’re living a lie.
I learned that
A while ago.

The ****
Is this not already the name
Of a ****** dating programme?!
I need to go.
I’ll call you guys tomorrow
When I’m a millionaire.

No, no, you’re over-analysing it!
I mean,
I know
That given that humans are the most complex organisms
In the known universe,
Nothing could, in fact, be analysed more
But, you know…

(In the Queen’s English)
And I was literally
So drunk
To the power of
All eternity

And I’ll tell you…
Life is…
Is like…
Is like a…
You just gotta…
**** IT!

No, but seriously
I think at least half of us
Don’t even want to be here.
We just feel obligated to be a part of this…
Corporate-sponsored rebellion
And it’s…
Fine, I’ll have another one.
b e mccomb Jan 29
they write poems about
boys who are flowers and
sunlight or oceans and salt spray
boys who are soft and lovely

when they write poems about
men they are all whiskey and
loud voices or sneers and fists
men who are angry and violent

i’ve yet to read a poem
about someone like you
because they don’t write poems
about people who just are
who they are with no
exceptions or exclamations

i call you my boy
because you’re soft
but you’re really a man
(the clunky boots prove that)

but now that i’m writing this
poem i hesitate to call you
a man because heaven forbid
anyone think you
are made of sharp angles
and muddy truck beds

and i was scared
because they say men
carry guns and threats
and aspartame compliments
and condoms
in their wallets

but you just carry
a coffee cup
a smart phone
with stickers on the case
and a tiny spatula hanging
on your keys

so i handed you my heart
not ripped out but
scored and carefully
torn around the edges
slightly warm and still
faintly bearing

and you took it
held it in your hand
smiled at it
smiled at me

and placed it in one
of your pockets
under the phone
and the keys and
the wallet and
the coffee mug where
it couldn’t possibly
fall out

and let it warm for awhile
waited for the beat to
grow back stronger
until you held it fully
circulating and rejuvenated
but you didn’t hold on

you handed it back
set it gently in the
hole i had left
in my chest

and i felt the blood
start pouring through
my veins like i never believed
was possible for me

and i swear that even though
you said i could keep my
heart if i wanted to
i swear that i would
give it back to you
again and again
for the rest
of my life

along with the rest of me
my body and soul
you can have me
no guarantees
just me

cracked open and sometimes
still the blood seeps out
but i am healing and learning
to trust that you will
hold me while i continue
to learn to trust myself

growing is painful
and messy and sometimes
people grow a little
bit crooked

but it’s okay for me
to cry on your shoulder
instead of alone
where the darkness
chokes and claws
through my throat

it’s okay for me
to grow
it’s okay for me
to love you

to love my boy
whose eyes are the sky
to love my man
whose hands are the earth

my boy who still watches cartoons
and plays video games til late
and my man who answers my questions
even if he has to look them up

my boy who leaves love bites
on my neck like we’re in junior high
and my man who will go downtown at
midnight to get concealer for them

my boy who buys me nugs
my man who cooks me dinner
my boy with his single dimple
my man with his scruffy beard

my man with his sturdy
strong hands
my boy who makes up silly
names for things

my boy who teases me mercilessly
and my man who hugs me tight until
the panic passes and stands
beside me when i’m afraid

i still get butterflies in
my stomach when you
walk in unexpectedly
and on days when the
sun doesn’t shine you
still make me smile

so here is a poem about
a boy made of orange september
sunlight and april afternoons
kisses on cheeks
rosemary and lemon zest

a poem about a man made
of electric july nights
a crunch on january snow
fluffy white smoke clinging to the ceiling
shimmering glass swirls of orange peel

i am fiercely
inadequate at expressing
concrete emotions

but the emotion you evoke
in me is a tidal wave of
calm and chaos all at once
and if the world were burning
i’d like to go down with your
mouth still on mine

it’s yours
everything i’ve got
you can have
anything for you

my boy
my man
my whole world
copyright 1/18/19 by b. e. mccomb
Cucumbers make pickles fit & really not so much the dull end of it
After softer pate bones meld, the whole skull will presumably knit
not unlike a beach buggy on V.W. beetle chassis from a 1-piece kit
just as NAPA can readily get the big money strippers charge for ***,
& ******* bikini wrestling in a pool-liner lined, Jello-brand Jello pit
lit by low light to make shadows of stripped stripper grime and grit

— The End —