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IncholPoem Jan 2019
ZULU   and

On  the  border  of
U.S  and  Mexico
someone   saw
                           a    ZULU.

On  the  ice-land  of
                Netherlands ­ 
with  ice area birds
a  team   was seen-  a  team
                                    of      ZULU.

  On  the  sea-shore  of

some   persons  were

People  were  saying- ZULU

   A  new  brand  of
baby  foods
which  was  only  on
e-commerce  si­te,called  
                       - ZULU
ASK  About  the  meaning of  Zulu  to  Google  or  search  in  dictionary.
Sam Po Apr 2015
Ang amung kahayag sa balay
punu ug pangaliya ug pagmahal.
Siya ang naghatag ug kahayag sa amung dalan nga gitungha arun dili masala-ag.
Iyang kahayag mihatag ug kainit nga punu sa gugma.

Apan, wa damha

Na upus na ang iyang kahayag
Ug usa nalamang ka asu nga hinay-hinayng
ubanan sa Kangit-ngit.
Jo Organiza Oct 2019
Hugti ang pisi,
sa atong paghigugma,

ug lubagi ang tahi,
sa atong dughan,
arun atong madunggan,
ang mga singgit sa atong dughan.
neEdlE anD A ThreAd GaTtA GeT YoU oUt oF my HEad

Balak- A Bisaya Poem.
Twitter: @JoRaika
Jo Organiza Nov 2019
Pila ka kagabhi-on ang mga nilabay,
Dughang natagak na gibalik ug tapok
sama sa mga sanina sa ukay-ukay;
gilibutan sa kahibulongan ug katingalaan,
nangitag bubong na akong masandigan;
nangitag mga pulong na arun akong madula-dulaan.
Utok na sige'g kahinuktok,
aduna ba'y buwak na wala'y tunok na makatusok?
Puno sa mga pangutana,
apan kini wala nimo tubaga.

Maaghop na pagduyan sa hangin,
Mangatik diay ang mga buwak?
sama sa usa ka tunokon na buwak;
mga tam-is na labtik sa ilang mga dila,
nagpagawas ug hapsay na mga sturya,
sama sa mga linya sa usa ka salida.
Twitter: @JoRaika
Arun C Aug 2014
On occasion
that great dark beast
claws and scrapes
and then
breaks free of it's cage
howl at the moon
it's never too soon
but make no mistake
its always there
ready to rip and tare
truly knows no bounds
but I wouldn't want it any other way
otherwise I wouldn't be
- just Arun
Raj Arumugam Aug 2011
You want me to talk, Sir?
I’d relax and you can paint better, Sir?
Maybe, Sir…maybe, but what shall I say, Sir?
For I am not used to talking
to important people like you, Sir…
Why do you laugh, Sir?
It is true, I’m just a girl from the village, Sir
attending to Laxmi and Ganga –
those are our family cows, Sir;
and I milk them; and my father
and I bring the milk to the market
and to neighbors who can afford to pay for them…
We don’t carry them in these fancy pots Sir,
you make me pose with
but just earthen jars, Sir…
But this morning, Sir, my father said to me:
Come, Mina – you shall pose for a famous artist;
India has never seen such an artist
and he shall pay well
and perhaps with that I shall buy a third cow;
three neighbors owe us money
and will never return them in this life;
and the old woman in the sixth house has died
owing us money for these last four years…
You just have to stand there
before the artist in your cleanest sari
and use borrowed milk pots…

And that is what my father said, Sir…
I normally don’t dress in such clean clothes, Sir;
the saris I have are saris my mum used
but she died when I was little, Sir…
Sir? You want me to keep talking…but I am boring, Sir
and I talk simple words and I am sure you’ve heard…
Oh Sir, I’m more used to talking to cows
than important men, Sir…
All right Sir, I will tell you…I will tell you…
I do have dreams, Sir
and it is just the dream of all the
girls in my village:
I’d like new saris and jewels
and I’d like to be married
before the year ends;
Arun from the next village
always looks at me
in our town fairs
and Oh, would that he’d marry me
and we’d have a home and a farm and cows
and we’d have children
and we’d live our quiet lives
in our secluded village…
Sir, that is my dream…I have nothing more to say, Sir…
I hope you are done…
Or maybe you should talk, Sir…
Poem based on painting: The Milkmaid (1904) by Ravi Varma
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Bronze  Dragon

People  are   hungry.
Suitcase  full  money
only  can  purchase  an  egg.

Tha­t  egg  became
more  popular
female     model  in online.

That  is
the  ghost-economy.

Father,  mo
is  trying  to
****  their  ­ son
by  police  and  poison .

Villagers  are
   supporting   them.

the  supporters  becoming
more  fake
than  act­ual.

This  is
the ghost-family.

By  opening  a
box, a  Chinese  dragon
toy threw  fire  towards
    a  customer
except  the  original
bronze­  Dragon.

  This  is  
the  ghost- eCommerce.
IncholPoem Jan 2019

Put  Putin
in  a  cup  of   coffee.

Let   the  cup  of  coffee  
to  be  frozen.

You  will  one day
get  and  reach
in  a  another
cold  war.

Put  Putin
in  a  perfume's
unforget­table   smell.

You    will  one  day
catch  and  spread
the   newly   made
Arun C Aug 2014
I am
A fraction of a bang
a jagged little piece of time
a string blowing in the wind
through the cosmos
with just a little bit
I make the most
from stardust formed
from stardust one day
but breathed on by God

IncholPoem Jan 2019
BACC-Break  up  Alien Couple  Camp

Already  i  have  given
tender  to  Alien species
  not space  X
  nor    NASA
to  lamp  in
newly  discovered
4,000   planets
to   celebrate   your

''Happy  Returning  Days".

It  is true  that
my  heart  now
Elon - Musked
broken  break-up

Before  that
any   heart   had
late  after   30's
Jeff  Bezos's
aeroplane  romance  heart.

The  installation  of
'Break  up  Alien  Couple  Camp(BACC)'
is  at  end  point
on  50,000  asteroids
to  celebrate    their  and  mine
the  "Happy  Returning  Days."
IncholPoem Jan 2019
In the  countries  of  mango
banana  looks  thinner.

In the  countries  of  banana
  mango  seems  fatter.

People  say-N­ew age

                     gene  edited
have   become

    Like  our  bell
like  our  body
like  our  head­  !
IncholPoem Jan 2019
The  Hindu  wealth  Goddes
'Laxmi'  left  a
youth's   mind,body
and  soul.

He  became

Rupees  did  no
   become  Dollar, Pound.

Rice  plate
  did  not  become
Biriyani plate.

River  became
water less.

Reverse  became

That    one  became

His  future  and  destiny
  became  'wretched'.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Maritime   romantic
  memories   were
  while      the   wind  flew
  from   sea-side  
towards  a  lover's  home.

Remembering  time  wa­s

Those  are  coming
  through   the
sea-facing   widows.

The   teams  of
romantic    memory
were     forced  to
mix   in  wind.

Although  the   presence
of  that  kind  of
wind  was  for  a  while.

Sea  was  ­worried
to  pull   that  wind-wave
IncholPoem Jan 2019
After  evening
let  it  rain  or  not
But  the  rainy  season
wil­l  com,e  to
convince  your  

In  butterfly  days
who  ­ asked  the
  colourless  heron  days.

In those  colorlessness
let  do  not   be  there
a  fraction   of  sign
of  your   sorrowfulness
to  identify  not
to   required  unlimited
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Minus   Zero

  Hey... supreme  power
let   me  make
not  zero
minus  zero

how  much  minus
i  give  an  example.

It   should  be
like Siberian  cold.

It  should  be
frozen   Atlantic  ocean

It  should n be  more
freezing  point   than
IncholPoem Jan 2019
People   saying
my  girlfriend's
address ?

Before     asking
to    sky,  sea,
the  engineers  of
a  newly   constructed  
People  are
saying  my
girlfriends  address.

Some  saying -She   is  in

Some  saying-
She  is  married
to  another
reputed  person.

Some  saying-
She  is  working
with her
  previous  job.

People  are
  saying  my
old  girlfriend's
address  ?
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Star  and  far.

Star  is  star.
But   'far'  is  the
opposite   of    star.

Which  is  being
created to
gallop    all  objects  of

Planet  an  flanet.

Flanet   is  gravitational  
non-moving  objects  
which  is  not
yet  discovered.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
ZIGZAG  AND  zilch

The   zoo    is  zigzag.
The  mood  was
                            in     moon in
                                  mode  of   zigzag.
The  faces of
  a   photoshoped    African
                                             lady  was   zigzag.

The   mango  box  were
                                     kept   in  the truck
                                        in    zigzag.

$ 100 IS Zilch.

A  ******'s  emotion for
to   ****    her  baby
by  taking  money  is    zilch.

A  woman's white

                       stone duplicate
teeth  seems   still  in  zigzag.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
PARI  and  Peri

Pari  is  Peri.

Pari is  the  short name
          of Bollywood  actress.

Peri is  the

       beautiful     woman  of

        Persia   myth.

       Past  woman
            of London
not  looks  like  'PERI'  !

The  actress  of
Mumbai film  city
not  looks    like  'PERI.'        

Pari is not Peri.

OK......for  you  !
   for  me

Peri is  PARI   and
Pari  is   also  Peri   !!!
IncholPoem Jan 2019
metal  and  mental

were  being
kept by
drug addicted

They   were
daily  wagers
but  daily
drug  addicted
to dream  to
buy   precious
metal for
their  wives.

To  have
girlfriend  is
a  sin  and  the
job  of mental.
Geetha Raj Nov 2011
A journey of 10 years!
Just dashed in a flash -
But stay happy, tonight
For its the new year night!
Dead people and dreams -
The Pope, Super Man and Steve!
Careers, cars and movies -
BPOs, Ford 500 and Avatar's Navis!

A decade moves on -
All changed. Can't redeem.
But you be merry -
For its the new year, dearie!

Seen couples getting wed -
Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley!
Seen plenty of blood shed
Not them, but Iraq, Iran and the Afghani!

But don't you worry!
We will have days of glory
The past is dead -
For its the new year, ahead!

Heard mighty men scream
Osama v/s George B!
And seen teary eyes gleam
14th Dec'06 at WTC!

We may have lost men
But don't we have many more left?
Come, rejoice with no fear,
For its a new year, so no tears!

Seen many deaths -
Thousands went with the Tsunami!
Seen many more births -
Are we still behind the Chinese?

We will move ahead
For in God, we believe
The future is clear -
For its a new year, dear!
Written on 31st December, 2010.
Are new year eves really happy beginnings?
Or sad continuations?
IncholPoem Jan 2019
A  titter   is
  bitter  of  butter.

A  bitter  taste   of   pizza
  is  not  very  
tastier  without  titter.

A  piece  of  titter
  fly  in  twitter.

A   bit  of  bitter  bite
  the  Badoo.

A  titter....bitter....
IncholPoem Jan 2019

If  the  birds
will  cry
then   where   i
will    store
your  tears.

Your  smiling  was
matching  with

So,  ocean     could  not
identify  and
in  confusion  also.

Overseas   monsoon
were   in  great

Overseas   malware   were
tied   by  thinking
about  your  similarity
that   you  a  human-bird
or   human-angel.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Maternal and  material

Material  needed

    for factory  and
    human life's
lifelong  requirement
for   material.

  For matte  to  be
or  the  empty innovativeness
                   of  mind
  required  material.

For  apparel  business
               first  basic  thing  was  

Also  for  love

   attraction  and  sentiment
are  two  material.

A  childless wife's
sister's  solid
material  is
her  maternal.

Which may  not
    out  the  hope  for  the
wife  is  only  for her

A  daughter's relation
      with  wifeless  foreigner
ma  turn  into  maternal.

A  sister's  relation
with  her  brother's  boyfriend
will  turn  into maternal.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
On  a  lightening  day
both were  in  close  mode.

  On a  lightening  hour
a  river 's    water  became
charged  and  killed
all  living    creatures­.

That   lightening  burnt  your
  red  lips
made  it  black  lips.

That­  lightening  also  
  did  burn your long
hair  jot   to  compete
in  fashion  week  and  
to  have  a  second  boyfrie­nd.

This  was  pure
preplanned  attack
artificial    lightening ­ of  your
to  you.
IncholPoem Jan 2019

Write  a  wrong  sentence.
Write  a  tomato story
            of  a  farmer  of
North  Ireland.

   Write  a  blind   man's
written  inability.

A  diamond   surely
touch  your  wrist.

   Your  girlfriend  surely
will  touch  your wrist.

Wrong  destiny  one  day  
surely  will
come to  touch  your
not  feet,
only  wrist.

  God  will  surely
get  down  in  Earth
to  kiss  your  wrist.
IncholPoem Jan 2019

While  driving

on the  hill   roads
of    France
Do not  say 'perhaps'.

It  is   after  the
      blood nil    accident

You  were  needed to
             slow  the speed 'perhaps'.

Before  marriage
a  *** is  needed
to  know  the  firstness  
of   it  'perhaps'.

After  divorce
it  will  not    work
to  stay   alone
it  can  not  be
applied "perhaps'.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Oxygen  Finished

My  dream  suddenly
did  met  a  
baramuda   triangle.

It  was
the   sea
of  black-hole.

A  woman's  desires
did   met  a
space   valcona.

It  was  the  Earth
like    valcona  also.

My  opinions  tried
to    climb   a  
under  sea  -mountain.

But  in  half
the  oxygen  gone
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Hearing  the  name
  of  danger
smiling   became
  silent  !

You  too  became

The  sorrowfulness
  ­when  seemed
to  be   unhappy
  then  did    maintain

You  too  became

In  the  fear
of  win
being  irritated
surrendered    under  silence.

You  too­  
became  silent.
Jo Organiza Nov 2019
Ang pagkalit na paghanaw sa bidlisiw sa adlaw,

sa dihang kitang duha magpahabol sa kangitngit,

dungan natong abton ang mga bituon sa langit,

samtang kita kay nagbaylo ug kainit sa'tong mga panit.

Sa kalami, kalagot, ug kalipay,

magpalunod sa'tong mga tinguha arun dili magmahay,

kitang duha kay magtagbaw,

hangtud sa ikaw musinggit ug mutiyabaw,

mga pangandoy sa atong lawas atong ipagawas

giduyan sa gakos ug nagpadala sa bugnaw na huyohoy,

Gidusog, gibira, gidusog, gibira

Sa kagilok ug katam-is sa imong mga halok,

gisabayan ug pagsimhut sa imong mga puting ilok,

sa pagbarug ug pagpakita sa bidlisiw sa adlaw,

ikaw, nikalit ug kawala ug nihanaw,

tungod sa kalami nahabilin imong lawas,

imong lawas nilupad, nawala ug nitakas.

Ngee bastos HAHA plokplokk

Twitter: @JoRaika

Balak- A Bisaya Poem.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Jangle  and  jungle

Jangle   on me


jangle  on  me
so    that   i  can   have
good   tasty  food.

Jangle  on me

i  may  have
good   return  of
my  investment.

Jangle    on me in
so  that   i  may
reagain  can
come  back
to  my
lovely  jungle  days  !
IncholPoem Jan 2019

Marvel incidents
were  on  marble.

Marbles  were not
due  to   it's  old type.

Yesterday  night
the marble  mines
became   full
by rain  water.

Yesterday  also
brought 20  dead  bodies.


This  was   done
by the marble  factory

Because  they  were
  ready  to
draw   their        6  months

  Marbles  were
really  marvel.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Jaunt  and jaunty

white  ice  sheet
perhaps  may
give  you
­a  big  jaunt.
Not  Swiss  Bank.

A  mother's
birthday  party
ma­y  bring  party
may   bring  tear
for  to

psychological  washing.

  That  may  not
j­ust jaunt to   her
father's    home.

A   heart  became
when  you  throw
a  flower to
my body.

A heartless
body  can  not
bring  jaunty  life
never  in my
future  life.
Anton Jul 2019
Cge, salamat kaayo sa tanan ha?  
Sa memories ug sa melodies,
the songs you sang and played for me ,
Sa gamay nga oras nimo nga gihatag,
Sa gugma na kanako  imohang gidalit,  
Pasayloa na ang imong gugma nausik lang ug nasayang,
Dre kanako na usa ka taw nga walay hinungdan, sama kanako nga daw sagbot lang sa katilingban,  
Sama kanako nga  sa kinabuhi walay padulngan,
Sama kanako na sa gugma nimo dili takos ug angay,
Sama nako nga sa kinabuhi ug katawhan gina tamay,
Mao ikaw langga ayaw na pag langay,  
arun makita ug maka.ila na nimo ang taw  na kanimo muhigugma nimo ug tinud.anay,
ang taw nga makauban nimo kanunay,

Pasagdi nalang ko dri,
Biyae nalng ko dinhi,
Dle nako magdahum na muabot ug kanimo naapay mo puli,
Busa ako, hikalimti,

Pero ilawm sa akong kasing kasing naa gihapon ka magpabilin,
Manghinaut na ikaw nalipay pod sa akong pag.abot ,
Nga unta ikaw dle mag bago ug dle makalimot,
Sa mga panumpa ta,
nga matud pa walay katapusan,

Dle na nako mahimong pugngan,
ang gibating kasikas ning akong dughan,
Ipagawas ra nako ning tanan,
Mga kasikit ug kaguol ig bundak sa uwan,

Unta puhon sugaton ug madawat nimo,
Ang kamatuoran nga wan.a juy kita,
Ayaw lang pabali ug kabalaka,
Kahibaw ko naara ang taw nga kanimo andam mohigugma.

Salamat azaraya
IncholPoem Jan 2019

Rama  is  thin
But  in  "Ramayan" of

          Hindu is  not  so  fat

               just  like  thin.

Wood  polish  thinner
is  not  thin.

It  is  made  to

     fill  up the  soft  and
tiny  holes.

he  size  of  holes
really  very  thin.

Earth  is  very  thin
but  the  universe  is  not

so  thin.

   The cycle  is    thine.
The  mind  is   thine.
The  mind's  running
cycle is  thine.

The  TV  is  tine.
The  wife  is  thine.
Äŧül Sep 2019
The BJP has impressed me,
Welfare is their priority,
They have improved as a political party.

They used to be the capitalist kind,
Completely rightwinger it used to be,
They used to be crony capitalists.

But they have improved,
Their worth they proved,
India administrated by them will be happy.

They have made sacrifices,
Who can forget Shyama Prasad Mukherjee?
Once they know him - they can't.

Who can forget Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji,
Or the living legend, Lal Krishna Advani ji,
Or the fallen soldiers, Sushma ji or Arun ji?

We have many more leaders,
All distinguished in their spirit of Indianness,
Narendra Damodardas Modi, their scion.

They used to be plain capitalists, yes,
But now they are very different,
They are the Left of Right.
India, as a majority, is very happy and positive.

My HP Poem #1773
©Atul Kaushal
Arun C Apr 2016
Is change coming
Do you hear that mighty strumming
Or feel the empty silence tear
In the distance of the near future
Something is happening
Economy politics fuel food climate credit germs cult personalties
Something is about to wipe out the banalities
I know it
I smell the rain
Pregnant in the wind
Has that become a sin
If not then why do we all still sit
Today's warnings simply do not fit
Will you hear the screams of fear
Change is coming
I know it is sounding
Because now all the brain's
Are simply trying to stay sane

This by holding on to the normalcy bias
But these are the times that particular bias
Becomes illusions in the highest

* Just because lightning has never ever struck you before it does not mean you should open a metal umbrella in a thunderstorm. Even if it keeps you dry,......till it doesn't.
-Just Arun
Arun C Nov 2014
On occasion
trapped behind iron bars
in a corner far
the beast claws and scrapes
but make no mistake
its always there
so be aware
it's ready to rip and tare
sometimes suddenly it gets out
before the guards can shout
truly knows no bounds
but you know
I wouldn't want it any other way
I wouldn't be
-  Just Arun
IncholPoem Jan 2019

  The  sky
said   me

when  the   time
of    speaking  you
it    disappear.

It  gone
into  the
secret   corner  of  soul.

It  gone  into
non-gravitational  law.

It   might  have
jumped  into  the
sea  of  blue  !
IncholPoem Jan 2019
school  children

  We  want  
to   go----------!

Temple-where  you  will
                     find   the   lesson
                       to  live  and  also  for  

May   be  to
newly  made  
football    field
which  is  floating
on  a   cargo   ship.

May be  to
go   an  old beer  bar
   where    classic   songs
are   newly    mixed  
by   school children.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
lilt  and  lily

A  singer  
was   lilting
looking  at  a  

  A  spring    flower
was   in  love
to butterfly
in  rainy day was-lilly

An old  woman's
   lilting   was   funny
for  lilly.

— The End —