Kate Lion Feb 2013

And perhaps every love story is the same story
Perhaps we've all just conditioned ourselves to tell it differently
In ways that make the most sense to us.

Taru M Dec 2012

I remember
                                                     5th Grade
                 Ms. Morrow's class
                                                          A­pples to Apples
                          the word  -  lovable
I scampered through cards incredulous
who is Marilyn Monroe
and how is she lovable

I chose Buzz Lightyear

I remember the judge
bobbing for apples
     Autumn Golds
she read them aloud
1950s.Robin Hood.Blood.


we all laughed, a vampire in our midst
   all but Damon
        Damon who pleaded
It's true. The only time daddy kisses mommy is after he makes her bleed.

See for Damon
love was pains bitter aftertaste
in a house
where kisses were apologies and arguments were whispers
where mice and toy soldiers gossiped Louis' trumpet
love was pains bitter aftertaste
in a house
where monsters roamed the halls as Goku huddled in fear
where wishlists were pokeballs because a dark cell is solace
no red, just rest
for Damon
love was pains bitter aftertaste
and Listorine wasn't shit
you could keep love to yourself

I remember that day
Ms. Morrow gave Damon a Granny Smith
not because blood was loveable
but because Damon was

so now...
whenever I see apples
I think of blood
   & Ms. Morrow
        & Damon
             & love
and I pray -
for all the monsters in the hallways
for their victims
and for all the Gokus still under the bed
that in their own way
they find pokeballs

Jill Harris Jan 2010

Everyday I see oranges on trees
Bright, juicy and
I think anxiously of the apple rotting slowly
On my kitchen counter
I'd rather eat it.

I think of peeling the banana
Riding in my car
And while it fills my stomach
And it could be called breakfast
I want my apple.

And the mango offered in a cafe
In the middle of the rainforest
On the side of a volcano tastes like heaven,
Grainy, juicy, ripe
And I think of my decaying apple.

My apple, my obsession
All I want now
Dangerous though it is
And I think of Eve and wonder
Does every woman have her apple?

Arturo Hernandez May 2013

I wonder if you've noticed.

If you haven't
I would like to share with you
A little something:

I grew up with this idea
That someday I would grow up,
Have a girlfriend and get married.
I knew that I wanted children,
That I wanted a dog,
That we'd grow old in my house
And out in the driveway I'd have a Lambo
(I know, crazy, right?)
What I didn't know
Was how I was going to get there.
I didn't know that it wasn't that easy
And that, more than once,
I'd be hit with disappointment.
Not disappointed because I fell in love
And had my heart broken
(More than just a several amount of times)
But because I stepped out
Further and further from this utopia
I had set out for myself.

I learned, more than once,
That everyone had their own little story,
Everyone had their own little blueprint,
And not everyone was interested
In what I wanted.
I heard:
It's too early for you to think of those things,
Enjoy life and use all your energy on other things.
And I did.
I started drawing, started playing soccer,
I started writing poetry, and put music to my poems.
I started playing the guitar, I started singing,
I started to use my energy on "other things."
But the more I think about it
And the more I read about it
I was really just using those things
For my own story.

And that's the issue you should know about me
That's my so called "problem"
And the reason why you probably won't like me.
I lose sight of what's in front of me,
Chasing after what's ahead of me.
I forget the present and focus on the future,
And I fail to realize that you too
Have had to have
Some getting used to.
I don't know the secret
To a perfect relationship
Nor do I think I, as a person, am close to perfect.
And I know that you're not,
And I know you have your own faults and wants,
Your own needs,
And we're all a little selfish from time to time.

But here's the secret,
Here's the kicker,
The catch to my whole speech here:
I have tried to toss
All of my personal feelings aside,
I have tried to put my plans on hold
And fix myself onto the ground.
I've learned that that's how things often go
And it's not that I'm giving up on my plans
I just know that I want to be a part
Of your plans, and you of mine
Because I know that my plans
Could intertwine into your plans
And yours into mine
(That's what I hope anyway)
And if your plans and mine
All become one
Then I will have changed my blueprint,
And I will know the map.
I won't know the ending,
But I will know,
When I get there,
That I tried -
And for the first time,
In a long time,
I didn't give up.

André Morrison Aug 2014

My Life Is An Apple Tree
And You’re The Sole Fruit
You Bear The Seeds To Me
For A Bigger And Better Life

You Are So Sweet
You Are So Gentle
You Do Not Sin
When You Blush, It’s Like Apple Skin

Chuck Feb 2013

I like apples
I like oranges

Apples are sweet with a crunch
Even when they are tart
The rewards are great
They are filled with nutrition
The skin is even good for the teeth
But every once in awhile
One is spoiled or rotten
Or worse, filled with creepy crawlers
Yet the refreshing burst
Of beneficial flavor is hard to refuse

I love oranges, the color alone
Sunshine in my hand
Puts a smile on my face
Before I even take a bite
When they are sweet
Nothing cold be better
They make my life healthy and happy
However, they, occasionally, can be bitter
Or spoiled or not glow so bright
Yet even at their most sour times
Or when they are not the freshest
I love them more than life itself

So it's obvious to me
Given the choice between the two
It is no contest
My love for oranges is rare

Yet I've been granted a special opportunity
I have been offered a bushel of apples
Though they are tasty
I don't want to only eat them

Apples or oranges?
I can eat the apples and still enjoy
The flavor burst of the oranges
The apples may even help me to
Enjoy the oranges even more
And cherish the time I have to
Nourish my bobby and mind
With their sweet nectar

I like apples
I love oranges
I can enjoy both
Without letting any spoil
With the right proportions

I just won't try to
Eat cake too!

Oranges are my family, and apples is the opportunity to coach track and field this spring. I wanted to weigh it out in a poem. I refuse to neglect my family ad many coaches do. If I have less time with my family, I'll just make it better quality an less time sitting here writing poetry, until they go to bed. Don't worry.
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014

Pumpkin spice and apples
Tease my nostrils as
The fuzz on my sweatshirt
Tickles my cold skin

Sharina Saad Jun 2013

My mobile screams
Its Taylor Swift " I wished it was me"
Wake up folks its 6 am
Let's face another hectic day
Another day of terror and challenge
Unlike the good old days
when life was even simpler
when mobiles were  not a necessity
but communication still exists
in close knit families
Life was even greater
When smartphones and computers
were gadgets of the future
Still relationships went on smooth and happier
Life was even lovelier
when Apples and Blackberries
were merely fruits
for juices and desserts.
but still we need to strive
to face another day
in this concrete jungle
and adapt our life....

Montana Svoboda Jan 2016

"Apples To Oranges"
So foreign slowly becomes familiar
Not adapting to a new environment
But realizing a sun setting here is the same as there,
Three Hundred miles or a few foot steps
Light  is light
And the horizon is splitting the world in half
Dividing each hemisphere in unchanging ritual
Even though,
Differences become not so,
Slit wrists
Blood dripping shaking
Kitchen  counter support systems
An eye blinks and suddenly
Apples are being cut into slices,
Trying to make each equal
Or feel just as relevant
Before eaten,
Drops of juice stain faux wood,
Leaking heart
Slippery surface
Slowly small problems become
More noticeable
Rust collects on the rear passenger door,
Lacking tools,
Knowledge to stitch and mend,
Not adapting
Just realizing

Pamela Rae Oct 2014

Even rotten apples
have a few good bites in them...

J Valle Nov 2015

Eve shared it and
Condemned human kind.

Newton felt it and
Changed the world's mind.

Snow White tasted it and
Proved love at first sight.

Ewing used it and
Left the world behind.

That is how
I realized
It was me, who
Gave you the power
To change
Or ruin
My life.

Frank Ruland Oct 2014

just like the apple,
all things brown
more quickly as
you approach
the core

Rob Kingston Aug 2015

A cuckoo sings its first spring voice
The cider maker cracks his cork on this year’s choice
English apples presented from pre years press
Picked and selected to impress
Bottled and ready for drinkers wide and far
Vision distorting with every jar

From orchards up and down the land
Drinkers search the best in town
Scrumpy be the drinkers rot
Weak willed should try it not

A test once tasted of a brewers fare
An enjoyment discovered but just take care
For once you have past the half way mark
You’ll soon be singing and dancing with the larks

This poem is my first to be published on air by BBC Essex, Mark Punter's Show, Read by the well known poetess Shirley baker. 23.8.15
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