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Paul Butters Jan 1
Let’s get hysterical.
Let’s go mad
About the Winter Solstice passing
And our football team winning.

We party hard
For Christmas and New Year.
The Americans do Thanksgiving too.
Bad times for turkeys
Great days for making sales.

Anniversaries, birthdays and Celebrity celebrations,
Big Brother and Get Me Out of here.
X Factor and Lithuania’s Got Talent.
All excuses
For making mayhem
And a fast buck.

Any present will do
No matter how useless
Or banal
At times like these.
Compulsory enjoyment
Even if you’re ill.

Oh what sheep we are.
(Apologies to sheep).
We must conform
Follow fickle fashion
And hug the herd.

We may be social animals,
But woe betide anyone
Who is

“Be yourself” they say,
But do they mean it?
Course not.
The “Individual” is cursed,
Cast out
A *****.

It’s time to stand back,
See the truth
And find your inner soul.
Break the brainwash,
Defy the dictators
The Nanny State
And really,
Be You.

Paul Butters

© PB 1\1\2019.
Influenced by the glibly funny UK comedian Richard Ayoade.
Looking back at our time together
There was never a start date
Nothing that I remember that
Marked when it all became real
It sort of just happened week after week
No asking permission or for an answer
We just knew this was something
It took both of us away from life I guess
Now we are here together still
No anniversaries, no magic first date
And those times when it's all about to end
Fighting like wolves, killing each other
It doesn't end there, the battle dies
And all we have left is a friendship
Then some really, really good ***

— The End —