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megan Aug 2018
i think in colours
i only hear your voice
would i be yellow,
if it was your choice?

do you see me?
do you know my name?
my idiosyncracry
it’s making me deranged

if i was a instrument
would you play me?
it’s detriment
and ambivalency

you are strong
and i am weak,
i want to belong,
to your mystique
Ja Feb 2016
I bestowed to you my heart

You ****** it dry
Left me to die

Then ripped it out and threw it away

While I gasped at my soul
As it oozed out that hole

I realized I was dying

I clutched hold of it and gripped
But between my fingers it slipped

In despair I watched it rise, then linger

Then it glanced back at me
That’s when, I ceased to be

Now I’m in an ambivalency

Am I really dead
Or just my world instead

— The End —