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Alex Apr 27
I walk with my head down, I've outgrown this town,
I know my way around but it's boring now,
I'm snoring now, ignoring clowns that surround me, how
Do I break out, find some glory now,
See the globe, rewrite my story, develop some clout,
Enveloped by doubt...can't seem to figure it out,
Developed my sound, need to deliver a shout, no fuss, gotta row,
This darn bridge fell in the moat,
Forget a paddle,
I'm still building a boat,
Don't doubt though, I'll break out now, might be slow but expect a middle finger as I go,
Not gonna linger, stay sharp like iguana fingers,
Depressed and full of stress, my best is yet to come,
Inhibitions, lack of rest keep my ambitions undone,
My dreams have been oppressed, my soul remains repressed,
But instead of being stunted I'll stun, refuse to just regress
SC Kelley Aug 9
You’re like a storm.

But in the best and most beautiful way.

The kind of storm that happens all of a sudden on the most average of days.

You’re like a hurricane coming into my life and tearing away the ugly grey buildings and leaving only the green freedom to overgrow my heart again.

Like a thunderstorm that pours out love filled raindrops to fill my soul and grow back the childlike happiness that's slowly been deprived of its pure ecstasy.

Like the tsunami-sized tidal waves that wash away my lost ambitions and filthiness.

A blizzard that whitewashes my view with your unmistakable perfection and pulchritude.

The flash flood that appeared into my life at the snap of a finger and since that death-defyingly moment my love for you has only grown.

You’re the faultless storm that has taken my heart, life, and soul into steady hands and locked them all within yourself.

Since then, I’ve never looked back and never will.

You’re the perfect storm.

~S.C. Kelley
For My Love
Father Moses it feels so good to be sitting right here listening to our classic jazz
The kind we listened to when we would do gardening
It is a pleasure to affirm that your son has finally found his memory,
Of how great he can be or how great he once was
It is strange that we meet here and it is just us men
What happened with our women?

What went wrong?
I guess they stopped caring about who says what to them
And eventually stopped caring about who touches them
And in reciprocation we stopped caring about who sleeps with them and touches them
Because it is only fair that if your woman does not care about who touches her then you wise up and realise that anyone can touch her
And you should do best and care more about how you put your hands onto the world
Then you care more about what you do for humanity

Then you care more about what The Creator has bestowed you with; your talents, skills and ambitions
Your endless longing for Knowledge, for wisdom
Then you know that if she knows you then she must know herself
And if she has herself together, she will respect you and be loyal
Then you know that if she loves you, she wars with you
She does not suck up your energy
And she will know when to be available and what to say
Because she is yours
It is a love you have been waiting for, a love you have worked for, earned and honored.

But if she doesn't know this she will think that by having herself passed over to different men she is somehow tainting your stature but no, don't you know that she is expressing a behaviour and attitude of no self-respect
She is not hurting you, she is only hurting herself because she is lost
She does not know what the Father's Love & Light is or what the guidance of a Mother is

But people fight this reality
They are scared, they are a lost breed and they will continue to be lost
A wise man said: if you are stealing from me and ruining my life because you are jealous of my success then don't be jealous of my death, deliver me gracefully to pastures of vanilla skies where all is well and peaceful
Where the truth does not have a stutter

Where people face themsleves for who they are and what they do and have done
Where they are held accountable for their deeds and when you
Hear all these truths and feel angry at yourself because you have been so lost then don't feel at a loss when I am gone, don't miss me
Live in the perfect and beautiful memories of the things you've done to me
Or the things you haven't done

Then you will begin to learn that there is another reality beyond this one
There are few wives if any because homes are broken
There are few fathers if any because principles are missing
Because of this; society will never grow..

Continents will remain children and those children will blow themsleves up because those who are supposed to adult them into the future are crying for lost time
When you've seen all the things I've done Father Moses you will support me and confirm that I need to rest in the airy sheets of peace

They, the oh so awesome fairies have yet to reach fruition for bedding and wedding
But they don't want this reality because it reveals the massive change that needs to occur and the responsibilty that people have to take to go on their own journies of self discovery
They are afraid to run their own race so they will always fail to conclude the last page.
Thank you for showing me you, I now know what if feels like to be a different person on the planet... You were conceived through prayer and for that you were different but you don't have to plant that into your egoic mind for it hinders your progress and you never reach your full potential because of the very fact. And yes like Grand Phil said: it was envy that caused a black man to stop a fellow balck man from going forward and it was the benefits of being wedded to a royal rather than the reagal responsibilty that caused the flower women to flock in like flies. It would be happy polygamy but most if not all, tell lies. And as such they live a life of lies. Thanking my coworkers for rescuing me when I was five, for that the truth will always survive and when justice is affrimed by a celestial female being, it will thrive.
A Sad Alex Jul 25
Something within me died
If it was even born at all
I don´t know what, I´m not quite sure
But I can feel it´s loss

It´s air in a room where there was a void
It´s space where there used to be more
It´s silence where there once was a voice
It´s so dry now, it´s so cold…

Trapped between the walls of my mind
I can´t tell what is gone
It has all been the same for a while
The same people, the same thoughts
The same everything, day after day
Year on, year on…

Inside my dying heart, it will be hard to find
Nothing has been here for some time
It is withered, shriveled, cut and scarred
I locked it tight, hoping for it to die

To search my soul, it is to search what once was
A place of so much hope, so many dreams and lies
I couldn´t tell what died
So much has, I can´t tell them apart
It´s a graveyard of innocence
Where my ambitions rest dead
And by its side my happiness lays…

To search me whole, is to search nothing at all
For there is nothing to find
I feel now like I am husk
A dead man who forgot to die

So I will write my sad poems
The one thing I can do right
Change my blood for ink
Black and thick, as my being
Let paper be wrapped to my skin
An open book, for all to see
For something within me died indeed
Or something wasn’t born at all
The more I search, the more I think
That it was me all along.
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