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Madeline Harper Aug 2018
Faultless lines of an abject realm
Compose, ignite and overwhelm
My soul coarsely brined at the helm
Where devils dance and I am free-

If I am to lie at shallow breath
Sharper still, to a dull smoke of ****
Forsake, adjourn my rage in my death!
And heaven’s halt by false decree-

I know an ocean’s rage is a fire so rare
That these dreams stifle me only a prayer
An empty trespass of the ocean still flares
This realm: a door, my mind: a key-

There is no such soul as the sea
Where devils dance and I am free
And heaven’s halt by false decree
This realm: a door, my mind: a key
And the ocean’s rage as I flee-
Please let me know your thoughts and insight! I’ve been having repitive dreams and I’m writing to understand what I’ve been feeling through this constant dream setting.
I am happy for you.
It beats
the alternative.
The alternative gets
me Nothing,
changes Nothing
So yes
I am happy for you
But most importantly,
I am happy for me
You want to know why?
Happy Me,
gets to kick ***,
beat the crap
out of her,
The alternate me

©Belema .S. Ekine
Everyone has got a choice,  I choose to be happy because the alternative *****
they are our dreams
some slanted
some straight
all stranger
than our everyday

we marvel
at the creations
of our inner eye

we cling to them
in moments of loneliness

they are ours
Inspired by a computer graphic of  Maria Luisa Grimani on
Nisha Mar 26
Maybe somewhere out in the universe
Things might have went differently
Would i have ever gotten a chance to truly be with you
Our realities have shifted and our dreams have changed
How long will it take you to notice that I feel the same way
In this universe I've made my mistakes hopefully in another timeline you loved me anyway
Does this still count as a sad poem? >~<
Trefild Aug 26
‣ the late weekend night he/she decided to go for a walk
‣ he/she didn't wanna stay home
‣ actually, he/she was just avoiding doing some housework
‣ he/she is a procrastinator to the bone
‣ wandering the streets of the ****thole he/she still languishes in
‣ while got himself/herself sent into the music realm by putting his/her earphones on
‣ he/she has been thinking about what does his/her existing mean
‣ accompanying it with the thought of the fear of being gone
‣ getting closer to this frightening edge with every year
‣ feeling low at the sight of younger ones
‣ he/she often finds himself/herself thinking "what am I even doing here?"
‣ while the time that never slows down comes
‣ he/she doesn't become better over time
‣ he/she got nothing to offer to the world
‣ he/she realizes it's not fine
‣ the purpose of his/her existing still remains untold
‣ all of this makes him/her quite restless
‣ he/she is on the point of burnout
‣ it's like there is barbed wire on him/her as a necklace
‣ he/she is seeking for inner peace that can't seem to be found
There is no way out there is no second chance
There is no innocent child ready to dance
There is a fight there is a death
There is a girl ready for her final breath
There is a tear running down a face
There is a walk at an unsteady pace
There is a sadness that causes uncontrollable madness
There is a day that they call the end
There is a foe once a friend
There is a story That ends in indescribable glory
There is a chapter they say is the start
There is a boy who gave his heart
There is a stranger killed for the cause
There is a queen showing her flaws
There is a knight fleeing in cowardice
There is a king finally powerless
There is a princess who saved herself
There is a bottle fallen from a shelf
There is a choice remembered for a lifetime
There is a friend at the end of there line
There is a pauper climbing the ladder
There is a servant turning madder
There is a dragon wanting a life
There is a baker without a wife
There is a witch who did not burn
There is an executioner who was given there turn
There is a hero for once defeated
There is a villain who never cheated
There is a sidekick learning at last
There is a spell that was unexpectedly cast
There is a loss never to be forgotten
There is a final meal left to rotten
There is a nemesis left misunderstood
There is a toddler robbed of its childhood
There is a parent hated for mistakes
There is a family that’s hole still aches
There is a feud based on a gamble
There is a scratch caused by a bramble
There is a legend based on their existence
There is a village that showed there persistence
There is a country fighting for what’s right  
There is a day that didn’t end in night
There is a lesson that should be remembered
There is a love that cannot be measured
Hope White Mar 21
If you are what you eat,
my best friend is tortilla soup.
Warm and comforting;
a perfect companion for cold, bleak nights.

If you are what you smell,
my father is a California wildfire;
pungent and strong,
but a sweet warm oak like a
winter stove. A smell
strong enough to remain with you
even after many days since his absence.

If you are what you hear,
my grandma is the coos
of too many grandchildren,
who eventually grow to songs
of her praises,
louder than a preacher
who lives his weekdays only
for his Sunday sermons.

If you are what you see,
My sister is the wide eyes
That forget to meet your gaze
And misaligned smiles,
Of the children
That society too often
Forgets to love.

if you are what you touch,
my mother is the soft tufts
of translucent blonde hair,
And the heat of fevered-foreheads
of the babies she thought
she may never have.

If you are what you know,
I am love.
Adya Jha Nov 2018
Here is an alternate scenario
Since the ideal one is too clichéd
10 years later you walk into a party
With a girl who isn’t perfect but you love her for who she is
And I look and wonder why you couldn’t love my imperfections like that
Even though you told me I was beautiful at my weakest
Why couldn’t you love me for it?
I see you two dancing in the low light
And I look towards my best friend
And she says **** it man
And I say yeah man, **** it all
And I get drunk even though alcohol is overrated and pepsi is much better
I do it because the haziness makes it funny instead of heartbreaking
And I’m laughing
Dancing on my own
A complete mess
And then I start talking about how I never got guys
And then I start crying because I want to be her
Gosh, I want to be her and alcohol doesn’t help at all
And my best friend has to take me home and tug me in
I wake up the next morning
We’re back to who we were
I never say how much I love you
You never realise how much I love you
And I get back to saying
“You know, I wonder what it feels like to be in love with someone who loves you back”
Maybe you loved me back in an alternate universe
Kristina Weeks Jul 2018
Why are you so familiar
The way you look so iconic
You’re the gin in my tonic
The reverie is chronic

Have we met before now
In some distant place
I know I’ve seen your face
Old memories you replace

Perhaps we knew before
Each other in another life
Not this one we’re in now
Other realities; Our story rife

Maybe in one we met young
We went to the same school
I was too scared to talk to you
You were probably too cool

I watched you from afar
Saw you grow and mature
You married her and never saw me
That is one I’m sure

Maybe in one I wasn’t scared of you
I faced my fear; We talked
You decided to give me the time of day
And on the beach we walked

We dated for a while then
But one day it was too much
I pushed you away you disappeared
Some stories go as such

Maybe in one our time was brief
A few moments maybe more
Minutes or possibly seconds then
The short ones I abhor

I was down and depressed that day
I was looking for a friend
I saw you then you frowned at me
My life I decided to end

Maybe in one we’re fictional
Characters in a book
We existed only as words on a page
That story I would look

I was a princess and you a knight
You rescued me from a tower
A dragon you slayed you were so brave
With your golden sword of power

Maybe there’s a happy one
My favorite one at best
The one with the happy ending
In this one we were blessed

We stayed together, got married then
Some kids to college we would send
With each other we grew old
We closed our eyes; Our story ends

Ramblings of an imaginative girl
It could all just be thought
But just in case I could be right
My many lives, you’ve meant a lot

Each one just as important
No matter how short or long
In each one you’ve played a part
Your contribution never wrong

So now we’re here in this life
Talking in your bed and going to shows
When this one ends our souls restart
Infinite loop of which no one knows

It’s comforting to think about
How my spirit will follow true
In life and in death we’ll find each other
I’ll forever love you
Comforting thoughts of eternal love.
On a continent on the Sun west of its meridian

a family looked through a powerful telescope

all members were on blazing fire adapted to their environs

'Mother, I can see those creatures on Earth. I still can't believe my eyes. How can they live on such a cold planet?

Are they truly alive? Can they feel the cold?

'Yes',  replied the child's mother

'We are helping them to live by sharing our star'

'We give them light and warmth'

'Can't we find a way to help them further?' said the child

Her face was an inferno and her body glowed with the intensity of her physiological DNA.

'Our scientists are helping them even as we speak, Rihaina'

'Soon we will direct more of our heat energy towards their planet'

'I am so happy!''said Rihaina

'Don't worry you poor cold creatures! Help is on its way!'

Her brother cut in then and his volcanic face glowed with enthusiasm.

' let me see them! Let met see them! Please!'

'Their mother and father watched them in amusement.

The Sun was a flame in the sky populated by millions.

In one of their finest scientific laboratories a scientist was at work.

'Time is of the essence!' he told his colleagues in urgent tones

'If we don't find a way to help them then these creatures will perish in the coldest part of the Universe'
PC classic Mar 2018
Feeling powerful and powerless at the same time
like being in a self driving

Love is the world's stupidest illusion like putting on sunglasses and being convinced that the world outside has gone colder

Love is reading a self help book to change your life
and pretending to not hear the writer laughing at you
inside the hardcovers

Love is listening to an imaginary song and being afraid the music will leak out of your ears

Not being in love is like calling yourself proactive for taking
the alternate route to avoid the traffic jam ahead
only to find yourself driving alone in an extremely ****** road and reaching an hour late instead

Love is falling for a person who is high thinking they have sad eyes

Love is the panic attack you get when you are high
because your hands are sweating in cold December

Love is the realisation that
it's actually mid Summer
and you were wearing sunglasses this whole time
My hearts a grenade

So if you pull the pin

You'd best lay on my chest

So I don't take out the room

(alternate version?)
My hearts a grenade

So if you pull the pin I'll keep my grin  

Just before the boom

You'd best lay on my chest

So I don't take out the room
(I feel like I've read this before because it just seems so familiar, which is most of the reason why I put it up here!)
Trefild Sep 8
‣ If u were a human, & if I would have an opportunity to bury u alive
‣ I would be more than pleased to do so, no doubt
‣ the only thing I would let u take with u is a cheap pocket knife
‣ but it's not to help u make it out (it's unable to help)
‣ 'cause the casket would be the metal one & its lid would be sealed
‣ this would be the ending of ur story
‣ get dead naturally or get killed
‣ I don't think I would ever regret or feel sorry
Lieke Feb 1
I yell and I yell
enclosed by the air
and yet I can't feel it.

I want to hurt myself
just so I can feel something
So I try and I try
but not a drop of blood shed.

I shoot and I shoot
I clash my cymbals
I set myself on fire
I bomb the whole **** cloud.

Nothing moves.

I am stuck in an infinite circle of an alternate reality.
Isolated from life.
I sit and sob
in a cloud of white air.
about a dream I had a few nights ago. 1 February, 2019
and we get to see
how it went down
in verses parallel
arcing alternate

Kit Scott Sep 2018
They say I should settle down
find myself a woman and have some kids
they wonder if the girl I saved
will be the one to tempt me with her kiss

They tell me to find a house
to stop my endless wandering
they tell me to stop drifting
it's my life I'm squandering

They claim the evil is gone
there's no need for me to fight
that I've won the war
for the side of light

They whisper that it's over now
and that I've lost my mind
running away from my home
going looking for fights

But I have a home no longer
no house to call my own
the war is over now
the king back on his throne

And so I, the weary hero
have no place any more
and so I will drift, listless
till they call me for the next war
There is adrenaline in my veins, but I am far too tired.
We'll make this country great again!
I'll build that wall up high.

Climate change? Economy!
It's great! Don't wonder why.

I'll take care of all your needs and get you jobs you'll love.
Raise your right hand for the pledge and pray to God above!

Do your duty as a man and grab her nice and tight!
It's OK if she fights back, they like it rough, alright?

Civil liberties, really, who needs 'em?
Burn the flag? I'll just hang you for treason!

This country is first. To protect it is best!
Whose up for a fun little nuclear arms test?

Capitalism? Yeah, I'm the money master!
Pipelines! Who cares about ecological disaster?

****? Girls? Abortion? WOE!
If they want that, send em' down to Mexico!

I'll rule with blood and honor too!
I'll tame this crazy, jobless zoo!

I'll fight for you and family rights!
(Mostly for rich and mostly for whites!)

Minorities? No, I'm not a racist.
It's an alternate fact: Totally baseless!

America the great. America the free!
Put a bigger pair of **** on old Lady Liberty.

Goodbye all you immigrants!
All you do is steal and loot.
Leave a couple of 'em behind:
Someone's gotta pick our fruit!

Thank you all for choosing me!

This is very great and swell.

Prove that you will follow now:
Let's all go straight to-

Eva Aloezos Oct 2018
There I was,
as I had been many times before

driving on the windy sacred hills of Popes Head Road

drifting through a portal that defied space and time,

weaving into an alternate universe

in which I was connected to the earth and sky,

little did I know
the earth began to quake,
my spirit proceeded to shake

Popes Head Road came to a halting end,
as I reluctantly crossed the river’s bend
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