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Jerry Jul 2018
“Strange place as if, a university campus. Last week of August, bit chilly though dark afternoon. Some random corridor seats. Surrounded by her loud chirps wrapped with unbidden happiness... and me still in some sort of shock... what am I doing here?
Conversation took toll about random university matters, she felt hungry and suggested to have lunch together. So we came out and took a bus towards town to allow ourselves luxury of 'A La Carte'. As we get off the bus cold wind struck us, “Lady shivered and grabbed my wrist with her right hand and same arm with her left, letting herself rest her right cheek on the edge of my left shoulder. My whole existence felt her magnetic presence”.
I uttered if she’s feeling cold she mumbled, I took it as a yes so wrapped my blue jacket around her. She responded to the gratitude with a smile and I allowed her grip on my arm to become more firm... so both of us kept on walking towards an undefined destination... and then my 7:00 am alarm interrupted the most beautiful dream i ever had since HER...”
Rough draft, suppose to be transformed into a poem but i decided to let it be...
miracle Feb 19
I hear a sound
In the middle of the night
Nobody is awake
Except for me
The sound
It rings
Like a bell
It won't stop
The alarm
It's a warning
To save me
From me
We do take flight and find
as soon as the alarm bells ring
we are the fury perfect and fast
knowing love is ******* vast

We have had our fair share of pain
and we don't want that pain again
so my sweet could be would be
my angels do fly

I am her sweet pride
and you have spat in my eye
you have crossed the line
so we fly with no mercy

Don't you try to comfort us
for we are uncomfortable
and if you try to dare talk
too ******* late... you ****** up

We have no mercy
my kind are here to destroy
and oh by the way
we are not your ****** *** toys

Build for war forever more
**** with us and you **** with our fleet
so this our sweet goodbye
as the loyal to our word complete

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Desmond the poet Aug 2018
It’s a good day the lord granted.
Everything seems so perfect.
Weather is sweet.
Sun’s shining.
What could go wrong?


I felt you coming.
Like a hijacker through a rear view mirror.
How I wish for a false alarm.
Dear lord may this cup pass.
A moment to accept the inevitable arrived.

Oh my God! you seized me once again.
You came like a thief at midnight.
You hijacked my mind.
You exposed me to wrath of migraines.
Horrible 30 seconds in a 24hour day.
It's like a small stain on a white garment.

The cruelty of an epileptic seizure is inevitable.
This an expression of how a 30seconds encounter with with an epileptic seizure can ruined the whole 24hour day.
Stephen E Yocum Jul 2017
I rolled out of bed
to start my day,
but the power was off
my all electric home,
as still as a grave.
No coffee, or toast.
The refrigerator not cold,
the freezer started dripping
the contents soon to spoil.

No computer, no cell phone service!
I began sweating profusely,
no air conditioning to cool me.
Not even a TV Emergency Broadcast Alert,
to release this uneasy feeling of topsy-turvy .

I drove into town seeking a pay phone,
with not a single one to be found,
gone the way of the dinosaurs,
extinct now too I assumed.

My old truck had no computer chips,
most cars did and were dead in their tracks.
I needed gas but the gas station pumps
electric computer driven, all DOA to boot.

The Nations electric grid had crashed,
blacked out, stone cold dead everywhere.
All heavenly satellites blacked out, expired.
Everything computer related (and
that is about everything), had ceased
to function as had the electronic reliant
world we had created.  

The street throngs of dazed people walked
around like zombies, clutching blacked out
dead computer devices, knowing not what to do.
Not even talking, forgotten I guess how to do that too.
As dependently defectively programmed as the useless
devices in their hands.

In a panic I did awake finding that
this scary dream world was indeed all fake,
a nightmare of fearful unconscious thinking.
My electric clock was still churning,
It's music alarm blaring,
birds outside still singing,
my cell phone started ringing,
it was merely another Robot call,
Welcoming me back to the 21 century.
Imagine if you can some man made device or solar flare
knocking out all the satellites in space and computers on
earth, then this nightmare is not so far-fetched.
I actually did have this unsettling dream. The possibility
of this reality does indeed exist.
Donna Sep 2018
I can hear the crows
cawing 'Good Morning' its time
for me to get up
:) have a lovely weekend all **
Joyfulgurl Mar 21
There’s a moment of bliss
Just a moment of bliss
Where I don’t remember all this
Why can’t it last
Instead my head fills up fast
I remember that I no longer feel secure
That I no longer feel loved
That I don’t know this person beside me
That I’m only part of one of his lives
Not important enough to be a whole part
But a small part.
These thoughts wake me up
I might aswell give up
Im trying to see through
But I just don’t have a clue
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Listen all, and hear me well
Listen to the ringing of the alarm bell
It’s time to go, time to flee
Time to get out of what we can see
We can dive deeper I know it
Deeper, we go, pushing the limit
Listen all; it’s time to go now
Leave with a flourish and a bow
Go somewhere new, leave it all behind us
It’s been a good life, but it needs to let go of us
Listen all, it’s been fun
But now its time to pick up and run
We haven’t seen everything, not yet
And we should leave before the sun has set
C’mon, c’mon take my hand
And together we shall travel the land
See what can be seen and hear what can be heard,
We shall do it all undeterred
Listen all, and listen well
And hear the ringing of the alarm bell
Its telling us to flee
And we must go, and be free
I like to think of this one as two people running through life trying to experience as much as they can before their time runs out.
Lydia May 2018
"But what if we're wrong?"
It was silent
But her thoughts echoed around in my head as we laid on top of her pickup truck
I swatted at the eighteenth mosquito chewing on my leg
I don't want this to be love

We were tangled up in the acoustic music they play on the radio on Sunday mornings
She was trying to dream up something clever to write about
And I was pretending I could learn to play guitar through osmosis,
As if blending myself in with the harmonies, finding her in every lyric, and sheer willpower would give me wings or at least magic guitar hands

She set the alarm, checked it over and over
She was not going to be late for her first day
I told her I'd be asleep when she got home, she told me she knew
I told her to wake me up

I wasn't looking for perfect
Perfect really only applies in first year physics courses
After that, we learn to fall in love with "rough around the edges" or "unique" or "unfinished"
As if their life is a puzzle that we need to complete
Just so you know, it isn't

She bought me breakfast and dropped me off
She used to tell me she loved me, but I know she didn't
She does now, so she doesn't have to say it anymore
When I said, "love," before, I didn't really mean it
Not like I mean loving the garden on the balcony of her apartment or thunderstorms in May
Even if I was a puzzle that she completed (and I'm not saying that I am), we didn't need any glue to fit perfectly
The support on this poem has been unbelievably incredible. I am so grateful for this community with all of these lovely people :)

Please comment :)
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
In my mind, we stand on the balcony
Drinking whiskey bourbon talking 'bout you and me
In my mind, we move down to a city in Mexico
Get away from the winter because we both can't stand the cold

In my mind, we follow our dreams to Rome
Live like pharaohs and worship each other's bones
In my mind, we make love like lovers do
Becoming each other, there is no me and you

In my mind, the tidal waves start to fall
Breaking down the canyon, breaking down the valley walls
In my mind, the sky begins to break
Every little crack is another small mistake

In my mind, you're lying here in my arms
Falling asleep to your breath and no alarm
In my mind, your secrets are safe with me
Like a little piece of you that I get to keep

In my mind, we meet on the edge of town
You look at me for protection as we drive around
But my mind isn't what the world wants to be
I guess, today, I'll start moving on down the street
igc May 2015
I am Comfortable
     able to ease your fears with
     a smile or a flip of my
     appropriately curly hair.

I am forgiven traffic ticket
     proper sentences and twinkly
     eyes, able to ease your alarm

I am Just a Warning

I am The Exception
     elegant sentences
     king's English
     never tolerating the incorrect use of their

I am private college education
     the accessory to your culture
     the other to your subject
     always complimentary,
     but never the source of discussion

I am Beautiful
Accompanied by "What are you mixed with"
     A reflection of appropriation for my own culture
     Too White for Black,
     Too Black for White

I am inner city in the suburbs

I am Lightskinned
     the kind of Black that keeps you
At least with Solemn Differences sing
Honouring Friends of Great Cheer celebrate
Your arm on her lap; The other on him
And with a Flash these Blue Knights consecrate
Jolly, so Potent turn Tan into Red
That pleasant alarm Blue Oracles see
And guess which Debate your Incarnate fed
Whether you are or whether not to be
Ready for Cause to the Next Big Event
Telling yourself to Inspiration run
Foresaw this Scope: Friendship and Teamwork's meant
But all of this time it was just for Fun.
Seriousness Adore, Someone licks the Tip
In your Patron; Which was really your lip.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
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