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A Harris Nov 2015
Pressed so tight, in prayer, in thought,
To silence my mind, and to find what has been lost.
I search and search to have that void filled,
Feeling no closer to reaching the still.
Hands are the gateway or so they say.
To truly surrender, one must pray.
So I will keep this conscious contact, never losing hope, in the divine.

Aharris  11/2015
Edward 3d
Kianna,AS,Harshitha,Mo, Pearl,Jesse, Tina,Avery,Mrunalini, Donna.
Eli, MAM,Ava,Sylph,RSB,Starving,Michael, Sandra,Austin, Nolan.
Pure, May, Benji,Madelle, shez,Black poison,S-zaynab, Sally,Brandon.
Alyssa,Beautifully,netasha,Rob, Mikey, Anthony,Ashly, Tash, Mister,Frey.
Naeema,M,Roumen,Masterchain,Blank,Nylee, Charles,Junior, Sol,Kafka.
Thank you all very much for being the Special writers that you all are.
I have not forgotten the rest of you I shall do another poem like this soon.

— The End —