Gaffer Aug 2016
The first mile is tough
The last mile is the toughest
I liked the way she played with her hair
Liked her smile
She had a calming effect on me
The in between was just numb minding
Just distance for the sake of distance
Some never made it, some did
She hated cruelty
One of god's creatures
Too good for me
Just to good
The body wants to give up
That little voice agrees
Just dumb for the sake of dumb
I was a dumb one
Everybody loved her
She was one of the special ones
They always take the special ones
Sometimes when the pain gets too much
I’ll run the hill
Just to see her play with her hair
It’s worth the pain
Anneli Mar 19
all it took
was one sunny day,
together with whispers from the birds, saying that
it will come

and the asphalt under your shoes tells the same story,
the same as the trees, longing for cover
as well as the smiles of the long forgotten people
(and their happiness mesmerizes you)
and suddenly, even the snow with its final breath agrees
that fuck, it is probably coming

And the conflict starts.

your heart that screams of drunkenness,
of wanting to burst, to be too damn high,
of being alive
crashes into your logic, your brain,
saying “but this is good too”
that this is the balance you need,
the safe, the expected.
the love.

but when you’ve been starved for the ups
the whole winter,
eating only cold, white life
it is hard to listen
and the colours of spring entices you,
making the black and white,
the sense,
draw its last breath
as you walk away into the spring
leaving all the beauty of winter
to thaw out,
leaving no trace
except for a constant reminder of the
cold parts in you that will never be warm
gratitude for madre tierra, delicate and graceful
your formless form is born again and again
recursive symmetry that never argues or forces its point
but always agrees with the emptiness between
sky and stone, flesh and bone, rock and tree

blessed be this eye-land that can never be bought, sold or traded
I-land, thy-land, my-land, is and will always be, our land
it’s time to lend your hand to uphold this sacred plan
that is permanently unstained in its own essence
its destiny is forever unchanged by this name or that name
and yet its true name, always remains the same
Turtle Island, Mama Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama
all ways of reverently revealing that; which contains and sustains us all
just the opposite of IQ,
quantum stupidity or QS
is a level of stupidity
so extreme the stupid
person doesn't even
realize how extremely
stupid they are & thus
anybody who agrees
w/ them is patently
stupid too & in truth,
even stupider: a black
hole of ignorance
seeming to exist in
certain stupid humans

— The End —