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PlaneJane May 19
You dropped the ball,
yet somehow I picked it up
& handed it to you to shoot your shot again.
You slammed dunked.
How you scored.... but I won the championship & left you.
V liv Nov 2018
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage.
You became worse than them.
Speak of others
Being distant.
You became further than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
JP Dec 2018
Beautiful women's
allow men to stare
an extra seconds....
Wk kortas Jul 2018
He has taken rake and shovel in hand,
Taking advantage of the light,
Rare in these climes this time of year,
Still welcomed, though rendered severe
By the sun's reluctant trudge above the horizon,
The type which, sauntering through a window pane
(Falling upon a crucifix anchored above a cradle
Or some ancient, gilded frame
Containing a photo of some grandparent's wedding day,
Exploding into full undifferentiated diffusion)
May possess a dram of warmth, albeit resigned, nostalgic
A bittersweet reminder of what has gone by
(And in the shade, the air is filled
With the portentous chill of what lies a few months hence)
But there nonetheless as he tends to those final farewells
From the trees bowing to December's inevitability,
The droppings not the *******-esque bursts of October
(Those having been collected and consigned
To the normal corner of the back lot)
But dreary brown-hued things, not welcomed by eye nor heart,
Simply corralled perfunctorily and dismissed.
One could contend that such activity is unnecessary,
The mere vanity of all endeavor,
As the snow will come soon, and steady as well,
Performing the seasonal, cyclical function in its own time,
But he soldiers on nonetheless, a unseen one-act nearly-farce,
Painstakingly raking and bending and scraping
To leave his patch of green uncovered for a little while
Until the locking time comes to seal the earth's secrets once more,
To be revealed to those
Who shall receive the teasing ministrations
Of the fickle, fitful March equinox.
Elizabeth Burns Nov 2018
Sometimes I think
I don't quite understand
I haven't quite comprehended
The extent
To which you hurt me
The wounds and the scars
That bash inside me
Being lied to
Realising you watched me
Cry in pain
Watched scars form in my heart
You merely listened quietly
as "damaged"
Was ripped across my heart
You let it happen
You let me scream out
"I'm not good enough, am I?"
"He left me because I refused to have *** with him. That's all I was to him, wasn't I? I'm just an object of *** and that's all I'll ever be, right?"
"He left me for her. He cheated on me. He never loved me, did he?"
And you merely nodded and agreed
And let me believe
Lies that you told me
Lies that you fed me
You watched anger and betrayal fill my heart
You watched me ache for a year
And you took advantage of the need in me to be pure again
You took advantage of my aching heart
You took advantage of my giving nature
You took advantage of my drunken lust
You took advantage of my lips
You took advantage of my opened shirt
You took advantage of my loosened bra
You took advantage of my unbuttoned pants
You took advantage of my hands and placed them somewhere I didn't want them
You disgusting man
You took advantage of me
And you enjoyed every second of it


That's all you'll ever be

But I... I...

I forgive you.
Bruce Gil Aug 2015
I'm just like an orchid clinging on a tree
hanging around harmlessly
sipping it's nutrients without a care
taking advantage of it's hospitality

I'm just like an orchid clinging on a tree
being taken care of,and it will bloom beautifully
my flowers will make you smile
it will warm your heart and make you senile

but even though the tree is being ignored
it never complains,thus giving me everything and more

I'm just like an orchid clinging on a dying tree
i will die along with it
flowers will wilt,roots will rot
and just like an orchid dying with a tree

I didn't even realized the great love that was given to me...
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Yes, it's seemingly a nonsensical rhetorical question, but, for that precise reason, it will illustrate a lesson, if you so desire to tag along for this short session.

Per Wikipedia, "The horse (Equus ferus caballus) is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae." Hmmm... I much prefer that the horse goes "Nay," eats hay, has a mane, and is ridden by cowboys, cowgirls, Indians, equestrians, knights, jockeys, conquistadors, Mongols, and all. Even better, just point a horse out or otherwise show a picture to a kid and they will never be mistaken again. Even the littlest ones will never be stumped when faced with a rhino, tiger, giraffe, camel, and such.

Admittedly, there is a worry that we could be fooled with that of a donkey or mule. How come no one has taken advantage of this?! What a scam to get us rich! "Duh doy," you say, cause we all know when we see a horse, so why would anyone try to trick us with an ***?! Well I ask you in turn, why does anyone try to trick us with good art versus bad, let alone art versus crap? How could anyone fall for that?!
Gemma Aug 2018
Self conscious pretty girls
unaccepting of their beauty
being hoarded
like sawdust
they dont understand that
they deserve more than a guy
who takes advantage of
their anxieties.
Their fake smiles and bitten nails are the warning sign of
easy prey-
Whilst they get mistreated
I'll be waiting in the corner
growing fed up of boredom
as I'm waiting for girls
like them to want a girl
like me .
Alyssa Nichole Nov 2018
I wore a short dress to school...
But doesn’t give you a right to take advantage.
It doesn’t give you a right to slip you hands under my dress.
I told you I had to get back to class,
You said just grab my ****!
I kept trying to get away.     
You pushed me against the wall,
And put your hands in my underwear and grabbed my ****.
Then you took your hands and went up my dress,
You looked inside and grabbed my *****.
You said baby what’s wrong.
I said I don’t like it, stop!
I said no and you kept saying yes!
I just wanted us to go back to tutoring
I was talking,
not asking to be sexually assaulted!
You did what you wanted I had no control.
I said no... But you said yes!
When i walked back to my teachers class I was in tears... I told him no! He didn’t listen! WHY DO MEN AND BOYS JUST NOT ******* LISTEN!!!
Classy J Oct 2018
Sentenced to the hygienist, because I got that Indian virus.
Wish I was more like Leonidas, for my warrior self was vanquished.
Got a sense of anguish, as I don’t even know my own people’s Language.
Why did I get banished from my own land, and these immigrants now hold thee advantage?
Feels like they on a witch hunt, ain’t life a ***** huh?  
Can’t even make a quick buck, because I’m seen as a stupid ****.
Feel like a sitting duck with the ****** locked, **** is this the feeling of a cuck?
Stories always end up sad but Afterall I’m just the ******* of the brady bunch!
Brown skin cursed kin and a desperate sin so I gotta eat outta garbage’s for lunch.
Trying not to use victimization as a crutch,
but it’s like I’m a kid who got tricked into a game of double Dutch.
Crazy braided brain, deranged rabid rabbit spewing train going down a road of pain.
Come on yawl don’t you want to see the freak from cirque de soleil?
Trying in vain to wash away my shame, but the colour of my skin just won’t go away, oh what a shame!
So, I’m left crying and thinking about dying, hoping to be anything…
that may stray away from my family name.
For I’ve realized that I’m stigmatized by the whitened eyes:
that be educating lies of me being the one to blame.

No more will I be ok with this forced recital!
No more will I sit idle!
No more patriarchy, and **** the curse of ham nonsense used to justify you being spiteful!
**** your racist sentiments man, my colour doesn’t make me homicidal.

Brown clown, Down syndrome gnome!
Torn men, torn women left in prison zones!
Burn them, **** them, **** them right in they home!
Don’t frown, don’t make a sound, just stay on the ground.
Hands behind heads, then shot with lead, like a dog from the pound!
Lost and never found, but this just the curse of being brown!
What’s this now?
Nothing but wards of the crown.
Just a *****, just a glitch, that live in some crack towns!
Or reserves doesn’t matter what the word
Or what the place is when one puts on war paint on top of their savage faces.
Here’s the thing *****, I’m not scared of staring ya down #okacrisis!
For as see it colonists are no different than isis.
I know we deal with vices,
But it’s just the effects of dealing with your hepatitis!
And I just might be bias,
But at least I’m not a delusional racist!
It doesn’t matter if it’s Past, present or future violence,
I think it’s about time to end the silence!
Outside Words Oct 2018
I made a deal with Satan
Because you showed me
That he was my only shot

I threw away who I was
And became your enemy
As I smile like your friend

I learned the game
And that I have a gift

I use it to play you
And steal from you

And I’ll continue to do so
With you as my teacher
Until I cough and glare at you
Through my last dying breath

I’m a villain.

I secretly extort and leach
Off of everything and everyone
That you have ever loved
Because that and you
Don’t mean anything to me

I want to deceive
And take advantage
Of you and your friends
So that I can take your money
Because I will not settle
For less than the ivory tower
That you sleep in.
© Outside Words
Uzzie Aug 2018
She smiles with wounds hidden
Beaten by sticks
Thrown by stones
And yet she still remains the Queen on the Throne.

She is sometimes treated
as passing paper
blown by winds
that illuminate stains on streets
As his feet seek to *****
her cleansed soul within...

The baggage she carries.
The shades of burden she walks with.
The sorrow that she has married.
As she feel like dust
as it has no value
when it's wiped of valuable goods..

He enters her purse
as she is not obliged to
be taken advantage of
By him who played the characteristics
of a two-faced lover...
All thanks to lust.

The beauty of a woman
not appreciated.
All her struggles fail
to define her, but are then told
because they are the reason of
ryn Jan 2015
Been a week since the new year arrived at dawn's door
Seven sunrises had passed making way for many more
Resolutions, wishes, aspirations cast into winds of new days
In hopes they'd be carried forth on each dawn's new rays

Let us welcome the fresh air that come
Inhale it deep as reminder that we're luckier than some
Let us embrace the opportunity of time
A privilege bestowed so we could still pen in rhyme

Let us cherish the love from family and new found friends
Shower upon them the gift of verse that never ends
Let us strengthen existing virtual and physical connections
Reinforce them with kindness, fortitude and good intentions

Let us sieve past experiences that mar us black
Dispense with animosity, ill thoughts and considerations that lack
Let us trudge forward into the unknown together
Hands in hands and hearts to hearts into the unforeseeable future

No matter who you are or where you've been
We'll all get our fair share of twenty fifteen
We've all been granted if you'd only take advantage
In the great book of life, on a fresh, brand new page

Do note that this is just ideal advice not so much as a plea
I know the journey is long, arduous and never easy
I hope these words I've penned would lighten your load
Little bites of wisdom (I hope) for the long meandering road

I can't promise the rise of the nightly moon
But the sun will rise where you are; and it will arrive very soon
This is me being optimistic. I don't wear this garb for too long at a time so I'd like to spread it for as long as I have it.
abigail ward Jan 2018
you pushed yourself onto me after school in a hallway
your breathe smelled like like ****
you stroked my hair and asked if i was single while calling me baby girl but I didn't have the power to lie and say no instead a lifeless yes was forced out of my mouth
you an eighteen year old stranger taking advantage of me a fifteen year old. I was only 15 when I was ruined by you. A fifteen year old girl already struggling, a girl who only wanted to go home and cry when you pushed yourself onto me kissing my head, my neck I was paralyzed you pushed me up against those lockers as I pushed back my tears.
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