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silentwoods Aug 2018
Two years into adulting.
It’s possible, who knew?
I look the same as yesterday
But today I’m twenty two!

Dentist trips still freak me out,
Sometimes I burn an egg.
My blanket covers both my feet,
So monsters won’t grab my leg.

I don’t go out on Friday night,
My ankles feel the weather.
And when I help the kids with homework,
We both learn math together.

Sometimes I’ll burst out crying
For no reason at all.
I know the words to one rap song,
And still prefer guys tall.

My puns are all intended,
There is a spoon I hate,
I’ll never mix my whites and brights,
I can’t stay up too late.

My life has been a wild ride
But I’m thankful for each day.
One day I hope to be mature,
One day... but not today.
Maria Cordero Sep 2014
I don't want to
Throw up or Cry
& Overthink everything
At the same time

But I'm drunk
And it seems to be all
Which comes to mind

I really shouldn't drink so much
But who is to tell me
What to do
When all I need is rent
& food is a secondary expense

This adulting thing doesn't bode well
Too many bills
Too many responsiblities
Too many expectations

With blood comes too many questions
And isn't it easier to
Tell a story than
Actually speak the truth
Emily B Mar 2016
my mother worries
that there will be no one
by her bed
when she dies

she doesn't remember
that when i was a toddler
she put herself to bed
and made me her parent

she forgets that she used
those little hands to rub
her back--her head
until she felt better

these grown up hands
still wince
at the thought of touching
her skin

somehow i will have
to find a way to fulfill my
adult responsibilities
perhaps she still has

a day or two til then
more honest if it kills me
Chaise May 2015
all of these issues
never started
until i turned adult

or that is just when
they became more apparent
that i can’t handle my own
        this all seems like my fault

all of these issues
never seem to disappear
not the crying
not the fight inside
not the fights outside

i don’t know if i’ll ever be ok
i just know i’m trying
and every single day
i wish i was back on the sixth floor

all of these issues
they never existed up there
they were gone
and i only had to worry about me
Circa 1994 Nov 2015
Coming to terms
With things you don't like
Is part of living a grown up life.
deprivedkat Jul 2016
It becomes exhausting to come up with some ******* statement to intrigue thee. I'm not the everyday "raconteur" of great stories or jolly experiences. To be honest with each and every individual I meet about the struggles I face would take the courage I don't have. So I avoid the situation all together.

What does it mean to **** at adulting?

The question I despise the most upon meeting relatives or friends of family is...

"So what are your future plans?" i.e. (What are your accomplishments that will delight me? What are your goals? How much money are you making out of this?) I agree in which it's quite a bold matter to address, but the question ***** the life RIGHT out of childhood.

That's when I know I **** at adulting.

I repulse the means to grow up and get my **** together. Some would characterize it as extreme laziness, carelessness or even stupidity. But most times I feel as though if you don't understand the challenges I face, you wouldn't understand my dilemma.
© July 31 , 2016 deprivedkat
faith Aug 2017
The anxiety and depression with my chronic pain and medication
Destroy my brain and grip my heart
Tearing me apart
Until I can't breathe anymore
I'm 22
8 - 3 - 17
Ashleigh Black Jul 2018
Tonight, as I lay in bed, thoughts playing old memories on rewind - stop & pause at the good moments, fast forward through all the bad - my brows begin to furrow as I ask myself... what if? What if I would’ve decided to go a different college? What if I actually changed my major when I realized I would never be a striving politician? What if I would have not lived for others and lived for myself?

Well, here’s the beautiful thing about what ifs: it’s not the life you’re meant to live. If I didn’t study what I did I never would have met my husband. If I never met my husband I never would have realized I wanted to become a nurse. If I never lived these moments, I never would have found my true destiny. I can’t say I’m happy that it took me so long to find my purpose in life, but when I reflect on my life I now realize the mindset I needed to get to where I am today and not where it was 5 years ago. Unfortunately, life doesn’t wait for you to catch up. Thankfully, I have someone who undoubtedly believes in my abilities to succeed.

Regardless of how long it took to figure out or how long it takes for me to get to where I’m meant to be, I’m proud of the woman I’ve become and am still becoming.
Trisha Singh Jan 2019
There is no such thing as adulting
There is no such thing as growing up
Biological age cannot be an indicator
A source of income cannot be a dictator
The drama that disguises you as a sufferer
is apt for twitter and synonymous with tumblr
You can look like 50 but still behave like a toddler
Age, intellect , experience and memory don’t matter
Clarity of thought , clarity in action
is what everyone wants, just pay attention
Stages of life are only byproducts of imagination
sandra wyllie Apr 2019
there’s too much
of this -
too much work
and paying bills

not enough playing
and finding thrills
in sand pies
made at the beach

and silly
jabberwocky speech
too much worrying
about this and that

not enough funning
lends you a life
perpetually flat
Carter Ginter Mar 2018
A face full of metal
And skin bleeding ink
With an image this hard
What do people really think?
They don't see the anxiety
Waking me up in a panic most days
Or the nausea that accompanies it
As I try to get ready for my day
I see my reflection
And I look calmer than I feel
Toothpaste foaming at the mouth
I'm trying to learn how to deal
How to convince my feet
To drag me to classes
When all I want to do
Is lay in bed til this passes
But adulting leaves no room for anxiety
And my grades will falter if I keep missing
It's an endless cycle of dos and don't
And I feel like it could **** me
Only a month ago
I could order food without a second thought
And now I'm just drowning again
From all of this anxiety I've got
Alyanne Cooper Aug 2015
I wonder what you'd say if you could see me now.
If we passed on the street, would you recognize me?
I made something of myself, you know?
I hold down a great job.
My coworkers love me.
People respect me because I'm good at what I do.
People respect me because I'm a good friend.
People respect me because I respect them.
I made something of myself, you know?
I pay my rent and bills and insurance
On time with the money I earn by hard work,
And hell, I'm proud of me.
I made something of myself, you know?
Made a few friends along the road
And communication keeps us staying that way.
They know where I stand
And they're proud of me too.
I made something of myself, you know?
I guess you really don't.
It's been years since you've picked up the phone
To ask me how I am,
To see what I've done,
To learn what kind of person I'm become,
To behold the woman I have grown into.
I've made something of myself, you see.
And it just plain *****
That you refuse to be
A mother to me.
I don't need you to coddle,
To hand-hold or problem-solve.
I just need you to be
My mom.
I'm grown, I'm adulting, I'm fine.
But, don't you wish you knew me now
Instead of just the me when I was a kid?
Don't you wish you could see
The person I've grown to be?
Would you ever be proud of me?
I guess I'll never know.
But before I go,
You may not be the best role model or mom,
But I am who I am today
Because *I chose to be.
دema Jul 2019
three little kids
spend every friday
after school together,
make fashion runways
out of eachother’s
building halls,
went from going
on field trips together
to each discovering life
in separate ways,
one grew more popular,
one grew more reliant
and one more in peace
with her surroundings,
how can it be that
they learn to accept
that bodies grow and
distances increase
but not that hearts change?
reflecting on my 2 childhood best friends
Shaine Fraz Dec 2016
State of union
as we're unified, we're lateral
paraphernalia in our religions

to add to this televised broadcast
forecasting short cuts and short comings
I'm running out of excuses tongue-loosened painfully,

but who thought,
the chief that is,
invited everyone to our ghost dance
they stand and applaud,

Me at the helm of our podium
they **** and they gawk,
you at my breast plate
the air I drink is futile I cough,

But Is it kosher?
Nova Scotian landscapes supplementing dinner,
The candles on your dessert,
 reminds me of our fire,

We once had, We flicker,
Once singular now plural -- yes adulting made us thorough,
through the rigours,
I feel different

them posts traumatic symptoms I remind you of
I listen

I sin again, I sin again
You take me back,

And say,

meditation is key,
Khalad would be proud
emotionally I'm wolverine --

But that was yesterday and I'm trynna say,

I'm trynna be unguarded
as a point guard off the inbound,
Pointing to your tilted crown — Adjust it to your coils

Flag a waiter down,
Beef is not what I wanted
nor pleasant to your palette
major key — take the salmon

Overall I think we're better now,
I asked my mom about you
and my aunt about your culture
What you really need is closure

Instead of asking for permission,
settled for forgiveness,
you sweep your pride away in the name
the victim,

Treat me like I treated you
Treat me like you're bullet proof,
Treat me like those systematic flaws --

You left me?
© 2016 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
Francisco DH Oct 2018
Entering the sala, I'm greeted by a flaking leather couch. I rest my head on it's arm. Been told to replace the eyesore. To leave it for the landfill. The thought picked at me, but one night, when resting upon its form I heard its frame rattle. I remembered that the car rattles. The washer machine rattles. This apartment rattles. But, my pockets do not rattle. So I lied there staring out the window.
When you were a kid you thought that you would be married by now
Have it all figured out
The career
The home
The car
The kids
Now you're here and *******...
Do we ever really figure it out?
Adulting is hard
Your Facebook feed is filling up with engagements and baby announcements
but your reading the newsfeed in the liquor isle of Safeway
Beer or wine tonight? Hmm maybe *****?
"Psh who wants to be a boring married couple"
That's what you think to yourself
Trying to convince yourself that it's okay
Drown out that little voice in your head saying "you're gonna be alone forever"
It's like walking on a tightrope
One side you have it together and the other side you still might as well be that 21 year old college student ordering shots at the bar
If someone has this figured out- hit a homie up
Until then, I'm just doing me and I guess I'm doing fine
Grace Van Dyck Apr 2016
20 years
Of pain
Of joy
Of life

Out of the teens
And into “adulting”
As the kids say these days

What is adulting?
Aren’t I doing it already?
I’ve had to mature
People call me “wise beyond my years”

My story
My journey
Influenced by cancer
But not defined by it
Because I am more
Than my diagnosis
Ever could be

5 years since
My cancer diagnosis
5 years since
My cancer journey
Oh how wonderful it feels to say 5 years
Not 4, 3, 2, or 1
But 5

As I grow into being an adult
I think back on my life before
Next Step
And I’m grateful
For who I’ve become
And who I am growing to be
It was my birthday on Tuesday. I turned 20!
chitragupta Apr 2019
Adults fight all the time,
like children -
So I should take the charge and grow up already!
How might I do that exactly?
Should I start by sipping a cup o' tea?
Or take a swig from the bottle of whisky?
Grow some hair on my face maybe?

But I still fancy chocolate milk
on the side of animal-shaped biscuits
while I plug my earphones in
to cut out the domestic horror story
Don't fight in the presence of children.
They will learn what they see.
Or worse, turn out like me.
There is a difference between an insult
And constructive criticism
When you can discern this
No matter your age
You have become an adult
This also includes some into senior citizenship
Who have yet to attain adulthood
LizO Jul 2018
Can I live with being a twit?
As someone who doesn’t quite
among the sensible crowd
who get things done
and those I find to be
ever so loud
about all their successes and skills
within the adulting world
that lacks any thrills!

Could I live without the joy of
swinging on a swing
or ignore the sudden urge
to attempt a highland fling
or pass on the chance to
loudly yet badly sing?

Put that way, I have to admit,
I can definitely live with being a twit.
Colten Sorrells Oct 2016
I'll be there for you


when it works out for me


I don't feel like




I'm gonna


a step back

and try

to just


I'm pretty sure

the universe


miss me

too much

I'll be back

when I

feel more like

Ashley May 2016
married to fate, chained to the future
my wounds won't heal, not even with sutures
the roulette ball rolls; who knows where it'll land?
will i know to take hold when you outstretch your hand?
each day my doubts plague me, gnaw at my soul
and sometimes i wonder if this is why i thrive in the cold
what prompts us to write, to shove words out in the open?
who can look into our eyes and know that we're broken?
the pen is a blade; my heart is a trigger
this place is a maze; my blood clumps thicker
three years ago, i thought i would be different,
thought i'd be bigger, or less worried about insignificance
i thought the world would turn on its' axis boldly,
and that i wouldn't crave days where i want someone to hold me
three years ago, i wonder if my sails had a stronger direction
and once upon a time - i swear - i had more connections
fear still finds me,
a panther stalking its' foolish prey,
and time still blinds me
with how quickly it ticks away
is success just a feeling? is it only a name?
is it even a level, a possibility in this game?
is passion a feeling, or just a thirst for fame?
is home a person, a place, or an imaginary plane?
my mind still haunts me, with its' rattling doors,
and sometimes my demons whisper that i'm doomed to bore
questions ignite my being, setting me ablaze
as i wonder if i will ever be ready for the adulting daze
Y'all, it's been a long, long time since I published anything... and a long time since I've properly written. I'm trying to do better - no one really reads these, but it's a testament to myself. I'm trying.
Genesee Mar 2018
dew drops in the spring  
the sun is shining
I'm running towards my mom even though the time has come for me to say goodbye for graduation
I try to focus on the day that is graduation
But everything is a blur
I zone out until my name is called
I walk across the field
feeling proud, accomplished
But I can't help but cry
as I try and not trip on my small gown
I spot you in the crowd
All I can think of at that moment is the memories that we've created
and the way we're all huddled up
I cry one because I'm leaving the group behind
making my way in this word
still a newbie at heart
learning through trial and error
But know this
no matter where I go in life
I'll always treasure you and the memories that we made
my senior year
Written for a dear friend of mine
I can't resist drawing black marks on nice white teeth.
I'm grown up I thought?
Newspapers, magazines, whatever hot new release
Adulting can't be taught

I'm supposed to be an adult
That's what the company thinks anyway.

I don't care as long as they keep paying me
Cheryl Aug 2018
French fries with mayonnaise
Taking off shoes just to put them on again
Listening to the Cure
Wondering where that girl went

I keep going the wrong way
am I too far gone to change direction jimmying locks, trying doors
more closed than open now
kenny Mar 2019
Sensory overload beyond the household
of management manipulations
and electromagnetic chemistry
clipped the soul
tethered from the body

Wandering ghosts
starving 9-5 consumption
in cubicles, the constraints of creativity
until it draws all that energy
away from the body electric
numb and out of touch

This what the machine wants from us
for the metaphors they never got in a logical world
where they did away from the imagination

Paint it as you see it
not as you feel it
until the truth vanished completely
Absorbed in a high anxiety setting
perpetuating paranoia to consume the minds eye
and we all just wanna
we just can’t

Without the worry
or the threat of survival
and the capitol nuisance
Blood is running money
Blood is running money
It’s so so tragically funny
I cut myself open center stage
****** up but it be like that
All the time
It seems I’m waiting for the prime
That evades me before it’s too late
I wrote this  to evade a panic attack at work. I was so overwhelmed the only thing I could do is break away and write
Edith Leal Jan 2019
He believes that everything transcribed for a purpose
That every moment that came to be,
Has taken him through impactful checkpoints
Has guided him to me.

We walk around lost a while,
With no physical map.
Just two kids adulting
Cautious not to fall into some kind of trap.

We are on a trapeze now
sensing no fear, we twirl and dance
Not haven’t had much luck in the world of romance
We are not afraid to fall now,
But more so afraid of not taking up on this chance.
I do not know if you are the one for me,
but what I do know is that I want you to be.
Cana Apr 2018
It’s 3am and I’m still up
Not for the usual reasons.
There’s no beasts at my door
Nary a cloud to threaten my pate with showers
Not a beat or a drop being drunk
No trains to far off snow streaked drips
Nor a silken skinned goddess thieving my sleep
With manacling locks and glazed over eyes
It’s more mundane and a lot less dramatic
Making calls to far off lands
Organising, rectifying.
Office work for the witching hours
Adulting is such fun
We do what we have to :(
Osiria Melody Nov 2019
Come one, come all
To the circus that shall make you enthralled
Get thrown into the fiery rings of lecture halls
And catapult through a cannon of adulting

Come one, come all
To the circus of pulling all-nighters in awe
Get thrown into the trapeze of feeling small
And catapult through student loans defaulting?

Come one, come all
To the circus that shall make you appalled
Get thrown across like a rag doll hitting a wall
And catapult through résumés that seem insulting

Chant this self-deprecating mantra
Oh ****, will I ever amount to anything?

You’re the performer, after all
This circus is an emotional, physical, and financial risk
I know that it would be ironic for me to say this,
But college is overrated

current mood be like....
(I ain't against the education system.)
poetryaccident Jun 2017
When I wake up I plan the day
important matters on the mind
waiting patiently through the night
begging action after dreams

when the balm of sleep recedes
curtains opened, sun comes in
the moon has left the wide sky
now I’m roused to decide

I’ll declare life’s verdicts
resolutions to complete
when adulting challenges
determinations are declared

before my life is duly planned
decrees to judge the whole of life
there is one resolve before the rest
deciding where to lunch that day.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170623.
“One Resolve” is about a decision I must make each and every day!
Shanaya Young May 2019
I bumped by head when I got out of bed this morning-
and not for lack of coordination.

I was late to class but still made it there before the professor,
and I have more finals than I can count on both hands due next week.

The bills are piling up, and there's nothing I can do.

Off to lunch with friends, and then to work on a project.

I haven't seen a doctor in four years, and I can't afford to go.

I rearranged my dorm so I can find my clothes easier. Now they're in rainbow order!

I haven't bought new clothes in so long that they don't fit anymore.

We took a trip to get wine today-
but we broke down on the way back and now I have to call a tow truck. Yet another bill.

It's 3 am and I'm trying to finish this paper before it's due at 8 am- something about a curriculum? I don't remember anymore. I'm just putting words on paper.

I've been off my meds for months now because they cost more than I can afford. What can I afford? $0.00

My hallmates will not shut the **** up, and I need to study for this exam.
I can't afford to live off campus so I have to deal with it.

I'm 21, but most people still treat me as a child.

I can buy my own wine but I can't make my own decisions.

I can buy my own wine, but I can't afford to.
Nicholas Jackson Apr 2017
My love has no limits, except for the minutes.
While my time is gold I spend most of it on the road.
I drive an hour to work every day but that doesn't even touch the countless hours I spend driving my career, driving my education, Driving her, Driving them, driving me to the edge of my adulting ability.
All the while surrounded by near misses and almost disasters.
Watching other crash and burn.

I remember that Subaru hatchback that was older than us,
magenta with a back seat that laid down.
You first said you love me before I knew what that meant.
Now you say you love me with an upward inflection and I know exactly what that means.
When that Subaru died we could have fixed it but we hadn't invested enough to make it worth our while.
Now "We" with a capital W is slowly choking to death but so much has been invested to let her, it, us go.
It started slowly with no real merit.
A scratch that wasn't even noticed, but it wasn't the scratch.
It was the infection that was introduced.
So, so, so slowly it's worked its way.
The internal battle constantly being waged but we didn't know.
We didn't support the structures keeping it at bay.
I didn't feed it so it would be strong, I gave it McDonalds because that's that made it happy.
Now My chest hurts and I can't breathe because that little infection is eating my heart from the inside out.
So do I let it finish me and go back to the star dust I was?
Do I clean out the infection knowing full well that the damage has been done and no matter what I do I'll always be missing a little piece that I didn't nurture and always have a little pain where the good stuff uses to be?
I'm not a doctor yet, I don't know. This infection has gotten so bad that maybe stardust would be better.

No, Papa taught me that our scars remind us that the past is real.
That damage is done, but now I have to remember.
I remember holding your hand for warmth as the ocean mist turned to ice before stinging our faces.
I remember my heart pounding as you walked. two words binding us like a spell.
I remember laughing, and crying, and laughing again in the same conversation.
I remember smelling wood smoke, hearing gentle streams, seeing starry skies, and feeling you pressed against me.

I have made mistakes.
I was the cut that started the infection.
I didn't nurture you, nourish you.
I wasn't careful when  you told me "careful, it's ******* fragile."
I said I love you before I knew how to or what that meant.
I drove fast and took chances.
I didn't tell you to buckle up.
I didn't, wasn't, couldn't. I chose not to.

Now we're here in purgatory, but it's already getting hot.
I don't know how to fix this, but I'll try forget-me-not's.
vyvyenne Nov 2018
i'm stretched out thin
covering a thousand places
with the sun shimmering through my skin

with flushing
and burned out cheeks
hollow underneath my eyes
dried up tears like river creeks

trying to be the best
trying to stay afloat

weary bones,
i never rest

saltwater flooding inside my chest

this is not what i had hoped

— The End —