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Kara Jean May 2016
Rush of success
brutal trusting
Sensibility, briefly
Using it in a perplex and deceiving claim
Chaos, is her calmness
Designed, to harness energy
Absorbing, more than her worth
Power is implemented
A mighty resistance
Others would **** for royalty
She walks naked,
without an ounce of shame
D Awanis Oct 2016
I remember they once told me that
music is the best time capsule

It's where people keep their secrets and feelings;
of their insecurities, their mistakes, their sadness, their first cut,
and even the wounds and bruises that invisible to the eye

It's where people let their wildest dreams alive;
of the one they can never reach, the one that will never come back, the one that got away without proper farewell

It's where people store their most sacred memories;
of their first kisses, their first love, their first dance, their first bucket of roses, their first heartbreaks

So they were right after all,

Music is dangerous, yet addicting; it can either tear you apart or put the pieces back altogether, it depends on what kind of ghosts living inside the interlude

Thus, be careful who you listen the music with
some melody is louder than the others
Today I played the music box you gave me on my seventeenth birthday. How odd it is to realize that music sometimes can be a time machine, how every strings and clinks bring me back to you—towards you
Becky Littmann Nov 2014
I'm high as a ******* kite
I know this **** isn't right
Staying up all **** night
But I didn't put up a fight
Since the feeling is hella tight
..... Hella tight
.... Yeah hella tight

Another day
Feeling the same way
I know , I know what can I say
Come out, come out to play
This feeling isn't going away
.... Just go away
.... Go away

I feel like I can fly
Way up high
Through the clouds in the sky
It's a trip I can't deny
It's a feeling you need to try...
... You must try...
.... Just try

I'm slowing down quite a bit
Not long before the ground I hit
Stupidly there I just sit
I really need to just quit
But Id miss the feeling I get...
...**** the feeling I get...
....what a feeling I get

Lost in its distraction
Like a bug lights purple glowing hyponotic attraction
Causing a massive chain reaction
A sickening fascination
A feeling of amazing satisfaction..
..******* addicting satisfaction...
...craving the satisfaction..

A feeling quite rare
Do I dare
Or do I even really care
A feeling that tingles everywhere
..this feeling I should share
....should share...
...but can't share

What a crazy place
Limitless like outter space
Intense & in your face
A feeling you embrace
Like winning a race
A feeling you can never replace...
...never replace..
...unable to replace..

It's mighty slick
Addicted you quick
Playing a nasty trick
Laying on the feeling thick stuck fast like a glue stick...
...that's right a glue stick..
....a glue stick..

High as a kite
I told you it wasn't right
Up all night
...I gave into the fight
The feeling is just hella tight.. hella tight...
...yeah, hella tight...
Hanna Jordan Sep 2017
Your love is like a drug,
except I crave you so much more.
When your lips touch mine it makes me
feel like I'm floating on cloud nine,
unable to come down from
the sensational high.
When your laughter floods my ears, I can't get enough. I truly want more.
When I feel your fingertips softly graze my skin and your sweet scent dances
through my nose,
I'm suddenly wide awake craving you more than any other drug
on this planet.
It's amazing really, this thing you call love. It's more addicting than anything.
Maybe, that's why we can't help but turn to alcohol and drugs when we're heartbroken.
Daniel Ruiz Mar 15
I lay, in my room, feeling nostalgic, Feeling emotions i thought were long lost from times where, i didn't need to think about the gasoline tank walking out on me, and leaving me with a pile of metal to push.

I start to think to myself, will death be significant? will i give out in the middle of the street like the gasoline tank of a person who believes it'll last another day?

if i knew happiness would leave me hanging when i needed it the most, i wouldn't have presented myself those years ago, when i first met it, oblivious of how addicting it is.

And now I'm in rehab, laying on a mattress on top of metal bars, playing dead so my emotions leave me alone, and let me live a life on my own.

But i still open my eyes, let my breathing be visible through my chest, let my arms tremble in fear.

Because deep down,

I'm scared to let go.
Lizzy Jun 2014
It's not like a song you've ever heard
Or a song you'll ever want to hear
But it caught my ear when I first heard it sing

It sang in my head
The voices whispered it quietly
Curiosity urged me
Listen closer

A slow crescendo wrapped me
I was intoxicated by the gore that filled me
Before I could make it stop
The song had etched it's bars
It's time signature
It's key
Deep in my veins
Deep in my bones
It's taken over my brain

My body has become the instrument
That plays this addicting song
A woodwind perhaps
A string maybe
But all I know is this one song

Dead hands play symphonies
For dying hands to be
Please don't follow me
Don't listen to my song
You will become addicted
You will learn how to play
Please don't become the composer
Of your own suicide song
Cece Sep 2018
nothing like going back
to the golden days
when getting up 20 minutes earlier
was a fun thing
to put on a bit of mascara
and lipgloss;
the blush was natural.
now 20 minutes of sleep
seems like a treasure,
worth everything
and never to be given up.
back when laughter was sunflower yellow,
music was neon blue,
and friends were a sweet purple,
their smiles like lavender
addicting and easy to find.
nothing like going back
to the golden days
when choosing the font for a paper
was an hour long experience;
the funnest part of writing anything.
now no writing matters
to anyone
unless it's 12pt font,
Times New Roman,
double spaced,
and with a heading in the top left corner.
back when school was light,
homework was a breeze,
and the only thunderstorms
were those that involved
coffee shops, window seats,
and copious amounts of hot chocolate.
nothing like going back
to the golden days
filled with warmth
and honey
and a whole lot of butterflies.
zoie marie lynn Apr 2018
heart shaped kisses
really miss my mistress.
drowning in a sea of loneliness i call my home
might be better than sitting on a plastic throne.
but if she's here too then that's perfect for me
because she's one of a kind- extraordinary.
i imagine she kisses like a rattlesnake
addicting and deadly but i don't think she's the type to compensate.
i'd never make her do such a thing
only mostly for the fear that she’d never act the same.
because when she hangs over my hips tighter than my belt
i get the most intense feelings i've ever felt.
i’m starting to think she’s engraved in my bones
and if she leaves i’ll have to go with her because i have to go wherever my collagen goes.
i imagine she cries the way stars fall from the sky
beautifully and mesmerizing when they speed down her chin and make you want to die die die.
she tends to bring the end to make the beginning more livid
god i love her
heart shaped kisses
i just really really really miss my mistress.
there's an ocean inside of me, put your ear against my chest and listen, it rages for you.
Qwn Jul 2018
it's like,
like fire being shot up my veins;
I feel alive.
It's addicting,
it's living in the unknown,
but every time I open my eyes...
I can taste it.
The nostalgic bliss on my tongue.
It's real.

But do I want it without you?
Jessie A Mar 2017
I can't help myself!
I keep falling into the same hole that I dug,
Being stupid as if I were a mindless little bug.
I say I'm not going to make the same mistake again,
Because I'm tired of living a life that's full of sin.
I can't help myself!
The temptations are way too much,
My temptations are addicting like the softness of a touch.
I can't help myself!
Sometimes I cry because of the person  that I am,
It's like the devil keeps selling me the same  old scam.
I keep falling for it over and over,
All the devil has to say is roll over.
I can't help myself!
I know I'm young and I'll make mistakes,
But one mistake is all that it takes.
One mindless decision could ruin my life,
The decision that makes me choose a life or a knife.
I can't help myself!
I try to crawl up the hole,
But it's like I lost my soul.
Sometimes I do things and I don't care,
There's a  feeling of numbness that no one can repair.
I can't help myself!
It's crazy what temptations will do,
Making you feel like it will always be apart of you.
It's like I can't say no,
It's throwing me over and over again in the same hole.
I can't help myself...
Ash Oct 2017
Its you again, yes you
I couldnt stop myself from thinking about you
Its just like drug, so addicting
But slowly the addiction kills me
Its kills my soul
The way it took my soul was so painful
It ripped my chest and I can't stop the bleeding.
In the end, no matter how hard I try to forget you
It was always you who heal myself
I dont even know how it heals me back
But I feel like the black and white as we recall in our dream
Has color again.

I feel like whenever im so tired because of my sleepless night thinking about you
Has courage again to wake up and be energetic for the whole day.

Yes its you and It will always you
Who can heal my naked soul
That is craving for you.
Carter Ginter Jul 2015
I've said I'm sorry so many times
But even a million words couldn't mend the pain
I've hurt you much more than you deserve
And I have nothing but myself to blame
I know you deserve the world
But I've given you nothing to prove it
Because every time I overthink
My mind spins and I lose it
But I can't let you just leave
Without first admitting how I feel
You asked me to explain why I like you
I didn't say much, but these feelings are real:

The way you nestle into me while you sleep
And your peaceful face make me weak
Your addicting laugh's sweet melody
Makes my smile appear unknowingly
And the way you smile after we kiss
It's a moment I never want to miss
Your desire to protect my heart
Proves you'll never rip it apart
And when I opened up to you
Without an obligation to
I knew I would find my way
To fall in love with you some day

It's very rare that you discover
Someone who thinks like you
And though you're absolutely stunning
Your mind is just as beautiful too
I try to explain how my feelings are
Yet my thoughts never seem quite tangible
After many failed attempts
I know our connection is unexplainable
Words may never exist
To show exactly how I feel
But I swear you've caged my heart
In a home of impenetrable steel
And I'm happy there
Even if you don't feel this way too
You have my heart
Because it only longs for you.
Doshi Mar 29
I lick my lips slowly
savoring each molecule that's left
still confident
in my choice to cut back
all the while unaware
that I'm already trapped

no different than the rest

curtained behind
a dubious smile this time
waiting to provide
temporary pleasure
before catering
to another

Three times now
I've washed my hands
and still feel its trace
maybe I'll try
agave next
M Salinger Jun 2018
The anxieties are there
about meaningless things
and the meanings behind them

Time is spent

What he's thinking?
What he's doing?
What he remembers
and holds on to?
If any?
If all?

Why he's with her?
If he thinks about me
like I think about him?
If he thinks about my touch
like I think about his?
If he yearns for me?
If he wants to ******* kiss
and all of me

So many musings
driven by curiousity
by desire
by a muse,
in every sense of the word

Awakening something deep
within me
deeper than lust
deeper than longing

An intensity
that's intoxicating

An insatiable hunger
to search and swim
within his soul
one touch,
one moment
at a time

Only felt
never acknowledged,
engulfed in secrecy
engulfed by secrecy

Drinking each other in
between nuanced subcontext
one moment
at at time

Setting each other on fire.
Two Hearts But A Single Beat.
I lied there waiting and excited.
One hand softly griping your left thigh.
Faster. Harder. Pacing.
I ponder for a moment while I let your warm breath exhale against my earlobe.
“I live for this“.
I love to hear you moan against my head. Tounges’ wrapped within a mess of lips, breaths, and saliva.
I know this feeling all too well. This addiction that I can’t abstain from. You don’t understand me. It’s hard. When I’m close to you my head becomes a jungle. Your presence is enough to drive me wild. I’m ******. You’ve driven me mad with lust and love combined in one. I’m throbbing. I want you so bad and you have yet to know my true nature towards you...
You’re already mine, but I’ve been dying to make you mine in a different way. I’m going to ruin you ... make crawl back tongue drooling for more.
My lust cannot contain itself.
I want to bend you over a whisper taunting things into your ear while I slide ******* in the back and grip my hand around your shaft.... slowly making you ooze *** from the tip... I want you to ******* beg. Tell me how bad you want it, want this, want me... pant in my ear until there’s nothing but broken cries left. Push me away even though you know it’s what you ******* crave the most .. let me explore your darkest parts and lick every crevice. I want you to the point where it’s only our sweaty bodies against each other yearning for another lick, taste, spread, touch.... **** your addicting. This may very well be my downfall.
My love runs deep I can't stop myself.
Eric Mar 3
It seems that you don't care
It feels you'd  never dared
Thunder rolling
And I'm waiting

Maybe, I push too hard
Maybe, I get it wrong

I made up illusion that turned into treason
And became a freewill prisoner
Drowning in my artificial misery
Addicting to your strange trickery
Her Mar 7
Crisp like an apple
Sweet as a grape
Deep like a fire
Cool as the morning dew
Gentle like the morning sound
Secretive as the light creeping in
Warm like my bed on a winter morning
Hard as my mother’s words
Happy like my fathers smile
Addicting as cigarette smoke
My crumbling home calls to me
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