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ryn Nov 2014
Shhh...can you hear me?
I'm hardly a pin
I'm hardly a mile away you know the pain I'm in?

Look...can you see me?
I'm hiding behind shadowed eyes
And a mask of smiles
Look...will you look past the honest lies?

Taste...can you palate the bitterness?
Sharp and acrid accusations
Dancing on wagging tongues
Taste...will you swallow what is given?

Touch...can you feel my failing muscles?
Every fibre losing this very battle
A futile fight I must concede
Touch...will you save the pieces that crumble?

Read...can you make sense of my heart?
Pounding behind its bony cage
Pumping red into my desperate nib
Read...can you understand the ink staining my page?

Shhh*...can you hear me?
I don't think you can
For I have ceased to speak
In the universe of man
Mark Upright Aug 2018
|“lead into gold, good into dear, mortal into immortal”
(where poems come from)”

you charged me
with crimes three times three,
sorcery and witchcraft and doing god’s work

plead guilty three times three
not that I was successful,
but a complex, candied marvelous failure

not in my possession, the sorcerers spell,
my dross and wordy dregs all sit sidelined,
perchance perhaps,
if you search with a leaden patience inhuman,
you might just find a minuscule golden vein there’d unmined

turning good into dear, an “anyone can do it” miracle,
when you whisper with just one kiss those forever words,
don’t be afraid, say it low and slow, I love you,
“I only want to be with you”
and dare it to be become dear

mortal into immortal, an order tall, for one knows his
hiding places for all too human pockmarked weak,
but having been charged and found in guilt,
no one proffered evidence but they wanted a unambiguous
unanimous verdict and proof is such an old fashioned truth notion

happy accept your accusations and since confession is
the best soul medicine, with glee, here and now reveal
how immortality is achievable

breathe poems  constantly instantly throughout
the orifices in the skin cells and
pore’d orifices you were god given;
it is how we immortals communicate
with what cannot be seen,
yet drunken heard when spoke aloud

taste the poems in and on tongues you can’t comprehend,
the sounds fly skyward after infiltrating your eyes,
then you can see your own immortality anointed rising

all nonsense you plead,
only immortals truly cherish and envy the
human ability to create
nonsense, the place
where poems come from

Vanessa Viniegra Feb 2018

couldn’t resist a minute more.


I again…

After six months sober


in this pain I know all too well.

Ten years lost to this drug, my veins ache for.

First breath in the morning and last thought at night all consumed by it,

Every cell in me craves it.

That physical euphoria my body portraits.

Feels like someone has poured pure joy into every single muscle and fiber of my being.

It makes me feel so content

I am literally in love the entire world.

Every single bit of me is singing and buzzing with life and love.

It’s like the ecstasy of *******. That first, blissful, pleasurable pulsation of endorphin's and serotonin.

Is what I feel when I first take LOVE.

And then,

And then, the honeymoon stage is over.

Fights erupt,

never-ending debates,



no trust,



“I’m done”

Again, it feels like a part of my soul is leaving my body.

Again, sitting here numb.

A toxic love

I’m addicted too,

And there’s no way around it.

It’s already deep intertwined with my veins.

Yet no matter the toxic tragic event that happened before, I sit here, and I want nothing more than to spend my life next to this soul.

To see his eyes unchanged as the skin around it wrinkling and old, is what my heart will always desire, to stare at those eyes for the rest of eternity.

Dead air…

So here I’ll wait, until you decided to come into my life again and repeat this déjà vu.
Irma Gracic Sep 2016
I met a devil with blue eyes,
Who wanted a girl that prayed for Satan,
The fall of a believer empowered his lies,
He'd line up the prayers and then rate them.

I met a devil with no horns,
With the power to paralyze by touch,
His shell lures in the one who mourns,
His cracks are filled by blinding too much.

I met a devil with helping hands,
Which he often used for pointing fingers,
His words were accusations and demands,
The heat rises for anyone who lingers.

I met a devil with false promises,
That he made to capture my soul,
It's the bait that covers his emptiness,
Once you know you're following, you crawl.

I met a devil with fires inside,
First warm, then burning 'till they'd pierce,
But he was cold even when I fried,
Still I saw the love as all that's fierce.

I met a devil with planned tears,
Carrying such evil no drop should hold,
He turned my care into aching fears,
I turned my head where he controlled.

I met a devil who never met me*,
All he created and knew was debris,
I shine too bright for hell to see,
He's forever down under and I am free!
Andrew Rueter Nov 2017
People yearn for peace through the night
When they can only see by inferno light
A flame that engulfs the world
But begins in our hearts
We've been tainting this pearl
From the very start

When ****** is part of their plan
I honestly attempt to understand
But the tears I hate flood my brain
When fears create blood and pain
I'm willing to lose my agency
As long as they don't aim at me

We bang our heads on the wall
Until they roll on the floor
They built a ceiling so we'll fall
So we can't reach the door
I am no longer the man inside the estate
When I'm disenfranchised by the state

So I'm pushed to society's outskirts
For the people with whom I flirt
And my perceived net worth
But where one society ends another begins
And they all claim that I've committed sins
So I wander around
Just not inside towns
Where the bullets fly like the accusations
And productivity drains all inspiration

I live in the remote wilderness now
I hoped things wouldn't be so loud
I hear drum beats in the distance
They're explosions killing infants
But there's nowhere else to turn
And my lawn is starting to burn
Must I deal with the chaos colossus
Or could I continue playing possum?
Must I stare into the fiery abyss
To make it onto heaven's list?
Must I return to the mainland
To experience my final stand?

I will wrest sovereignty from them
I will rest in poverty until then
But I would rather have less money
Than subtract family members
They say you draw more flies with honey
But all the flies die in December
Dare to stand on the edge when your
Integrity has been called into question
Slanderous accusations bellowed
Intent falls short of its goal
Soar above the fray and
Stay true, stay strong and in the
End honor and truth will prevail
D**are to care, even for the careless deviants
Officially exonerated
as i have
loved you
i too shall
leave you

crucified upon
a cross of love
with the nails of your
false accusations

the stench from
the blood i shed
for your forgiveness
rises to masque
the musky scent
of your sensuality
My spoken word track on Soundcloud
BellonasBride Oct 2018
Today I accidentally saw a preview of; The News;
a disabled sixteen-year-old girl, a victim of abuse
The accused is a priest. A round man in a long black cassock
And a snip view from mass of another priest plays shortly
My face turns green as my mood turns blue
He says he has a holy feeling, that the accusations aren’t true.

A cult; /kʌlt/ noun
‘a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.’
We show our devotion, we kneel and give thanks
He applies lotion, looks at a child and wanks.
Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and to the respect of those beliefs.
My belief is that no human is superior to another human.
A priest is only a man.
And this man in the long black cassock had a plan.
And this child will remain terrorized forever.

People should be held accountable for their actions.
Women’s lives are not to be of similar value to male satisfactions.

An article on ‘The year of ‘Times Up’ and ‘Me Too’ movements has been a dangerous year for men.’
Every year from the beginning of time has been a dangerous year for a woman.
Innocent men are not in danger.

I was sexualized and assaulted at the age of eleven. #MeToo
I wasn’t wearing a short skirt. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t provocative.
I was playing chase.
For years after that game of chase
I had nightmares featuring his face

This is not your place to say this year is dangerous, for men.
Times Up
Nikki Danilov Nov 20
"I placed hands. This person obviously gaslit me."
"How can you tell for sure?"
"Because I immediately tore from their contact and all my fingers were burned."

these people radiate heat everywhere, they plague you of confusion and in return of your mistake they will ***** accusations, "that was hardly anything, what am I to be of fault about?? HAHA!!!!"
John Dewberry Jun 17
He sits at the bar
Lamenting his fall
From grace
Scars on his mind
Support his honesty

He tells of Black Daffodil
And nights on the sunset strip
recounting in detail
The glory days

“Everyone knew my name”
He said
“ when I meant my press agent
my career went to ****”

To all who who’ve ****** me
I may be free
But I’m living my life as
Someone’s prison *****”
kitkat keighley Sep 2018
One day you meet the people you think you could trust
but everything that was turns to stardust,
everything you loved seems to go so fast,
Girl why didn't you realize they all wear masks,
And your "friends" don't realize how she impacts you.
You don't realize this are fake accusations,
Why the hell do you people give me these complications?
So congratulations!
you made my life a complication!
v V v Apr 5
She told me to
"Imagine a safe place",
a quiet place, somewhere to go
when the fog is at my feet.

But everywhere I went was
crowded with doubt
and a lingering loitering
presence on my shoulder,
come out from the fog to
hurl accusations and taunt.

I can only assume
it's a he on my shoulder,
an enigma,
my father's doppelganger
come to dredge my mind
of all the **** he dished out
when I was a child,

and feed it back to me again.

I tell her I'll need more tools
and stronger ideas.

So she gives me a seat at
the head of the table
where my ****** committee meets,
and a gavel to establish order
or bash in their brains.

She arms my dreams
with weapons and courage,
gives me REM when I'm wide awake.

We fashion a furnace of love,
hot enough to vaporize the
cold darkness pouring into my gut,
customized with levers and pulleys
to push and to pull in the fight.

We tally
Alpha and Beta waves,
trained and retrained,
hard coded messages
sanded smooth by repetition.

       Through it all I give too,
       and what I give is all I can give,
       it is the warmth of what enslaves me,
       and the thought of letting it go….  
       Well.... lets not go there right now.

In the long run I'm not sure that
any of it will be enough,
I am weakened by the war.

But occasionally there
are shiny spots that simmer,

You see,
I may have found that place,
the place she first told me to find
way back at the beginning,
the place to feel safe, although
it isn't really a place per se.

If it were true
I could finally ascend to
where no fog can go.
Where my father's voice
cannot be heard,
nor the ghosts I grew
up with.

A place of love and honesty,
where my furnace would sit idle in awe.

There is a picture of us
on our bedroom wall.
It is the perfect depiction of
all that is safe for me.

I look at your smile
and I see peace.
Nothing can penetrate
your radiance,
you are everything
I've never had,
double layered and
by all of it.

By all of the ****.

I am learning to go there
when the fog is at my feet,
and the ghosts are in my ear.

When the accusations come
I can escape there with you,

and together we can drown them out

if only for a little while.
Recently began therapy for my "issues"  related to PTSD.  Needless to say the therapeutic tools available today are much better than they were 20 years ago.
Amaris Dec 2018
Scream and shout, kick the ground, fall apart crying
I hate the world, it isn't fair, hold my heart from breaking
My life stretches way too far into a fog I can't see through
No one's fault you don't understand but you don't have a clue
Stop thinking stop thinking my mind keeps on racing
Not words it's all emotions like I just can't stop feeling
Endless accusations left unformed drive me insane
I'll be alright but this moment now all I think about is pain
Big Virge Jul 2017
Do You Believe In ... ?
Freedom of Speech ... ?
Freedom of Thought ... ?  

And ...
Freedom To Teach ... ?  
Or ..... ?  
Freedom To Do ...    
The Things That You Please ... ?!?  
Freedom Is NOT ...
PART of ... Reality ... !!!  
Which Part of You's ... FREE ...  
Apart From ... YOUR Body ... !?!  
I Believe In The Freedom ...  
To Simply Be ... ME ...    
To SHOW My Frustrations ...  
WITHOUT ... " Accusations " ... !!!  
His Intentions are BAD !"  
I'm SICK of These Judgements ...  
These Judgments Are ... CRASS ... !!!!!  
I Want To Be FREE To AIR My Opinion ...    
On ANYTHING Ranging From ...  
*** To ... Dominion ... !!!!!  
How Can We Be ... "Free" ... ?!?  
When We're ... Under CONTROL ...    
Control of ... "Your Mind" ...  
Means ... Control of YOUR SOUL ... !!!!!  
Men Who Wear ... " Suits " ...  
Have Got The ... Bank Rolls ...  
While Those Who Don't Wear Them ...    
Get Left In ...............................................­................ The Cold ..... !!!  
We're ... "FREE to Air Views !" ...
Is The ... Regular Quote ...  
But How Can This Be ...  
When So Many Can't Vote ... ?!?  
I'm SICK of Politicians ... !!!  
Who Have NO Constrictions ............ ?  
They Seem To Think It's Okay ...  
To BAN TALK On Religion ....  
But The Parties They're In ...  
DEFINE Their ..... SEP - ara - Tism .... ?!?!?  
Of Course Your Mind ...  
Can ALWAYS ... Run Free ..................................  
But ....  
" Freedom of Thought " ...  
Is Now ... Under Siege ... !!!  
When Those Who Hold POWER ...  
Decide ... Who Can Speak ...  
They Speak ALL THE TIME ... !!!!!!  
About ... CONTROLLING Streets ...    
When THEY DON'T Walk Them ...  
But Are Driven Around ...  
In COMFY ... Leather Seats ... ?!?  
They Procrastinate ...  
About ... " Freedom of Speech " ...  
But SHOUT Like A ... " Tout " ...  
About ... Wars That They Seek ....................................... !!!!!!  
These People Are ... "Weak" .... !!!  
From People In Congress ...  
To ... Lying MP's ... !!!!!  
I'd Rather Observe ...  
A Debate Between SHEEP ... !!!  
Than Watch These MP's ...  
Tell Us LIES On ... TV ... !!!!!!!  
CONTROLS Are Now groWING ...
...... EVERYWHERE ..... !!!!!!!  
PLEASE Beware ... !!!  
From Lyrics You Hear ...  
To The Clothes That You Wear ...  
Wearing A ... " Hoodie " ...  
Has Got People ... " SCARED " ... !!!!!  
What IS ... REALLY True ...  
Is ... SO RARELY Shared ...  
With ... People Like Me ...  
Who DO ... REALLY CARE ... !!!  
I'm The DAREDEVIL ...  
With ........ Medusas' Stare .......    
The Worlds Now Controlled ...  
By Witches Like .... " Blair " ....  
Bureaucrats ...  
Hold The ... "SHARES" ...  
Do You Think This Is Fair .... ???  
NOTHING In This Life ...  
Is Gonna Be ... FREE ... !!!!!!!  
From Clothes That You Wear ...  
To A ... Juicy Fruit PLEASE ... !!!  
Girls AIN'T Easy ...  
They're Getting ... GREEDY ... !!!  
"Show me THAT Money !  
Then you can PLEASE ME !"
"Go Please YOURSELF !  
Girl, you don't need me !"  
Girls Seem To Now Think ...  
Cash Can ... Set Them FREE .......................................................  
How STUPID They Be ... !!!  
Cos' In The End Just Like Me ...  
Money CAN'T Possibly Set People Free ...  
Free From THE CHAINS of ... "Society" ... !!!!!  
The One Thing In My Life ...  
That's ... EVER BEEN FREE ...  
Was The LOVE FROM ...  
..... " My Mother " .....  
Hey Mum ...    
Rest in Peace ... !!!!!  
" Our Love will be free for Eternity !  
I'm sending my love, through this here poetry !    
Your Love was unconditional !
You gave it for free, free like A tree !"  
But They Are Now DYING ...  
To Build ... Property ... ?!?  
Have You Seen The ...
... " Two Towers " ... ?  
In A land Where The Trees ...  
Were Able To ... Speak ...  
I'd Ask Them Some Questions ...  
Like ... Why Are We Messing ...  
With ... ALL of God's Blessings ... ?  
Like ... FREEDOM of Voice ...  
And ... FREEDOM of Choice ...    
Instead of The Sounds ...  
of Political ... NOISE ... !!?!!  
Which Normally Leads ...  
To The Use of ... War Toys ... !!!!!  
I'm Getting Annoyed ...  
By ... "Constriction Ploys" ... !!!  
Don't THEY Annoy YOU ... ?!?  
You MUST HAVE A View ... !?!  
THIS Is A Path ...  
We've GOT TO ... AVOID ... !!!!!  
Cos' FREEDOM of Thought ...  
Is Being .... DESTROYED ... !!!!!  

By Those ... " Pulling Strings " ...  
of Puppets They Employ ... !!!!!  
I'm Simply Suggesting ...  
It's Time For Some Questions ... !!!  
BEFORE They Call ... " TIME " ... !!!  
On People Like Me ...  
Who QUESTION Through Rhyme ...  
Cos' This It Would Seem ... ???  
Is Their NEW ... GRAND Design ...  !!!  
To Make Those Who Question ...  
SHUT UP And ... RESIGN ... !!!!!!  
I'm Feeling That Freedom ...  
Is NOW ... Out of Season ... !!!!!  
It's Facing Some CUTS ... !!!  
And Some ... "Internal BLEEDING" ... !!!!!  
But NEVER Give Up ... !!!  
On This Thing We Call ....  
..... " Freedom " .....
How free are we really ... ???
Lawrence Hall Aug 2018
There are no days free of panic attacks -
A fierce determination to recusancy
Is no defense against the men of peace
Clenching their fists and screaming out their love

There are no nights free of panic attacks -
A fierce determination to needful sleep
Is no defense against unhappy dreams
Judicial accusations of the memory

But even panic is no defense against
One’s fierce determination to write the truth
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.
Dondaycee Sep 2018
I don’t know if 1 +1 = 2,
If I had to count I’d point at you and you,
I don’t know how to subtract one but if one person leaves I’d be pointing at the one I didn’t lose,
I don’t know how to learn from a book,
I thought knowledge was attained through experience;
How did that turn into labeling kids with disorders; as if the archetypes that are non linear were mysterious,
We call our kids special,
Treat them different,
As if that type of nurturement were helpful;
Baffled, because these types of accusations exploit a misunderstanding that’s serious,
He learned about friendship through Toy Story,
He learned about friendship through war stories,
His imagination gave life to toys; they created the picture after that,
His application made a child a boy; a missing picture was aftermath,
He promised to never forget the love he gave before moving,
He had an obligation to forget the meaning of love before duty,
Friendship was movie,
Friendship was duty,
We may learn different; but are we truly?

We used to take these things slow,
We was too young, we used bowls,
Blunts only came with the shows,
High only came without goals,
Now I don’t even have bros,
And this was the life that I chose,
Love was up under the nose,
Had to let go, I couldn’t show,
Experiences hurt me the most,
What is a home, I am alone,
Finding my life in a post,
It’s cutting close…

Eyes closed; I feel uncomfortable in the physical,
**** me please; I find normal in the mystical,
I don’t mean to be dark but its the psychedelics that make life livable;
Jedi flipping with acid and molly,
The fungi was just a treat,
Confronting thoughts nowadays because earlier we didn’t meet,
Something went wrong; I.e. unbalanced,
Destiny discrete; to meet was an unbound chance,
And I couldn’t time it,
Now every word spoken is a time I didn’t speak,
I try to stretch my mind to find the other reality,
The gravity of this situation is projecting real without me;
Whatever happened to Chinese philosophy,
The time in which I was I and death was life and opportunity expressed divine in a time frame where we were destined to be...

Color me your color baby,
I know where you are,
Cover me your love is fading,
We shouldn’t have been too far,

I’m not happy with the results,
Ignorance is the reason I accept it,
Nothing’s expected, but I’m praying that I eject the next second,
I can only be respected after neglection,
I’m better off expressing a resurrection,
Left too early and life says it’s right,
Lead loaded caskets; well I’ll continue to write,
Left hand can be now, tomorrow’s my right,
Happy nation, living in a happy nation,
“where the people understand andd dream of perfect man”;
Where’s my patience; I’m living in a happy nation,
We the people understand andd dream a perfect plan,
And I keep waiting for being to become our way in…

I want to be quiet, this is a crash,
I’m lacking nutrients; that’s my validation on why I’m thinking bad,
I’m thinking pessimistic; “She’s the best I nevver hadd” or “I swear I’m always thinking sad”,
This is the illusion, and I ain’t alluding,
I never picked a side my friend.

I took a breath to channel my inner jedi,
Lili was a witness, however she’d  disagree,
I told her , “we are god”; she had a different belief,
I stopped that ****, the fun guy was keeping me head high; I told her I accepted her the moment she accepted me,
There was a sudden relief,
I was expressing a lesson and received a blessing in the form of treat,
Now I am stuck in disbelief,
Because I literally experienced my mind and became a Jedi,
Existence itself only validated one thing, and that is the existence of me.
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