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slr Jun 2018
i know you feel bad
the applause are never loud enough
the smiles just aren't big enough
nothing is ever enough
but it's ok
just keep telling yourself
you did good
Just a random poem scribbled on a folder
Ashleigh Black Jul 2012
I’ve made it a routine now

to decide what I am willing

to free from my thoughts.

And I have told myself that

those things can no longer invade

my every days

because you see,

change happens

and change is good

especially when you decide to change

for the better

for yourself

so you can remember the dreams

you once had but lost

so you can find something else that

makes you feel alive in ways you’ve never felt

but I would like to make a point that

you should not forget the things or ones

who made you come to these conclusions.

Because you see,

they were your starting blocks

they helped shape you

they taught you about love

and creativity

and happiness

and peace

and acceptance

they helped to learn to enjoy the things that were in store for you

and you should never regret the experience, or wish it were back

or be mad at yourself or others for why they ended.

just be happy that you got those chances,

and that is something that you can never replace.

I’ve lived the past month

questioning my journey

and my choices

and wondering what would happen if I could just rewind

could I fix how I loved

or how I treated myself or others

how to not appreciate the opportunities I have

and the experiences I will remember forever?

And I became angry, and confused, and remorseful

because I am self-critical.

I believe myself to be the bearer of bad news

of pessimistic mentality

of the need to timestamp everything.

But today, I’ve had an epiphany.

I realized that I cannot regret the fact that

things fall apart

and things cannot be mended

and that you might never feel the way you used to

with someone or in someplace

but sometimes you shouldn’t want to

because you need to be open to new experiences

you need to be open to loving someone new

or to living a different kind of life

or to experience new people and places

and basically need to grow up

and realize that there is room for better

and you’ll experience many moments of better your whole life

and those moments in your past were that

they were good and better than what you’ve had before.

But it’s okay to move on. And be happy for what’s in store.

And that’s what I intend to do,

and currently I really am

I’ve finally had a breakthrough from writing angsty posts about regret and sorrow and depression and I’m through with doing that. I need to remember positivities and ignore anything less. If you would like to take a look at this rather long poem, please do. I’m quite excited for this. But for now, good night. **
Off the train I hit the streets
and start laughing. This is ridiculous,
incomprehensible. How can innumerable bipeds
have individual inner lives. Why are they doing
what they’re doing? I have no answer
New York City but to also go about my business
in this case prepare for surgery, survival.

But why survive with so many exact replicas
to replace me? A swarm of ants or hive of bees,
social organisms they’re called, climbing
over each other, avoiding bumping and amazingly
making way, anticipating the sudden turns
and straight paths of others, strangers but brothers,
sisters incubating, the cells of a small
*****, nodes of a single semi-conscious organism.

The concept of a higher power that cares
for me is also risible yet how else
can I explain the surgeon and his team,
robots and magnetic resonance imaging machines,
all primed and trained to save my life.
They are not particularly interested in what
I do with my time. I am immediately
in love with the Irish brogue of the head nurse,

the Indian skin of the physician’s assistant.
The long extraordinarily thin
fingers of the famous surgeon. All
mine to savor (and the other cancer patients).
Back on the streets, rush to the train.
So many women to choose from! One Asian-American,
a dancer I imagine, stands out, tall
calm, still, graceful. No cell, no hair, no hurry.

Yesterday’s suicidal thoughts: the mind
is a clever servant, insufferable master. Therefore,
meditate on this: absolute need, dependence on the Other.
I still like Hombre, The Shootist and Ulzana’s Raid
but realize those dead heroes
were subordinate to society: the gun manufacturers who armed them.
Thus, I go for cancer tests, accepting, not predicting results.
Hero accepting help.

A torrential rain following five days of flooding,
tornadoes out west busting up wooden towns
all because too many of us are hoarding plastic, herding electrons.
None of us know how it will end, what the outcome will be
(of our surgery). The best that can be said
is Don’t forget to breathe. And you might
as well believe in that higher power.

--title from a tune by Billy Strayhorn
AIA Mar 2016
See you with her, made me realize that I'm not your special girl anymore.
See you hold hands with her made me think that it was my hand you're holding before.
That hug of yours that once to be my home,
that laugh that once we shared together
you that once to be mine.
See you happy with her...
that way I can convince myself that I'm no longer the love of your life anymore.
I'm no longer the reason behind your fast heart beating
that way I can convince myself to accept the fact that I could never be in that place that I used to be.
I'm now letting you go.
Believe me, I love you.
But I guess,
she can love you more.
Dedicated to R.E.
Akanksha Raizada Dec 2018
I have find the cure of my pain..
Now i have less pressure and strain..

As i accepted he is not mine anymore,
But that doesn't mean i am *****

Accepting we are not made for each other,
Accepting when he was mine is now a beautiful history chapter

Accepting that he is not mine,
Doesn't change my love for him

He was a beautiful memory,
now he is just a story

Accepting the fact i want him for lifetime,
But also accepting the fact that he can never be mine..
This way acceptance is healing my pain.
Lost Soul Mar 1
you texted me...
i thought you never would
i missed you
so much of me wanted this
but this isnt how i thought it would be

i cant help but feel
like you have something else in mind
i cant fall for you again , i made a deal
i cant keep hurting myself over you
i cant apologize

its not that i didn't like you , i did  
but you never saw it
because it wasnt in the way your used to
so you had a fit like a little kid

i changed alot and im scared
i dont want you to hate the new me
that took so long to build
because no one else cared

im naturally a sad person
i write depressing poems
and i changed the way i dress
i want to be spontaneous
i forced myself to buy a thong
it sits in the back of my drawer
cause i still  hate my body and it just feels wrong
but i'm determined to change that
to love ever curve and stretchmark
even when my stomach isnt flat  

i dont know how long this is going to be
but im going to be the most authentic me
if you dont like the new me
then well you can leave again
but this time dont come back
just let me be
I realize now that if Im not the one will communicate you.
You will not going to communicate me.
Its hurt the attachment I have for you.
I need to overcome it.
I need to accept that you really have impact in my life.
I need to accept that there will be a person will make you realize what you really want.
I need to accept that I need to be open with possibilities.
I need to accept that Im not really important to you.
I need to accept that your not really mine and Im not into you.
I need to accept that you just make me experience to love and to get hurt.
I need to accept that you just teach me to see the real me when Im inlove.
I still need to thank you.
And I thank you for all in all.
MawaLin Dec 2018
There are parts of me that I am still learning to accept.
It's in the roots of my hair,
Embedded under my skin,
It darkness my knees,
On the bridge of my nose,
Rolls off my tongue
To the alignment of my toes.
And as I grow, they too grow with me.
I had a good time
I enjoyed the day we met
put aside the bad and the broken
It was beautiful
It was love.
bye bye
Sabila Siddiqui Sep 2018
Unfortunately you are not for everyone. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will love you regardless of what you do and how nice of a person you are. Not everyone will vibe with your energy and not everyone will understand and support you.

Even though it is a bitter pill to swallow at times don't let it make a turmoil of your emotion and deplete your energy. Because your time and energy is so much more precious than exhausting yourself by shapeshifting to pander to the whims of others, moulding yourself to fit in every where and hence retaining no shape to call your own.

Choose not to sacrifice your uniqueness to succumb buttering up their bread. To Be selective with your energy by politely waving them goodbye to stand by your values and lifestyles that most deeply resonate with you. Choose to take social risks regardless of the awkward glances and haughty whispers. Choose to not care of what others think to the point it stifles your ability to take risks and disrupt your social satisfaction.

For there is nothing more liberating than to not waste your life allowing the faultfinders to dictate your actions. To seek to align your actions with your heart. To stand up for something, to do and believe what brings  content regardless of it being disliked. It is beautifully candor being your authentic self.
emily mikkelsen Jul 2018
I got a little older,
learned a lesson or two,
like how loving someone
could never be as poetic
as I wanted it to.
like how nothing
would ever be as poetic
as I wanted it to.
how can I accept
that the miracle of love
isn’t really a miracle at all?
how can I wrap myself
in someone’s arms
when I know
that there isn’t any sort
of poetic loving involved?
how do I unlearn
the romantic thoughts
that taught me
about the fireworks,
the butterflies,
and the fluttering fingers
in the dark.
and accept that
maybe kissing
won’t be as spiritual as I thought.
maybe it’s really just a mouth on mine.
how do I unlearn my innocent heart
who lulled me into a false sense of hope
for a lover who would call
the way my body moves
a lover who would feel
the poetry
in every word
I spoke in the dark.
i honestly don't
truly expect you to
fully accept me as who i am
because i'm still trying
to accept
Tristan Brown Sep 2018
Maybe when we learn to embrace
the fact that we are Human,
We're far from perfect,

Maybe when we begin to accept
the fact that we have problems,

Maybe then we'll begin to find
the solutions.
Anastasia Jun 1
i think i kinda love you
i think it's kind of real
i think i can't accept it
i think i don't know what i feel
i think i don't think enough
i think i think too much
i think i've forgotten how live
i think i need to feel your touch
pk tunuri Apr 2018
Not all of us have big hearts!
let’s all accept the changes with our little hearts!!
Change is the only constant-Heraclitus
so let's learn to accept the changes
A Mar 2016
I  am facing yet another war, and I know you are too.
So please know,
This battle is worth fighting for you.
I rather be loved by the outcasted,
Then to be hated by the royalty.
But I will always be a princess suited in metal armor.

I promise to hold your hand and clense you of your wounds,
I promise to always listen,  validate, and accept you no matter what weight, age, color, size, sexuality or diagnosis.
I promise to always fight for your safe haven to become the world you live in.

Even if you do not think you are worth it,

I always will.

Equality for all,
Or equality for none.
Declan Quinn Jul 2018
Accept those thoughts in there,
Every one is yours alone.
On an acceptane and gratitude kick #workinprogress
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