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Kaitlin Evers Oct 2016
The dreams I dream lay far away
I dream of them not night but day
They all would say
It’s child’s play
She’ll let it go someday

They would say it was not wise
Whilst avoiding my cerulean eyes
Lo, the stage it gave me butterflies
So from their naysaying I would abscise

Still their words I could not forget
So deep down I buried it
My being and self they split
I walked around a counterfeit
My misfit turned to hypocrite
I knew then I needed to recommit

This spirit will prevail
On a red carpet I will sail
All hindrances will be scaled
I will not fail
This is more than a fairytail
My dream and I, we are *dovetail
Sam Nov 2016
There are those poems that complete you
and also those that abscise;
Taking a little love from behind your ribs
and a little light from behind your eyes
Little Wren Nov 2018
Autumn blows against winter,
The in-betweens of transition.
The underskirts of gold and ruby
Shedding from the Earth and skies
The woods, half-bare, half unguarded,
Almost fully vulnerable
To the terminal winter.

Some deciduous trees hold on
To summer's carbon,
Leaves clinging to the naked buds--
They call it marcescent,
Unable to abscise completely
Even when the rest of the forest
Has moved on

Left dried and clutching
Holding on all winter,
Through the biting frost
Against howling nights
When the world is dark and lifeless.
megan Sep 2018
i crave it,
i endlessly fantasize,
but im a hypocrite,
my heart would abscise.

don’t say those three words,
don’t tell me.
im too afraid,
it’s just a hyperbole.

— The End —