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Jack Jenkins Jul 2018
Missing you
Two words burned in my eyes
It's true
Missing you
Two hearts broken apart
It's true
Missing you
I felt the hurt
You did too
It was all wrong
What did we do?
Missing you
Cut apart
Thinking of us how it fell apart
Why did we do it?
I pushed away
You pushed away
I felt taken for granted
You didn't want to lose me
We lost each other
Are we better off
Not together?
But I'm still missing you
//On her//
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Here i stand
Under your demand
What is it you want from me
I am a man who is supposed to be free

Away from the rivalry and abruptness

Not today
Not tomorrow

Far away
I No longer follow

Ive got to open the 1st page and start again
No longer aboard this repetitive train
A poem about starting all over.
Jesse stillwater Jul 2018
the Silence became
like an old lesson learned

a broken heart intones
a voiceless song
resonating a refrain of Silent echoes
in a voice that never heard a word
yet spoke so clearly ... lingering
in realms of subtle ambiance

soundless remnants
stacked neatly as
building blocks;  
another brick in a wall,
already too tall to see beyond—
growing like a bunker
without a sense of safe harbor

as the Silence became
time and space,
a stillness beset the melancholy air
as if a world without song
foreboding an unpredictable storm
beget vestiges of broken windfall,
reticent leftovers hushed after a gale

s i l e n t l y

an acorn fallen  — became a mighty Oak

a wind-broke twig — became a weeping willow

a neglected child — became mother nature's son

the Silence became
        a blind prophet —
in its voice held forth
smatterings of truth
and undertones of an unrequited
fool’s hope

the Silence became
a strong, abrupt rush of wind
uttering voiceless exhalations of breath;
a hovering dawn mist
    befallen after a summer storm—
surrounding all in all
bedewed in a feigned peace

... the unabated sounds of silence

Jesse Stillwater ... July 20th, 2018
Thank you or reading —
Aural auspice austerity audible , augur aorist actuator , accidence ambience acoustics .
Counterfactual categorical imperative hubris .
Anarchy iconoclasm, invertible investiture, objectified manifest.
Chicanery dynamism's fealty.  
Ethology's entelechy, zoomorphic zoolatry's social contiguities, élan-vital's apotheosis, oneiromancy's apotropaic.
Chagrin ; fecund cogent apposite germane , inane inert inertia innate , propinquity habitation, proximity parameter perimeter peripherals .
Manumission gambit alluvium aloof , putschist kitsch , pandemicly phatic futurity fatidic, annex annul, extraversion embezzling euthanasia extortion.  
Extravagant exorbitance flirtatious flamboyance, flippantly flighty flit-ness.
Laborious beleaguerment, hypercritically meticulous tedium, diabolically maniacal dementia brusque macabre abrupt.
Ominous phenomenon portrayal spontaneous synchronous.

Financially responsible fiscal policy , plenary plenipotentiary fiduciary principle .
Incarnate encephala enunciate , synthetically conjugational conjecture juxtapositional adjunctly .
Noumenal sentience semantics.  Precociously petulant pedantic antics.
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Sepulcher stratagem objectified manifest , protractive analysis dimensional delineation .

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Quixotically enrapturing mesmerist .
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Maieutic fallow feral .  apropos ipso facto ergo , carousing marauder syllogism .
Apostrophe means talking to the dead or perhaps those who aren't present; my use is a little bit looser, talking to the clairaudience of clairvoyance.  Astral projection distance traveled time spent.  Formidable foundry foyer fracas.
Tommy Randell Dec 2014
Be from the barren sea a cormorant rising
To the blind cliffs an echo of rich tidings

Let loose your ******* world-whirling storm
Brave these conditions risking all harm

Under disconnected stars an encircling dance
Not a poem merely telling such truths as enchant

Flow in the flesh you have made your preserve
From strange and deep intensify thirsts

Best ridden hard these potential abrupt seconds
Drag forth your wings while being lightness beckons

Draw on your bones in marvellous appetite
Be the dream of the harlot  whetting her life

Only then kindle freedom only then fly
Cutting the crap that makes cliffs out of whys

Exist that fall dancing being the Mother means
Survive prosperity       Quiver brilliantly      Sing  !
Justin Apr 2014
The water you drink has been poisoned,
The air you breath is corrupt,
The cities we nest in will crumble,
The end is near and abrupt.
Let your feet carry you to a much safer place,
Far from the idols we built,
We ***** and burned all her children,
And now there is blood to be spilt.
We trampled on the toils of her lifetime,
Molested the gifts that she'd grown,
From her ashes we built up our kingdom,
Let our kings sit upon her throne.
And now is her time to come calling,
And now it is our turn to run,
The cities we built are all falling,
The end of mankind has come.
Nico Julleza Oct 2017
Pretty Pictures; as you are embracing me
Lost in an earthly mood of tranquility
Evident than the shadows fusing my feet
Obscure like pretty lies melodically
Pretty Pictures; sailing, forever will be

Rhapsodize; vividly crossing in my mind
A face of cherubim winged up the sky
Cascading through visions abrupt
A star shoots afar than any distant eye
Longing endless of her passionate touch

We are novels, with so much stories to tell
Red laces, stamps of gold, a lush lullaby
I was the house you painted white
Agitate the deepest hues, then we'd fly
Midnight kisses, Dawn and trade goodbyes

Blithe; for we need nothing to pretend
The clearest blue water, a heaven's scent
To the grass wading courteously
Cloud nine's hanging then lifts my feet
Showering up above washing all anxieties

Pretty pictures; like ribbons untangled
A touch of silk as my heart would lilt
Inner feelings frolic then they'd tremble
For in you the excitement is always a thrill
From the simplest to a goddess divine
Pretty Pictures; moments as you were mine
#Pretty #Pictures #Love #Deep #Sansatuion #Eternal

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
jcl Mar 16
Animals have an intuition about danger. Men have “gut feelings.”  I should have listen to mine.  The first time I saw her, I knew she was dangerous.  I could feel it, and it excited me.  She was a predator, a tigress, a seductress on the hunt.  A wild, untamable savage woman who destroyed men.  She would destroy me.  I saw it in her eyes the first time I saw her.  She was walking by with her girlfriends, laughing and giggling  She looked up, caught my gaze, and my world suddenly froze. A thousand feelings were expressed in blink of her eyes.  She told me I was prey.  She told me I would die. She smiled, releasing my gaze.  My world rushed back into focus with the abrupt harshness of a slap in the face.  I was sweating. I was afraid. I was excited as I  watched her disappear into the crowd. I was reeling, trying to conceive a way to approach her, to find a clever, witty one liner to distinguish myself from the rest.  I set my drink down. I couldn’t think of anything.  I was spent.

... continued at séraphine #2 gare de l’est
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Written May 13, 1998 Paris, France while sitting at a bistro

#243 2019.04.15 / #423 2019.04.30
MUNCHY Sep 2018
The cravings of sweet savory taste
of a partner
a lover
Is so fulfilling
like no other
But eventually it becomes bittersweet .
When she or he
becomes distant
after they told you they loved you
& you believed it
You fall in love because you assume
that’s the only love you can only consume
since that’s what your used to.
You fall in line under their control
Ambiguity circulates your mind
Cuz you won’t know
The next time
Next moment
You’ll taste them again
In that moment
So you feel steamy
& chilly inside
Quenching the thirst
getting moist or hard
for the lover that
takes you to another level
that’s a little bizarre .
You want them to dip their teabag in your cup
Wanting that person to fill you up
With explosive sugar
& lemon juice
The flavor leaving you
with a burst of surprising taste
Like fireworks
bursting like wonderworks
Left shook
Til the next time
You won’t some more
Of their sweetener
To butter you up .
Delicious yet delicate
Superstitious yet feels angelic
to the sense of  the touch
Breathing abrupt
Hands that rub
the warmth of the body
& fulfilling the soul.
Heartwarming & wrenching
Consoling & thirst quenching
The lust builds
Clouds your judgement
Tension rises
You want more of it
Freak level high
Hormones up further past the sky
Bout to reach that moment
& when u do
It’s all over .
They become distant
Did that make you feel good
not knowing at the end of the day
& so forth & so on
you’re left
& abandoned?
Kinda bittersweet huh ?
All of that from a guy that
told you this was just for fun
& yet they asked when lusting
with you & you are naive
if you loved them .
Now ,
reflecting back
you were stupid
But back then
It was sweet .
You didn’t need them at all.
Back then you were just
a little naive & needy
Now they grovel to their feet
Wishing they had you
Cause you wised up
& you left them misleading .

~Jordan Munchenburg
Hannah Sep 2016
My life was fine and I was happy
And then you showed up
And everything went abrupt

You made me laugh until my face went numb
My problems you held like a forceful gun
I soon discovered an emotion I'd never felt
And you ripped it away from my fragile heart

My eyes once glowed like the stars beaming bright
But now they're filled with the sea spilling out
It's true you listened and that is no doubt
But you showed no remorse and simply threw me about

For so long I clung to you, scared of the world around
And now I'm sitting in my room unable to move about
In fear of being alone

I thought I was broke
And you would make me whole
But I didn't realize you tore me one by one
Into pieces I lost, long ago with my smile

I cried every day
And forced you to keep me together
But little did I know that you couldn't find me either
Gave up on my life and lusted for me rather

I thought that it was love
But it was too late when I found out
That you were the one to hide my pieces
And wrote love on each end
To make me think that it was okay to be used over and over again
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Seems to be a strange day
a cold in the breeze
in the months of May
screeching’s of the door
a mist at the windows
broken pane

The room was lonely
as the leaves, out whirling
a thump at the ceiling top,
rolling, shackling
like those ogling cats
for a savoring mouse

From an ominous weather
to the whispering waters
a crack brought my most
uncanny things lurking
came falling within

I saw streamers
faking shimmers
I saw glitters
but aren't gold
I saw diamonds
yet it wasn't snow

A strong wind gushing
hoist the storm came
toiling, warping
heaven and earth
were felonious, winced
and everything was settled

Crystal drops touching
the tender heart abrupt
shattered glass striking
a sorry won't be sought
memories engrave nothing
flagrant it is to mend

Crystal drops falling
true friends come for once,
an astral to a feeling
stalwart is to be keeping
till when, twas its end
and all of this begins again
#True #Friendship #Love #Rain #Crystal #Drop

Yes Dear Poets.. You will know the Feeling of this poem..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
SimpleWritings Dec 2018
crying silent tears of misery
biting your mouth to ignore the pain
praying for someone to hear the screams in your head
to come in the room and stop the abrupt hurricane

is it r-a-p-e if you don't kick and scream?
is it r-a-p-e if you just lay there?

they were meant to protect you
they were meant to uncover the sun amidst the clouds
but instead, they took what was not theirs to take
cursed you with evilness that'll make you unable to fit in crowds

Valsa George May 2016
So unexpected was the meeting
It was in the dim candle light
of a city restaurant that I saw her
How time had etched its marks on her
The long dark curly hair
has turned all white
The even set of pearly teeth
now discolored with missing gaps.
A weeping willow with gnarled branches!

Did she recognize me?
Her searching eyes registered
a limp awareness
Soon I saw her cataract eyes shining
in unclouded recognition!

My memory like the arm of a crane
lowered to plough up the hard crust of the past
and rose with heaps of broken rubble
I nosedived into the past
to the little village
where, as children we ran round
the long necked shady trees
until our little heads went dizzy

Stealing behind the tall grass
how I would suddenly yell out;
‘The thief is in hide
Come and track me if you can’
forcing on her an arduous search,
all the while giggling at her vain efforts!

How we ran after the ripe mangoes
that fell in ones and twos
when the winds shook the fruit laden boughs
and how we quarreled over the yellow ones
like mongrels over a piece of bone

I remember once when the drizzle
suddenly strengthened into a heavy down pour
with thunder and lightning accompanying,
how we ran dripping and frightened
seeking shelter in the empty cow shed
at the backyard of a house,
clasping tight to each other!
She was then a little girl
with springing feet and dancing steps
naïve and naughty with all mouth and ears

But as time skipped by
she kept a safe distance
No more I saw the former ebullience in her
In its place, a quiet reserve settled in
The chatterbox no more opened her mouth
To my questions, her answers were mono syllables
My efforts to walk by her side
always ended in futility
either she would quicken her gait
or lag behind at snail’s pace
Seeing me somewhere
she would walk away with eyes down cast
But I always noticed a faint smile
lingering on her curved narrow lips

Around it, I built my dream castle
where she reigned as my dazzling queen!
I am not sure how it was with her
One day even without an abrupt goodbye
I had to leave my hometown to an alien soil.

For long, she came, sailing in my dreams!

After a couple of years when I returned
to the land of my childhood
the mute witness to my unuttered passion
I knew from a close friend
that she was forced into a marriage
much to her consternation!
She is reported to have confided to someone
that she hoped the ‘thief who stole her heart
would one day, come out of hiding’

We met again
We heard each other’s cracked voice
and stood unable to recollect all

Much water had flown down
under the bridge
And we floated in the rush of currents!
This poem has to be understood in the light of the highly orthodox milieu of an Indian village of the time between 1960's and 70's when no computer or internet facility was available. There was a lot of segregation between the sexes and no free mingling was allowed. So there was no open expression of love. In a society where arranged marriage was preferred, even falling in love before marriage was seen as a taboo !
Marlita 6d
Every morning I wake up to puddles at my feet,
Storm clouds swamping me and making it impossible to breathe.

The downpour only grows more as the days progress,
A dying glow fading distant in my empty chest.

It's hard to find the storm's eye when it seems to have died,
The tar and ashes from a bonfire burn lowly outside.

But me and my life, I suppose we are just fine...
The rising tide drowning us in it's icy cold brine.

Perhaps one day, it will all come to an abrupt end.
Until that day, I'll drown myself with a lake of gin.
mj Mar 2018
sometimes i feel hopeless
like it's never going to get better
it's been a roller coaster
of ups and downs
mostly downs
i want to get off this ride
too many hills
too many loops
too many abrupt halts
but i can't
i can't get off without hurting someone
what's one person though?
not like i have so many people
who love and adore me
who care and are concerned
i'll give this ride another chance
life is like a never ending rollercoaster
ups and downs and sideways
all i can do is go up, my friend
Patrick Apr 2018
I wish I could look you in the eyes and spill this heart through parted lips.
I wish I could hold you tight and heal your wounds, even if it took a thousand of the Sun's dips.
But these thoughts are not allowed to breath,
So I slowly suffocate them beneath this mask, deeper than any sea.

I call to you from beneath the waves,
I try to hold on alone and to be brave.
But this heart feels love, until it goes dark.
And that is what has scared me from the start.

If I lose this feeling we call love
Who will I become?
Love defines my every thought,
But painful corruption stops me abrupt.

My one goal, again, just to be clear. . .
Was to one day hold you, call you, "My dear."
But love is not universal,
Some feelings will never survive love's extraordinary traversal.

So now I sit alone, beneath the weight of these feelings.
Till my body collapses with this heart done bleeding.

I've no more emotion to spew from this hollow life,
I'm a broken bottle in water,
A message that will never reach the one I hoped to call "Wife".
I use to wonder
What was wrong with being single
When I had my time back to myself
I had space, solitude and freedom
But that's just it
That abrupt lack of another person
Too soon to settle
You're left with a void in your heart
A gap in your mind
Unknowingly, you make room for two
You are left with all this space
What do you fill it with?
Who is your last thought at night
Or your first thought when you rise
Or every spare moment in between
Who do you think about in the silence
Or who lives in your daydreams
As if you are a house
And he is the furniture
Then he moves out
You are still a house
Though you no longer feel at home
Lovely Nobody Oct 2018
I remember when you were my friend,
Our talks would never seem to end.
We'd laugh together, we'd cry together,
We'd mourn all the losses together.
You were the sunshine of my Sundays
And my best mate on the life's way.
But, guess the road ended abrupt,
And I didn't see that you were so corrupt.
You left me on the broken road,
The burden we shared was now all my load.
It as painful without you by my side,
It wasn't fun even in the joyous ride.
And guess I learned to live with the pain,
Hiding my tears in the falling rain .
Now the memory is dull and the pain is numb,
And I wonder how could I be so dumb!
That I never saw you leave my side ,
And how you disappeared with time and tide.
But I promise to have you in my heart .
You and your friendship like crust and ****,
Sweet at the top and hard at the base,
And Oh! how could I forget your lovely face .
And this is how our story ends,
'Cause we both are no more friends.
you said "you can count on me"
but, when I  did , you weren't there
Before her the open laptop stares
At settled coffee shop young lady
smart appearance nice hair.
Phone close, to hand for just maybe.
nowhere in particular she looks here and there,
as she shares short glances between
coffee shop phone and screen,
An image created of controlled serenity,
around her the tidal increase of customers ebb and flow.
Laptop screen, a document shines out, I'm here.
Momentarily her phone blinks me too
then returns to outward inactivity.
An embryo smile flickers, perhaps a thought
of the fleeting communication, perhaps not,
voices sway back and forth then, spike of a laugh
quickly swallowed by the ambience to give way
to hisses, gurgles of music coffee machines  play.
Young men perch and slouch in fervent conversation
They leave, talking, passing Dad with daughters so pleased
when discovering window side seats, wait in anticipation,
where delivers Dad , then into newspaper immerses.
Girls silently survey the scene, hot chocolate cupped
shortly paper closes, a look, chocolate speedily drunk
to join dads exit swift, wordless and abrupt  
past headphoned staff in crockery recovery.
Incessantly tables change coffee treats enjoyed again,  
The coffee shop laptop lady alone but not lonely
chooses to be, just maybe, happy in her own skin.


MICHAEL C CROWDER         1st January 2019
Visit to a coffee shop in Ipswich UK new years day.
Cage of chambers:
Lark of sparks.
Morning bears
Shore that layered.

Eat up the whole plate,
Kick back the bored chair.
Sick is the core layer.

Crack, crack - it is inside you.
"Man is noise" - clickclacks the mechanism
That is beyond the wall and eats it's wheels.
Stap back, not through the door.
Open the window, crawl to the floor,
Sneak into a crate.

Eat at the skin slate.
Kick in the core layer.
Dive in the bored chair.

Abrupt angels
Drowning in black bacon,
Tattered crucifix
In a sea of marmalade.

Ricochet sounds the ricochet
Of flying lead
And it's echo
From bronzen metal
Of my clean skate.

The starlessness of night
Is born within a brooding mother.
And grieving is the father
For himself. As that is not
The sun he want-

Bitten is the core layer.
Bitter is the mouth's tedder.
I am amused by the bored chair.
taylor styles Nov 2018
my sadness comes in cycles,
incomplete and abrupt.
tossing my thoughts around and around,
winding them together until they’re perfectly interlocked
and mangled beyond recognition.
the kind where one point ends,
and another begins had been blurred so beautifully
i no longer try to find a destination for the words that flow so violently through my conscious,
bumping into each and every corner
all to make sure it’s presence is known.

my sadness comes in cycles,
without warning,
baring only validation for its predecessor
taking every disgusting thought and helping them grow together,
offering no consideration for anything other than itself.

my sadness comes in cycles,
where it plants itself so deeply into my mind,
i can feel it’s roots,
draining me of all my life and energy
to makes sure it’s alive
and well.

my sadness comes in cycles,
where it carves anything it deems worthy
in to the bark of the tree
that has been flourishing in my mind for years.

my sadness comes in cycles,
where it wants me to just acknowledge that it’s here,
residing in every room of my body.
shutting off the vacancy signs that once illuminated the empty streets outside,
attempting to welcome somebody new in.
shattering the windows,
tearing down the walls i spent years building up,
stealing every key i made,
ruining every inch of my being in its path,
with no remorse or sympathy,
to look at the ruins of my body,
and feel accomplished.

my sadness comes in cycles,
acting as an innocent toddler,
throwing tantrums,
for everyone to see.
crying unapologetically
until i give it the attention it so desperately craves.

my sadness comes in cycles,
cycles, i no longer have control over.
Ultimate universally unwarranted weather Yankee tools.  In-extremis extremity nuance.  Spatiotemporal telemetry tactician's trajectory extant.  Implicit implement implicate.  Gambits of alluvium aloof impunity.  After all, how can one stand next to the person they're standing next to if they are carrying on right through them??  Conclusively replete induction.  Reality should be of tool in hand's conjugation.  Diabolically maniacal dementia's brusque macabre abrupt.  Chicanery dynamism's fealty's social contiguities.  Carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma.  Objectified manifest's diminutive minutiae iotas of self inductive intersticial collision .  Umbra ultraism and penumbral platitudes incisiveness.  The shade in the shadow of silhouette's sojourn.
Meager demonstrative anarchy iconoclasm.  Manumission's exégesis' vicarious recalcitrance!  Zoomorphic zoolatry's demagoguery to social contiguity..
Jade Oct 2018
⚠Trigger Warning; the following poem contains subject matter pertaining to self-harm ⚠
In memory of

I do not know.

­In the hushed moments
before sleep,
you summon the
loveliest memories of him--
memories now
resigned to heartache and destitution,
to some far off, phantasmic realm
(wherever that may be);

you come to school ill
one winter's morning,
flesh cadaverous,
pale cheeks embellished
by bloodshot eyes
wreathed in dark circles.

He rests his hand atop
your forehead affectionately,
his eyes shaded with concern
as he comes to the realization that
"You're burning up."

(But, eventually, his affections
begin to ebb away,
and with them, so does your fire--
the stuff of magic);

Mouth frothing with rage,
you haul off and
punch the living ****
out of a bathroom stall.
This escapade of fury
leaves your left hand

When you tell him
what you've done,
he meets you outside
of the girl's washroom
and takes your hand in his,
runs his fingers over the
softly and asks you,
"Does it hurt?"

(These days, it hurts everywhere--
and all for him, darling);

He pulls you--
fretful and teary-eyed--
to his chest,
his palm cradling
the back of your neck.

For a moment
you forget about
the cuts on your thighs;
the blood seeping
from your nylons;
the sorrow gnawing
at your bones.
For a moment,
you can't help but wonder
if this boy
is to be your
your Holy Grail.

(And, to think,
one abrupt gesticulation
of his wrist
and your neck snaps--
and you're a goner).
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