"Troubled waters met with broken land tug"
Melody W 

Troubled waters met with broken land tug
Heartstrings that tremulously threaten to unravel;
Existence on this dwindling planet is but a mere whisper that
Rustles these complex restraints,
Ever silent in their longings

In the end, what will we have to grasp
Save for these elusive phantom wills?

Aventurine stones are cast into the sea
Lovers still sing of devastating intersections of torment and desire
While children, their quiet eyes unwavering
Ache for the comforts of home and sturdy perennials that
Yield more than the first fruits of
Sorrow and catastrophe

Hold tightly to one another, while murmurs of
Obsidian lullabies and faraway dreams become
Perpetual fragments carried away by the wind; this
Ending is not truly the end.

©MW, acrostics
"takes root amid these broken eggshell dreams"
Melody W 

gray pallor shadowing your countenance
is all that I remember of that fateful night, yet

somewhere in the distance, past the old church
bellowing mournful hymns and aching visions

a lark's call, mournful and sweetly echoing
through leafless trees abound with secrets

settles into the weighted soil of my heart
takes root amid these broken eggshell dreams

one final plea - join me in this obscurity -escapes
your silent lips like tears from your unseeing eyes

"slitted eyes and broken glass"
Melody W 

These answers, though in reach,
are better off left alone
to shiver in secret passageways
slitted eyes and broken glass

stairs leading to nowhere
still have a destination
but only if you choose

pause in flight
breath drawn in sharply
light footsteps on floorboards
leave no traces

downstairs, the library
a plethora of curiosities
silent ghosts prodding

slowly meander down
these narrow hallways
grasp tiny brass doorknobs
only to find..

these answers, though in reach,
are better off left alone

"I am alone...but not broken."
Samantha Homann 

My innocence is gone
I am alone...but not broken.

I was thrown into the darkest place imaginable
when you betrayed me.
At first I was empty...
but you leaving has given me a second chance at the happiness i deserve.

I am alive again
and I am stronger than before.

I don't have to pretend anymore
or be afraid of what you think.
I am better off without you,
though it took long enough for me to realize it

The dawn of my life is here,
and I am happy again.....

I finally have a choice.

"broken on the playground;"
Ryan Hodges 

Make a mountain of math homework
seem merely a molehill.
Lay down the laws
of long division.

Teach yoga when we yawned,
sing loud when we slept.
Become a fellow fourth grader;
be the class clown.

Tie severed friendships
broken on the playground;
add new knots.
Be the judge,
but appoint us as jury.

Ease my fears
as the sky grew dark.
Let us listen to the radio
as New York burned.

Dare us to dig deeper, illuminate
our minds. Respect
our voices, accept our flaws.
And above all else,

let us teach her.

-With apologies to Elizabeth Homes

This is a poem written as a copy-change of Elizabeth Holme's poem of the same name.  It is dedicated to my 4th grade teacher.
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