"I am the passion left by the dead."
Wolves and Lilies 

I am here. I am everywhere.

Every place you’ve been, I have waited.

Every face you’ve seen I have worn.

I have one name but thousands.

On your birth I am your twin.

At your death I shall be your shadow.

In a mother’s womb I have slept.

In a hero’s cry I have risen.

In the smile of a bride I took pride.

In a widow’s tears I am crushed.

I am the pledge of a groom.

I am the passion left by the dead.

I am the spark in every kiss,

The eternal flame of every vow .

Fourteenth of February I was born.

I am the spell in cupid’s arrow.

In the eyes of Aphrodite I am found.

Red as cherry I have been drawn.

I have no age. No gender.

I linger in your heart or perhaps in your mind.

‘Til eternity I shall live.

I am your hidden desire for others.

I am their hidden desire for you.

I am not LUST.

LUST is a friend and sometimes a foe.

TRUST is my companion. LIE destroys me.

BETRAYAL is my enemy.

TEMPTATION will lead you to another path.

Do not follow. You won’t see me there.

Don’t either find me. I WILL FIND YOU.

TIME is my deliverer. Be patient.

I have one name but thousands.

But you, you may call me


And I’m pleased to love you.

Adapted from Katy Towell's "Agony"
"even in the dead of March,"
Melody W 

Give me two stones, smooth and
unassuming as the still lake in my mind;
in return, I shall give you two birds, one from cold
nether regions of all you hold dear, the other
ever close, quiet and eager for your touch.

Very soon, you will realize that
even in the dead of March,
rivers ache for the whole of your
essence, mirroring this absence of love

"A voice, the crackling of dead leaves"
Melody W 

A rueful smile quavers
with the gentle movement
of a makeshift swing hanging
from the knarled branch
of a forgotten oak tree,
overlapping lattices
of simple truths

Gathering folds of her dress
in trembling hands, the action undisturbed
as the frenzied swing comes alive
with abandoned alacrity

A voice, the crackling of dead leaves
carrying debris in the wind pauses
as changing seasons stir something
in even the most unfeeling heart

Hello stranger,
Have you come to visit me?
Don’t you know that my shelter
has become my bondage?

Movement never ceasing,
the tortured machinations
of Kronos wringing necks
eager to feel once more

the joy that once lifted
this heart from oblivion
unwittingly revealed as
the final stroke of despair

"like dead flower petals"
Melody W 

the stillness in the air
only seems to amplify these
fading dreams accumulated

like dead flower petals
on the windowsill
that no one bothers to dust anymore.

you wilt in this room of whitewash
and shadows, bearing an eerie resemblance
to a faded ragdoll from a time long ago

drifts of dandelion seeds float in
from the garden below, appearing
as if suspended in mid-thought

carrying with them
pureness of tranquility
embodiment of luminescence -

only to be snatched away,
blown off course through passages
of darkness and light

and forgotten

"dead weight."
bobby burns 

heavy, deep and dark.
louder, louder;
the twofold pounding
of clockwork respiration.

thud, (thud-thud)
goddess arms hang
into the abyss, like
dead weight.

depth obscures,
lesser life forms
meander on their own,
unaware of the wayward colossus.


a shroud of antiquity
suspended --
veiling the secret
of ages.

thud, [thud-thud]
percussive life
continues alone,
out of time.



""no sleep for you boy awaken the dead""
andy fardell 

This misty grey day
Looked back at me
and smiled at the sight
See my reddened brown eyes

Joy in my head
As my neck suffered another
crashed out night
On my pillow made of lead

Toss to the turn as the sleep monster says
"no sleep for you boy awaken the dead"
Awaken the dead ? I thought
As my head lolled around
Thoughts of another night
Lost to no sound

Aches to my bones as I shudder the sleep
Fall at my side
Fall as a heap
Sleep please forgive me as I bid you farewell
Another day started
My living
My hell

"That's a lie. Fuck, I wish you were dead."

Why is there so much hate between us?
So much spite.

All we ever do is fight.

I don't know what to do without you,
but you're fine.

You tell lies about me all the time.

I'd do anything for you, you know.
You hate me.

One day I'll fucking die, and you'll see.

Please just stop playing games with my head.
I love you.

That's a lie. Fuck, I wish you were dead.

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