Joel M Frye Feb 2011

Conjunctions creak, the adverbs ache,
nouns bear more than they can take.
Verbs are screaming for Ben-Gay
while pronouns atrophy away.

Adjectives have lost their bite,
possessives just give up the fight.
The subject's upset, naught agrees,
which weakens metaphoric knees.

Contractions all together moan;
the objects better left alone.
Ah, life is at a frightful stage
when poets and their poems age.

"The Minister of Silly Poems will see you now." :P
2-9-2011 JMF
"oxygen and nitrogen and methane and gas"

Here I was,
pheromones nude in the chilly fall air,
tumbling about among the atoms and molecules of
oxygen and nitrogen and methane and gas
for any to stop and smell and--
Please just grab my ass.
The truest of lights
streams into my eyes,
blinds me and unclothes me,
throws off all of my lies and false feelings
and turns me into the soppy mess I am.
I stumble down the street,
tears blurring my vision;
"I'm going for a walk,"
I tell them,
"I'm going to find my friends."
They've all left me behind,
I tell myself.
I'm alone and trailing them
on this road of
vomit and
I had wrapped up my hair,
worn the shortest of shorts,
drank until I couldn't think
and still--
and still I walked alone.
The lights of Columbus and
the crisp air of an
old country route
haunt my heart,
play hopscotch and
dress it up all
nice and tidy.
Whether a nude and
pulsating body
were against me or not,
would I be happy?
My body is fighting to break free
but my drunken mind
can't even manage that.
Here I am,
take me for all my
sloppy iniquities,

I think, stumbling back to the house
from an adventure poorly spent.
He had gone
and so had him,
boy was done with
my foolish whims.
True love is hard to find
and true like is even harder
but sometimes it helps to just
sit back and think and
ignore the thunder
of thousands of people pushing down
on your weary, little head--
platonic attraction
just doesn't cut it, sometimes.
The mounties rear up and back
and I walk around;
a girl pukes her heart out and
I crush it into the dirt.
The door slams open and
all eyes rest upon me,
those drunken
Their gaze burns me,
catches me alight
in the unwavering flames
of social curiosity.
"Are you all right?"
they ask me.
I fall down instantly,
sink into the old oak floorboard,
melt into the grain and
become a vague pattern among
millions and millions of black and brown circles and lines--
I answer,
"I'm perfectly fine."
Here I was,
sloppy and seeping onto the cold, hardwood floor.

tonight was a disaster.
"e, but I know that in the end, it's all methane."
Ryan Bowdish 

This world lies in ruin.
Seraphs clip their wings off.
The pale horse awaits...

A conflagration of mediocrity and razorblades
None shall see past the flies.
Bees will replace our eyes.

Hell is finally on earth.
You think we didn't ask for it?
It's almost like we wanted every phenomenon to be an end to all life.

So here we are, the day has passed.
And all this world here sits.

I'm alone by a broken down wall.
I can breathe, but I know that in the end, it's all methane.
Eruption from the ground, the worms, THE WORM.
Choirs beckoning to the pearly gates
Mirage the flesh, obscure dead trees, blot out the sun.

We are God
And we approve of this message.

I am Satan.
And I am so fucking glad you guys have been sitting on your asses for 100 years, letting yourself be raped by the hand of ignorance and greed. You couldn't make this any easier.

No rapture.
Just fire.

This isn't how I am feeling, I just thought it would be fun to write a dark apocalypse poem ^_^
"of methane"
Michael Marchese 

Chop, hack,
  fell, sever
Greedy, vicious
  clawed endeavor

Rip, tear,
  bite, shred
Snarling metal
  teeth I dread

Mother Nature
  my employer
Human nature
  my destroyer

  life until
They bleed my veins
  of chlorophyll

Grant me breath
  with each exhale
Seal my fate
   with coffin nail

Solar goddess
  lifts me higher
Devils light
  my funeral pyre

To closed minds
  I have no voice
To closed hearts
  I have no choice

But roots grow deep
  into this earth
Hold firm my trunk's
  enduring girth

For I have seen
  all creatures rise
And fall
  before my sleeping eyes

And I will grow
  for eons more
Make green this rock
  you can be sure

I am this world
  this world is me
I am everything
  that's free

So buy and sell
  your plots of land
You'll never own
  what I command

Ancient wisdom
  long renewed
Silent sentry

A testament
  to self's release
A symbol of
  organic peace

I've tried to share
  our home in vain
You showed me steel mills
  of disdain
So let it fall
  your acid rain
Watch me wither
  in my shame

This cash and burn
  you can't sustain
Your deathbed is
  all you obtain  

A smoggy blanket
  of methane
Global warming  
   your domain

Pollute the skies
  with coal mind stain
You'll suffocate
  on toxic bane

And then you'll lose
  this excess game
And on this day
  you'll feel my pain

"methane from bovine flatus"
Sam Temple 

species massacred for grazing
cows rule the world
the Brazilian rainforest
is now 80 million acres
of open range
supporting our demise
one cheeseburger at a time –
6700 gallons of water
is the cost of a big mac
when you factor in growing grain
giving cattle drinking water
and processing meat
peak water and peak oil
mean nothing when chewing cud –
more than 50% of greenhouse gases
methane from bovine flatus
without a single environmental group
working to stop this plague
instead they openly swallow
government lies about carbon
and the role 300 million United States citizens
have in saving the world of 7 billion
by driving less and recycling –
I laugh uproariously at the idiocy
knowing our karmic retribution
can only be extinction
like so many other species
we’ve killed off to make room
for more livestock agriculture
when everyone knows at this point
we can survive and thrive
off a plant based diet….
I’d write more,
but I am starving for
a bacon double cheeseburger –

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