"that it is no longer among the living"
Melody W 

Tread lightly near the clearing;
there is no telling which plants
contain pure poison nestled in
waxy smooth petals and stems

Pretend not to notice effervescent
purple flowers strewn about the forest floor -
vulnerable creatures pulled from nesting places
and carelessly tossed aside

Curiously seek and find near a clump of irises -
the silent, cold sparrow without a pulse,
cramped on its side, lurid flesh showing
more than it had in life, features oddly twisted

And grasp the knowledge that it belongs
to the earth now, requiring neither proper burial
nor the slightest acknowledgment of the fact
that it is no longer among the living

"reflects the barren souls living, existing,"
Melody W 

Why is the speckled lark oblivious to the fading warmth
of a dying sun that taints the world with feeble light
illuminating the motionless face of a stone mountain dwelling?
Does it cease the rhythmic flutter of wings all aglow
fashioned like countless generations before and those yet to come?

When shadows fall and gradually disappear
into obscure crevices of clearings in woods never tread upon
it would seem that darkness exposes
reflects the barren souls living, existing,
and yet almost incapable of being.

So much of everything is composed of nothing
mere empty space yearning to pull off the illusion of reality-
until a desire to delve deeper
to push through quanta of energy
and minuscule atoms screaming with silent fury
ignite meaning

in psychologists and philosophers
      eager to present another iota of wisdom obtained
in a shivering orphan living day to day
      with an unparalleled yearning for better tomorrows
in a lark not oblivious to the fading warmth of a dying sun
      but striving with all the forces inside impelling it
to live in anticipation of a phoenix orb of light
to exist amidst this terrible chaotic world
gradually growing resplendent
cyclical as a flame

"The living must walk the halls"
Poetic T 

"I am the spirit of the dead,"
They talk through me
The living must walk the halls
Life is the wrong
All must
"Sing the song of silent breath"
Essence of warmth is a sacrilege,
All must be cold in
Will not be found, all must release themselves
From the torture of life
"Only death is eternal"
I have taken many,
"I am telling you this,"
There is a
You will sleep in persistent peace
Like the rest,
So many immortal in
The halls, each have a place,
"The missing are never to be found"
Prey with relief, when I release your burden
"I Am The Spirit Of The Dead"
Life is fleeting the only comfort is in death
Invisible like the spirit never known or seen,
You don't even realise I'm out there, culling the herd.
The spirit speaks through me, all life ends cold.

The best serial killers are the ones you never know are even out there
"with no care for living this life"

i'm in a dangerous state of mind
with no care for living this life
where human emotions are traded
for less than a pack of rubbers
but you didn't even use those
so how much did i truly mean
when the push came to shove
and grinding hips
with moaning lips
that whispered, screamed,
and cried his name
on the night you fucked my heart away
where loyalty takes a literal backseat
to pleasure
and a long term relationship
is laughing stock material
ha ha standup, ain't i funny
to look for something more than this
but i would choke on my own tongue
before i'd speak bad of you
my backstabbing lover
unfaithful friend
i hope to god it he was worth it
the cost was more than just tears
but blood spray on the bathroom mirror
and an empty place where i once
used to love
permanently empty
i can't find the will to care
more than a few half-hearted,
correct that, heartless
obscenities muttered under my breath
with murder on my mind
a 3:30am fantasy to help dull
the pain that i should be feeling
maybe i'm just a pessimist,
fatalist, cynical, and negative
but my lack of surprise cuts the most
lied to by my mind for those
two months of my life
that i thought i had it all
better to have loved and lost
but even better to fuck it all
and just go out with your name on my lips
and your lies in my heart
i hope you think of me when you're with him
that you choke on your tears
plagued with the worst emotions and loss
a better killer than any gun

i gave you everything and you gave it away
i can't sleep at night because when i close my eyes
all i see is you with him
"My living"
andy fardell 

This misty grey day
Looked back at me
and smiled at the sight
See my reddened brown eyes

Joy in my head
As my neck suffered another
crashed out night
On my pillow made of lead

Toss to the turn as the sleep monster says
"no sleep for you boy awaken the dead"
Awaken the dead ? I thought
As my head lolled around
Thoughts of another night
Lost to no sound

Aches to my bones as I shudder the sleep
Fall at my side
Fall as a heap
Sleep please forgive me as I bid you farewell
Another day started
My living
My hell

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