"beckons without word."
Melody W 

A lone lemon tree
near the top of the mountain
beckons without word.

Calls from a distance
echoing through leafless trees
become distorted.

As my vision clears,
your feet are swift to shed blood;
I am forced to see.

And now this lemon
rests upon my wooden desk -
you've taken my knife.

©MW, stanzas comprised of
pseudo haiku
"gracing me with neither word"
Melody W 

As if cradled by a soft psithurism
then abruptly tossed into oblivion,
familiar leaves are cast from the oak -
frail corpses settling into the earth,
spirits ascending into the mist

Beyond the lonely trees
shrinking with the setting sun,
the little red farmhouse awaits
deserted now, the holding place
for breaths and sorrows

And still I can hear the ringing voices
from within these walls, echoing-
dissatisfied ghosts from my past,
desperate to overturn this unhappy fate

yet solemnly chasing the brontide
gracing me with neither word
nor final glance

"that somewhere in the word"

for of lies we tell
the truth

i tell you how i feel,and
you do the
-same?(neither of could possibly
tell the truth)because
the other would think it of a lie

but when you tell me a lie,i take it as the
when i tell the truth(to you)its
a lie?

would i be wrong(although i am right),to assume
that somewhere in the word


Iabsolutelyha(you mean more to me than
the water to the stream)teyou

we will never
work out. we just don't understand

i hope you don't find this too confusing. i was inspired by ee cummings with this one.
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