"each second drawing us closer to the final countdown,"
Melody W 

Days, stretching to infinite proportions,
a gnarled oak, stark white against the cerulean sky,
distorting and twisting within itself,
aching to be complete, still, silent.

Nights, a lone swimmer's watery nightmare,
caught in the depths, darkness yanking feet down,
struggling upward
yearning to break the surface -

Howling and shrieking at an empty door
locked from the outside
to protect trembling walls

Is this who we've become?
Mindless drones who've arrived at the future,
cursing the past?

You overtook us swiftly, still trembling with rage,
your vise-like fingers softly caressing,
embracing our fragile necks,
each second drawing us closer to the final countdown,
knowing, but never quite comprehending
that we can never escape your cold lair.

And you -

grinning ironically,
peering down at us,
your playthings,
stumbling through this labyrinth;
blind mice, oblivious to our demise -

you will reveal everything
in Time.

"Sun drawing out sweat"
Daniel Magner 

Sun drawing out sweat
causing clothes to fall off
Deep breaths and quiet grins
Eyes of strangers met

Shirtless against the wall
but only in the head
Standing like a scarecrow
so nothing stands out at all, oh god

Chitter chatter to cover up
But the sweat is growing thick
Better act natural
to keep from becoming the stereotypical
male slut
Keep cool, self, be slick

© Daniel Magner 2012
"Drawing my life into a cartoon"

Days pass by but we’re still standing here
Whispering our words into nothing waiting for something to appear
Distance breaks us apart but our love fixes the broken pieces
And as the days go by the hope slowly decreases
But if we keep faith then one day our wish will come true
I couldn't imagine living this life without you
We have tried too hard and been through too much
Dreams can’t even compare to feeling your touch
Fingers crossed, staring at the moon
Drawing my life into a cartoon
Making the impossible reality
But the distance kills the actuality

"warming my back just as the wicked, and drawing my image locked in a shadow."

In the night, those shadows come alive. So little do i know about this heavy doubt.
Cold wind biting the heart. Trying to figure out where I've been.
Dark winter pulls me closer, now theres a place i'm thinking into the air.
A voice calling, "Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?"

Nothing is as it seams, just as beauty leans from the earth in a sunset--a harp for the soul to sing.
But You are life and you are the veil.
Beauty is eternity gazing at her self
But you are eternity and you are the mirror.
And if you want to know truth retire of solving riddles.

We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way,
begin no day where we have ended another day;
and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.
Even while the earth sleeps we travel,
back into dreams.

Ay, my bow rests on my chest.
There is the flame spirit among a starry mountainside.
Oh it was but yesterday we met in a dream. You watched as I built a ship towards your shore.

My spirit goes wandering upon the wind, off to the desert sands, deep beneath the ocean's sound.
I am the gypsey and the fortuneteller, liken an honest thief. No I'm the myth builder and dream master.

who laughs with me when I destroy,
the sand castles of my innocence. The
sun warming my back just as the wicked, and drawing my image locked in a shadow.

Here the soul a battlefield, where
reason and passion become one.
they are the sails of my seafaring soul.

There I found the naked body of my dreams, in silent sleep my spriit walked the path.
I am the star-gazer who feels the power of endlessness, Aware of timelessness and
neverending space. The love in me still
present amidst the scattered fires that
burn in black ink.

Just as the caveman draws his fears on lost walls, speaking of misfortune and
treasures gallore.  A fantom ghost in Hade's Fate.
Now my ship wanders forever on a pearlous course but never sinking.

"Movement Drawing"

It's 1991
A towering time
Frank hearts
Only having in
The plastic cups
In their
Rapid eye
Movement Drawing
Them nearer
Almost touching
Not touching
At all
Swirls around them
Trails slipping
In between
Quiet breaths
He tails behind
This goddess
Blue haired
And starry eyed
Glassy eyed
Bedroom door
Unfamiliar territory
Rustling of sheets
The tender
Of unfamiliar
Forgotten forever
Continuing journeys
Completely separate

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