"red-a single hammerfallpulsation. arms interacting with the bitter indifference of the col"
Keith Faherty

each day lasts forever.but the weeks are forcibly torn out.crumpled into the void like unwanted notebook pages-the years are the most frightening-just to slide by them.folded over like the rolled edge of a dull pocketknife. imprecisely honed. imperfectly lived. [memoirs of a boy scout drop out]there's something suffering (in the way you do those things) stumbling into the musky, razor-blade winters of jack london's finest fantasies.like a ghost seen walking in circles around the perfect spaces in-between the empty moments of gentle speech.mumbling softly over the warm murmurs of crackling embers delicately pacing distance between themselves(so as not to burn so quickly.)the hot tangy slurs of blood dripping from downward facing fingertips.teeth gnashed together, translucent grey flint-wheel sparksĀ springing from the shadows-flaring nostrils coupled with rapidly expanding lungs.breathing in the ferrous red-a single hammerfallpulsation. arms interacting with the bitter indifference of the cold that snaps open the veins throbbing wildly in clumsy hands-letting the animal spirits trickle out unrhythmically-into jackson pollock droplets.
onto the pristine snow.

"not speaking, hardly interacting"

I've been watching you for days now,
not speaking, hardly interacting
and i can see in your eyes deep thought
like you're always searching now
but what for?

Always standing in the shadows,
like you're waiting for our bond
to just snap and retract you back
to where you were before me.

It's been 1 week and 3 days,
since we fell silent,
and I'll approach you today,
to let you know its time for separate ways.

"We can't continue in silence" I say
choking for the rest of my sentence,

You look at me so puzzled
and so lost in empty eyes,
"Well then... talk?"

"I think," I breathe, "you're not happy here."


I look down, your eyes are burning me,
"I've been watching you for days,
You've been searching for ways
to leave me, and... I think I'm okay
with that."

In that moment,
I thought I heard you tremble,
I thought I heard you shudder,
but it was really just you walking away,
It was really just my world collapsing.

So empty, so, so empty.

The only friendship I have anymore is now falling apart. Oh joy.
"uneffecting interacting with all"
Josh shuman

Graphic holographic photographic
useless plastic blacklights
that sit

popping balloons urine spilling
everywhere, at least partial
it comes and goes

sitting, comparing mustaches, reminiscing
woodland conundrums meaningless exchanges of time

squished in a sober automobile
full of drunks meaningless squabbles
squished seven in where seven belong
belligerent drunk, joyously sober
drunkenly sober?
either way i am
am i
i am
here for now, although we all know the impermanence of time, the moment
stupid words thrown on a page
to serve what purpose?
what good does any of it do?
words connect emotions
sorrowful stories of serene sounds
uneffecting interacting with all

endless expanses of open feet walk without
soles? souls? either way the have no base?
sitting on couches watching beaten cats dogs children
the night is getting late it's clear now

and i sit thinking thoughts that never leave my mind
and smile

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