"using deceit to cover the cries."
Baphomae Cyntheri 

Azathoth, upon the black throne,
steps of twelve hesitant to tone.
Madness and chaos swallowed your mind,
ears of the deaf, eyes dying to be blind.
Shrills of discordance to rattle this hell,
Creating our world as Barbelzoa fell.

He sees you not, too blind to care,
he can not answer to what he doesn't know is there.
Before her fall, sat a throne, the purest of white,
silver crown on the queen, a beauty of light.

The twelve danced with compassion and Joy,
the twelve being thirteen, a conjoined girl and a boy.
Ripped from the twelve, the thirteenth, a faceless creature to devour,
trickery and blood play, our darkest hour.

Nyarlathotep, a name not to be cursed under breath,
for the least of your worries will be death.
In the center of nothingness, to find all that can't be seen,
To be greeted by Nyarlathotep, who is far vicious and mean.

Gnashing his teeth as he whispers these lies,
using deceit to cover the cries.
The dread he feels to speak Azathoth's name,
To slaughter all who give him fame.

See all the countless chapters of the souls he took,
only for you to be next, carve your blood in the book.

"but I never hungered for your deceit,"
Ashley Kay 

Blame defectiveness on disease
lie through soiled teeth
for your pitiful selfish need,

Once you were familiar
a friend of smoke and flannel sheets
but I never hungered for your deceit,

I remember the clothes you sewed
complete of fragmented promise
and over aged youth,

Speak authentically now
self diagnosed bipolar disorder
did not cut off your tongue,

Who will you impersonate
when your last words are stolen
and vainly sung.

I reedited the end of this
wandabitch Oct 2012

Each night I sit and wait for the day, like a faithful lover waiting for pay. I think, why can't you complete what you need. Why is it your always asking silly things?
There is no resolution. there is only the solution.
and that is a complicated thing.

I'm in awe of the power
that makes bees flower

and I know you know about me.

"And I could not see through the deceit"

I was there when you were sick cold and alone
I held you close and told you I would never let go

You looked into my eyes spilling lies
And I could not see through the deceit

I don't know why I fell for those obvious falsity
The ones you told as you held me close

It warmed my heart to hear those lies
Escape your lips into my ears

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