"Thousands of possibilities"

We are here to fight
For our future
We are here to work
For the better
We are here to try
Be being better people

We came here to follow hope
Day after day
Night after night
Sunshine to
Seeing the sun
wanting to fly so high
Then the moon
dreaming of being that beautiful

We have so much to loose
And still we sacrifice
Our lives
Our dignity
Our future
All for the American Dream

One Dream
Hundreds of options
Thousands of possibilities
Millions in competition

All for one Dream
To be someone
And be worth something
All the dream

"Wins wars, Kills thousands, influences stocks, Keeps people alive,"
Herbie Mackentire 

Hope,  A dangerous thing I might think.

Wins wars, Kills thousands, influences stocks, Keeps people alive,

DRIVES GREED, inspires the young, slowly  coaxes  suicide,

starching the past and paves the futures paths.

It can be exploited and Used, broken and bruised.

Shining through the darkness while strangling the few.

Its rain every day.
The lonesome star peaking through the clouds on a dreary night.

It’s the glimpse of sun following the darkness.

Revolution is its son and independence are it its daughters.

Knowledge that there’s more or that it’s all over, Knowledge of the Unknown.
Its leaving the light on when no one’s coming home

Its tears that are not wasted, every drop alive with expression.
It’s lingering scents of distant memories, people and places.

Its wanting. Waiting. Needing.
It’s all over. Or is it?

It’s Hope
Quite dangerous indeed.

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