"experimenting with drugs and alcohol at awesome house parties."

i write poems for fun.
help me.

i write poems for fun during lunch,
while all the other kids live their adolescent lives.

i write poems for fun on weekends,
while others are experimenting with drugs and alcohol at awesome house parties.

i write poems for fun alone,
while everyone else explores each other's bodies.

i write poems for fun. i cut myself for fun,
while all you other fuckers actually have fun.

i write poems for fun.
help me.

probably one of my worst pieces, although very true.
"of this, these three girls had a pretty awesome mom,"

Once, a long long time ago, there lived a happy family,
of good looking dinosaurs, with all daughters; they had three.

The dad went to his job all day, he always worked very hard,
to support his family the best he could, against all evil he did guard.

And so his daughters and his wife never wanted for anything at all,
he even built them a swimming pool, his own hands put up the walls.

His daughters knew that they got lucky by having such a dad,
who did so many great things for them, though just his presence made them glad.

On top of this, these three girls had a pretty awesome mom,
who stayed home with them when they were little, and helped them all day long.

She put band-aids on their bruised up knees and brushed away their tears,
and came when they had spooky dreams, to chase away their fears.

Then, when they grew up a bit, she followed her own dream,
and started teaching little dinosaurs all the things that they would need.

Soon enough, it was time for their oldest to leave the nest,
and find out where she should go to start her own life’s quest.

While they were sad to see her go, her family did not despair,
for it was not that far to her new “independent” lair.

All too soon, it was time for the next daughter to move away,
she chose a slightly farther place, where they could not see her every day.

This made her family pretty sad, they didn’t want her to go,
but they knew she had to try new things, and have her own space to grow.

And so the “baby” was left alone at home, though baby is not the right word,
because she had grown into a beautiful dinosaur, as if overnight she had matured.

It was weird for this youngest dinosaur, without her sisters there,
she had her parents to herself, along with the entire upstairs.

While some days this was pretty nice, it was a little bittersweet,
because she loved her sisters very much, and they had moved out of her reach.

However, distance makes the heart grow fonder, as the oldest soon found out,
she hadn’t thought she could love her family more, but she now did, without a doubt.

And though it made her sad that she did not see them every day,
they were always in her thoughts, never even slightly fading away.

So this oldest daughter was really not too sad,
when she thought of her family, it only made her glad.

Because what she had realized, with all this time apart,
is that you never leave your family, because they’re always in your heart.

"***{Dedicated to the awesome younger generation who sometimes look a"
Pamela Rae 

{Dedicated to the awesome younger generation who sometimes look at our world and wonder "wth"? It may seem like a crazy place right now, but with your insights, your gifts, your beauty that lives inside of you, YOU just might be the one to heal this world in the future. Please, please stick around and see if perhaps YOU are the one we so desperately need. Know that we are all connected and are as ONE, and no soul is dispensable. YOU ARE NEEDED (more than you might know)}

Thoughts of you
with your vitality and youth
have given me an undeniable proof
that there is hope yet
for our world of today--
so long as someone like you
is here to stay--
you bring a wit and charm
and such compassion too
this world is such a better place
because of you!

So look no further
for a reason to smile
than when you gaze into the mirror
for awhile--
because that beautiful person
you see staring back at you
is someone immeasurably gifted
and loved through and through!

No matter how boring, no matter how dull
or crazy and chaotic this world seems to be--
I just think of you, your youth
and suddenly I feel so light and free
because in you I see hope shining bright and true
there's a future waiting as long as there's you!
So don't give up when things get rough
Don't give in to cruelty and hate--
(even though I know that's really tough)--
Keep marching forward with a steady gait
and know that one day your time will come
in the days ahead for you to shine on through
And take control of your world (our world)--
we oldsters are counting on/depending on you!

...we need your clear, bright, unblemished minds, your beautiful and triumphant hearts, your wide open ideas and concepts and ideals...please stick around and help our world ... we need you!
"swept up in awesome lies;"
Francie Lynch 

Visions of crystal cobwebs
swept up in awesome lies;
ambergris whisked scentless
to a sea-streaked sky.

Watching the melting snow,
feeling clouds of fire,
hearing the orchestrated chime,
touching every liar.

Morning passed, blue's forgone
for a quiet afternoon;
vapours pulled at all my senses
towards the rising moon.

Faint southern lights soon faded
against the silent sphere,
no starry sky was witness,
to your smile beguiling sneer.

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