"Sobriety chokes you"

Have you ever been under the influence so long
That when you are forced to stop
To come up for air
Everything feels
Sobriety chokes you
Traps you
Makes your heart race
Like a Chinese finger trap
You voluntarily entered into,
But now feel as though you might not escape.
The sober life is what you strive for
Long for
Dream of
Everyone around you encourages,
You can do it
One day at a time
They say
Attempting to motivate
But these are all lies
A mere hour of sobriety is too much to handle
It suffocates
Makes my hands shake
And my mind go crazy
Thi­s phrase repeats itself,
Over and over
No matter how many times you tell yourself
You know
It’s only another lie in the endless stream of pathetic, useless encouragement
You have created for yourself.
And after you say this,
You laugh
Knowing that it is absolutely
And always will be
How can you embrace sobriety
When the bottle calls from its hiding place
The place you hid it
From your lover, family, friends
Pretending you function
Just like all of them
Waking up
Going about your life
Without panicking about when the next drink will be
When the drinks you need
Will kill you
If anyone will even notice
Or care.
Probably not,
Why should they,
Do you?
You never have.
Your life is an endless series of drinks and lies, and more drinks
And more lies.
You are nothing.
An empty cup
Waiting to be filled with the substance that will distract you from living
And then take your worthless life in the end.
Stop wasting our time.

"With Sobriety in Mind"
John F Pinto 

Of the Bottle
Is the Unedited Truth

Pray to the Porcelain God
With Sobriety in Mind
And a Story on

"Of sobriety's eyes."
Brody Thompson 

I dont know where the future lies.
Im just as scared
As the rest of you guys.
I admit it,
I forget it;
The colour
Of sobriety's eyes.
No funeral
When an angel dies.

Why do the heroes
See themselves as the villain?
Why do the demons
Think they save the day by killin?
Where does the day go?
Why doesn't anyone know?

Sayin sorry
For all the wrong reasons.
Lives are changing
In a matter of seasons.
Sick of staring
At my bedrooms padded walls,
But ill be here
When society falls,
And sobriety calls.

Trying to function
Just aint in the cards
When your mind is a mess
And your body in shards.
Feelin lonely
Walking down the boulevard.

"it's like sobriety"

how do you draw a line
in metamorphic rock?
between self growth
and selfishness
all of the lines
become so blurry,
it's like sobriety
means absolutely

I wish that I could
put my brain in your
skull so that you
could understand
just what kind of
mountains I have climbed
and how close I feel
to the summit.

these blurred lines and
rock giants are better
left unsaid, but that
does not mean I don't
wish that you'd ask
what I'm thinking.

"It keeps me from sobriety."

It's a lasting sadness!
It over shadows all gladness.
It's constant loneliness.

It's in my voice.
It isn't by choice!

It's more than a lark.
It pains my heart!

It's perpetural anxiety.
It keeps me from sobriety.

Lost Love
Is this better than no Love?

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