"it begins to tingle from the points"
aria xero 

She tried to remember when she first knew she was in love

but words on her lips were only false images

the truth was

she could not remember

love was spontaneous

like the pigments in the night sky

a rush emotion that enters her brain

as if a wave had crashed against a cliff side

they say that when you are in love

cupid shoots you with his arrows

and that poison molds into your being

as if it were the oxygen you breathe

it begins to tingle from the points

of your finger tips down to the edges

of your toes

she did not remember an exact time

or day

or month

or year

what she remembered was how she felt

how she still feels

and how she will continue to feel

she remembers his face when she told him

it was sad

a longing that stretched from his eyes to hers

he looked pained

but smiled curtly anyway

she remembers her tears

they bled from her eyes

as he stayed silent

they felt like hot rain against her cheeks

her love was being poured out

she remembers his eyes

as he kneeled in front of her

to gently press his lips against her fingers

she remembers his empty response

and the look of hurt as he

left her sitting there


she tried to remember when she first knew she was in love

but all she can remember is the mark that arrow made

when it struck her to the chest

she knows her heart isn't empty anymore

in fact it is absent

she knows she will fight for the love

she remembers

and that one day she will remember

when she first knew she was in love

"and i tingle from the neck down"
aria xero 

im waking up beside your heart

you feel warm to the touch

i breathe you in

i fight the urge to blink

for fear that you might disappear

alone in my head

you whisper in my ear

and i tingle from the neck down

"i want you"

that's all you say

that's all you've ever said

tell me..

when does "i love you" come in?

i've loved you

i love you

i will love you

but you're not really there

fantastical is this fantasy of false addiction

when instead you feed my affliction

you're killing me slowly

and all i can do is gasp

for the air that will never come

so please, just let me go

release me from my delusions

and i will be set free

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