"urgent voices of the bubbling creek"
Melody W 

apex of the witching hour;
it beckons to me with sly allure.
pummeled fists, hard kernels of truth
silently relish whimsical patterns
birthed by this intensifying pressure

anxiously await the threshold
to this lonely portal, shrouded mysteries
echo as if from far away

tiny shifting shapes, pulsating colors
take on a life of their own
content in obscurity

urgent voices of the bubbling creek
are slowly being drowned by soft, yet
intensifying sighs of the flowers
until all is saturated
with eerie overlapping melodies
heightened but for a brief moment

silence settles over the wood, glaring in the midst
of everything that could have been
even as the doors to this parallel universe
shut cruelly once again.

"hat mountain side, the gold down in the creek just waiting. Now it is the time!"

Here comes a fire burning, put it out with water and you'll save from drowning. Yes with all that indian pride, and ghostly tails beside. You're still just a wolf howling. Back at that mountain side, the gold down in the creek just waiting. Now it is the time!
Ideas just keep spinning, thoughts and feelings viewed like subliminal waves to the brain. the mythos enchanting, it all is believing. Now, taking up the arrows to steal a look at your master. Wishing harder. oh but your troubles are there, and your devotion unpared.  So tell me, do you still want satisfaction? I could do without the bashing. Remember well the planet's storming cloud and know that you are found. The whisper you hear is showing, a dream of all your phoebos. The globe palmed and the stars your home.
  Wait. Don't look anyfurther, all you need is laughter; fixing any disaster. They call it, silence. And it stole my brother. My friend, even the hot glow that once filled my soul. How could I not know that it mattered? Wait, do you hear that sound? It's louder than before! Am I normal? Of course not! I'm as unique as the space that falls between leaves! The universe is everything, Artemis hunting, Apollo flirting. Now do you see what I mean?
Your light is reflecting and I sink in the white moon. Oh Sirius the dog star of your master fallen. I know the pain of loving. Embodied with the essencee of apparent contradictions, I go on searching. The pack always watching. Life feeds on Life.

"The bubble of the once frozen creek;"

I love this time when all the birds begin to sing,
Through meadows, and through the fields the sound rings,
It echos through the glens and the dales loud and clear;
The birds song I can hear!

The buds are just begining to bloom,
No more days of gloom,
The flowers are just begining to bud at my feet;
The bubble of the once frozen creek;
Makes a music that is sweet!

As I am dreming by the creek, Hark!
There is the song of the Meadow Lark,
Spring o' the year,
No more time for sadness its time to cheer!


"y the snow on the ground and the frozen creek,"

I love the Winter's beauty the snow on the ground and the frozen creek,
In Spring and Summer I treasure it and in Winter it I seek,
The snow covered boughs hang to the snow-covered ground;
Silently the snow falls without a sound.

The mountain behind the trees is snow-covered too,
The sky is a reflected white instead of royal blue,
Numerous trees are covered in ice and snow,
Their branches are so heavy with snow and ice they hang low.

It is so beautiful I begin to cry,
Out of my mouth I heave a crying sigh,
The trees in Spring and Summer have a little peep,
Before they go again to sleep in snow wherefore they call it the Ancients Sleep.


"Pretty little creek,"

Pretty little creek,
Thy beauty I always seek,
Sweet creek I love you!


"Possibly a creek, water running happily through it."
Serpent King 

Look outside, do it now,
You see the trees swaying in the wind,
The clouds peacefully drifting across the sky,
Flowers are erected in a nearby garden,
Possibly a creek, water running happily through it.

But look farther, you will see smoke,
The smoke that symbolizes the end,
Below the smoke is a building of brick,
A cone shaped tower is erected on top,
Releasing that smoke, releasing the end.

Think of all these things,
The trees, the wind, the clouds, the sky,
The flowers, the gardens, the creeks, the water,
Imagine it gone, completely obliterated,
Forever, never to return.

That is our future, should we so choose,
Destroying our own world, smashing it to pieces,
Nature will die, and it won’t be reborn,
So go ahead, continue human’s practice,
Wallow in the consequences.

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