"reverberating from the deep hollows"
Melody W 

Sullen branches snake around,
ensnaring this putrid temple once more,
no longer entranced by the mellow song
reverberating from the deep hollows

I cut just below the dotted lines
to preserve sanity - disrupted order
fleeing like a thief ashamed at forgetting
his mother's name in the failing light

These watchmen await, unseeing eyes
grown cold with a film that no amount
of purifying ritual could ever restore,
much like the panels of unforgiving night

Ah, the travesty of resolute desire
hidden under terrible, heavy cloaks
of the most peculiar kind!
Forlorn threads still hang
from the bare branches
of a love worn thin.

"heavy, deep and dark."
bobby burns 

heavy, deep and dark.
louder, louder;
the twofold pounding
of clockwork respiration.

thud, (thud-thud)
goddess arms hang
into the abyss, like
dead weight.

depth obscures,
lesser life forms
meander on their own,
unaware of the wayward colossus.


a shroud of antiquity
suspended --
veiling the secret
of ages.

thud, [thud-thud]
percussive life
continues alone,
out of time.



"It'll be simple but deep from the heart."
April Watson 

I read so much poetry i've started to think in rhymes,
then I start to wonder if i'm good enough to write a few lines.

Always thinking in words that'll get me some kind of verse.
Something that sounds not too predictable and hopefully not rehearsed.

I wonder if it in my head is as good as it is written down.
And if out loud it doesn't sound too profound.

I want to create something that has a hook.
Something that makes you take a second look.

It'll be simple but deep from the heart.
Some one will read it and say "that's fine art".

"Feel it deep within"
Dennis Bielanski 

When You begin to read this
Feel my gentle soul
Wrap my arms around you
Please don't lose control

Feel my energy around you
I want to make you feel complete
Feel the intensity surround you
From your head down to your feet

Feel my hands upon you
Electric on your skin
My passion from inside your heart
Feel it deep within

Feel the perspiration
Coming from inside
Our spirits wrapped together
There is nothing we should hide

Now we're stuck together
How it feels Devine
Two body's pulled together
Angel Face and Sunshine

"infinitely deep blue?"
rachel g 

It's early enough
things are starting to lighten up
you know that brief in-between time
when the sky is that strange,
infinitely deep blue?
And you feel honored to catch
that fleeting moment
before the slide flips
and the sun climbs
and the blue seeps away?

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