"The shards would shatter at touch,"

An explosion of passion resembling a time and a window,
a time when the shards of myself still existed,
not made anew, but being replaced.

The shards would shatter at touch,
preventing salvage, yet welcoming it as well,
Beginning again was a new window, a new place,
much more sightly than the shrouding smoke that once hovered.

Due time, reason and rhyme became subtle as I repaired
Reason was the person I was,
Rhyme was the shards.

"My feet barely touch the floor"
Mhmd elHalwani 

Creeping voices in the night
Shadows lurking out of sight
Haunt me till the morning's light
No sleeping for me tonight

Looking at my bedroom door
My feet barely touch the floor
Something whispers down my core
Something that I can't ignore

Melted candles in my hand
Things I would not understand
My hope slips away like sand
This was not what I had planned

Slowly walking down the stairs
Feel a breeze sweep through my hair
Shadows lurk; in silence stare
Naked thoughts are all I wear

Out of breath I walk outside
Shaking fear that builds inside
No more places left to hide
Guilty thoughts of mine collide

Drenched in coward's blood and fear
I lost those who I held dear
It's all blurred, nothing is clear
Shadows from my past appear

As the silence speaks to me
Gets too loud it deafens me
My past will not leave me be
Pain and torment I foresee

Dazed and drawn by these lost souls
Broken thoughts I can't control
Ghosts slip through this gaping hole
Darkness has taken its toll

From the darkness dreams come out
Nightmares flailing all about
Closing in, I hear them shout
It's the end, I have no doubt

"What the hell is it you want?"
They retreat and me they taunt
One emerges, tall and gaunt
"Your life we will no more haunt."

"You have paid for your wrongdoing,"
He tells me, his voice booming
"This is now your redeeming
You are free." he says smiling

I look at the rising sun
I no longer have to run
My sentence is served and done
The ghosts have finally gone.

"I need you to touch me"

I need you to touch me
do it now.
I want your body, you want mine
remember you said
sweetheart, everything will be fine.

tips of your finger are silk
barely touch my cleavage
my entire body is so rich
rich of your small just sprinkle kisses.
I need you to touch me more
what are you waiting for?

your palm is burning, under my skin
looking in your eyes
I'm reading a long story of desire.
is all for me?

you smile to me, smile for me
when you do it
my thoughts become blurry.
please, stop whisper into my ear
I can't handle anymore
just, touch me!

"firm to the touch and cool,"
Melody W 

August arrived too early this year,
eager eyes and straight pleats
tethered to the sleepy confusion
of a disrupted midday siesta

It was the end of cherry season
yet they kept bursting forth,
firm to the touch and cool,
unyielding - not unlike you

When distant bells were heard,
I didn't turn my head one bit,
tangled, so entranced was I
by the thickets of sweet fruit

A waning year upon us again,
the moon chided me softly
as I turned my face away,
ashamed at my reflection

"ever close, quiet and eager for your touch."
Melody W 

Give me two stones, smooth and
unassuming as the still lake in my mind;
in return, I shall give you two birds, one from cold
nether regions of all you hold dear, the other
ever close, quiet and eager for your touch.

Very soon, you will realize that
even in the dead of March,
rivers ache for the whole of your
essence, mirroring this absence of love

"to faintly touch"
Melody W 

This sweetest past-time
eludes you now, yet still
echoes your name,
your legacy carved
on the face of these
corrosive stones

Tiny pseudo crystals
held at arm's length
to catch the countenance
of a fractured sun
secretly mourn
albeit exuding brilliance

These loveless trails
hold such heavy hearts
withdrawn in their
imperfections, yet
reaching their slender
tendrils outward

to faintly touch
mere passersby
still on this journey  
that has surpassed you

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