"would say that he had heard that you’re divine,"
Tyler Loeslein 

My Dearest Ross,
Or whatever you may prefer to be called,
Countless names that countless people have for you balled,
Up and then thrown back down, sprawled out.
They all mean you…
You, whose beauty beats waterfalls in the most secluded paradise.
You, who’s back after a year, and maybe that distance helped me realize,
That despite all that time without you in my life,
No feeling I felt for you met their demise.
You’re still my best friend,
And you still give me butterflies.
I’m feel like I’m dying yet I feel so alive,
My head and heart are in the skies,
They’re talking to God who smiles,
At his creation of love that goes beyond love,
And while he symbolizes peace with a dove,
He uses our image to represent this emotion that people can only dream of.
And with Him smiling down, we’re blessed from above.
And more important than your delicate yet safe,
Electrifying, yet comforting embrace,
Are God’s hands surrounding our existence. His Grace
Makes it so the world can’t touch us, we’re alone in this race.
And I can see it, the finish line,
At the top of the hill, ascending, I’m on cloud nine,
Because baby, God sent his word down through the grape vine,
Any little bird would say that he had heard that you’re divine,
And I don’t just mean physically, but mentally, metaphorically and literally,
Simply, intricately, but most importantly…just…completely divine.
I half expect to see cops stop you and write you a fine,
For how crazy you make me feel inside.
And I told you before about those butterflies,
But do you realize, that I can feel them just by looking into your eyes,
By wanting to discover all those secrets behind your smile,
Just give me a while, no…more than a while,
To explore all the possibilities of what lies,
Beneath the soft and, for me, untouched skin of your thighs.
You make me burn so fierce its like fire and Ice.
Darling you make my head spin,
Every time you walk into my life, but especially when,
You close the cursed distance between our skin,
Leaving me to wonder if when describing you, Best Friend,
Is only where our story would begin.

"Filled with an opiate divine"
Isaac Sands 

Bring to me a strong pot
By which my soul's sorrow will be forgot:
Filled with an opiate divine
So that Woman may be driven from my mind.
For I no longer want
This stream inspiring a heartly haunt,
That once flows will not stop
'Til my heart's blood drains to its last drop,
And so drained, then breaks.
Leaves me with an art held for its own sake.
So bring me forth this draught,
Deepest as ever one from Lethe quaffed.
From my broken heart charm
This fair Image of the earth's Fairest Form
That ever my heart has held,
That ever my reveling heart has swelled.

Alas, seems never shall be
My mind's eye, my heart, my soul ever free
Of this tort'rous torment.
Left with naught to do, only lament.
Away I cannot chase
The mind numbing beauty of her face.
'Tis all in vain it seems
For such a draught appears only in my dreams.
My sight did so invest,
Bringing damning pain abreast.
No longer can delight
Be brought forth from sights seen in any light.

Had she only known how
My heart, once free, only beat for her now
And with but a smile
Assuaged that murd'rous pain but for a while
I would then know relief,
That most bittersweet pain, the "joy of grief."

"the gulp of hot tea is ever divine"
Meenakshi Iyer 

There is no delight like the end
to the shrill whistle of the kettle set to boil.
While the brew might be dense,
Perchance a lil’ bitter,
the gulp of hot tea is ever divine

"e only been feeling love for her pure & divine."
The Lonely Bard 

I have not been bitten by a mad dog,
Instead I've only been smitten by the love bug.

I do not feel uncontrolled addiction,
Instead I've only been feeling love for her pure & divine.

I can not make her understand it right now,
Instead I've only been trying to make her understand love.

Things will have to clear up as the plain sky of May,
But it will take time is all what I can presently manage to say.

An excerpt from my recent conversation with poet GitacharYa Vedala.

My HP Poem #660
©Atul Kaushal
"An evening cool, a freshness divine"
Donald Guy 

The clock strikes, the hour shines
A warm rain brings fruit to the vine
An evening cool, a freshness divine
The sweetest grapes, the finest wine

In this hour, time churns
Life breaths, an ember burns
And ever still, the earth turns
As a glowing moon crosses the sky

Waves crash to shore, minutes grow dim
A cool wind directs a flowing hymn
A mornings warmth, a sparkling gem
The reddest rose, yet the greenest stem

But in this hour, time dissuades
Life chokes, the ember fades
And ever still, the earth waits
Until a garish sun crosses the sky

~D.B. Guy ( December 14, 2008 )

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