"A tearful woman sitting on the bench"
Always Ally 

Morning sunlight lighting the dark hardwood floors
Pages being turned and voices no louder than a whisper
People shuffling in and out the doors
The rain coming in at last
Shifting the clouds
Now to overcast
Watching silently just barely a glance
Observing life as it is
Hoping for the chance
To feel something more
Become something better
Moods always changing
According to the weather
I sip the burn of this morning roast
Nibble my eggs
Crunch on my toast
People in the park sway on the swings
Probably thinking
Of such trivial things
Man on the corner of the street
Checking the time
He's got somewhere to be
Getting back to the daily grind
A tearful woman sitting on the bench
Crying her heart out
From the guy who called her a wench
Life appears all around us
We choose what to ignore
The sick, the healthy
The rich, the poor.

"Swinging feet on a lunar bench"

It is just a fact:

My heart is a beached whale
Sitting on a dying sun,
Waiting on the tide to come,
There's a fisherman and a hook
Trying to catch me all day
Moving his Life on a raft
On top of the ocean’s spray
Those mermaids been teasing for a kill.

Swinging feet on a lunar bench
Twilight knocking me off,
Clouds softly catching a melon lost
Sleeping to a dream I knew would

Space Fire I believe
is a red comet in love.

What are we worth?
but precious hearts in a
cold dark
we find warmth in the fire
fed with desire
together we can make a great spark.

stranger to far off lands,
looking back at what i had.
falling forward into quicker sands,
holding on im scared to stand.
ugly moon grabs her tides,
thrusting me onward to black skies,
and i know i know i know,
theres life on mars...

"I was sitting on a park bench in December"
A Leo Keenan 

I was sitting on a park bench in December
Whence we met
Just watching my breath steam
In wisps and curls about my head
I sat there in silence for a time
Attempting to discover who this being was
I recognized her not
Though she was mine own age
Eventually, I knew her gaze
And I looked into her eyes
Just to see her intention
How her fate would affect mine
I recognized her now and spoke
But my voice filled with fear
And my heart filled with ice
But as time went on,
My resolve grew strong
And my head cleared of its eternal strife.
I bellowed aloud
Just so she would hear.
My voice deepened with anger
And I proclaimed,
“It’s not my time yet,
I must remain.
I have not known love,
Life’s great joy.
This is the reason I live,
I am but a lonely boy.
And I have found another
Whom I hold dear.
She widens my grin,
From ear to ear.
I would like my chance,
To make her happy.
To feel life’s greatest joy,
To be a daddy.
So give me some time,
And come back for me then,
I will greet you
Like a dear old friend.”
And so she rose,
What a beautiful sight,
All surrounded by gray and white.
I stood entranced
By beauty unmatched,
As she whirled about
And looked at me last.
She spoke not a word,
Let no sound free.
But the look in her eyes
Was one of understanding.
And slowly she left,
Absorbed entirely
By some great shadow
Nearby me.
On that gray-wintered day,
While I sat in the park,
A young girl as death
And I talked.
Though she spoke not a word,
She showed me my path.
I know what I want in life,
What I can have.
And so before she comes again,
If I do everything right,
I can live a just
And fulfilling life.
Death may come,
And death may go.
But never a footprint
Has she left in the gray-wintered snow.

As you can tell, this is my first post on here. Not sure exactly how crappy it is, it's up to you guys to let me know. Criticism is appreciated.
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