"elven fingers, movement quick, change unnoticed"
Melody W 

longer nights have escaped me; silken dreams
hover silently over sleepy terraces build from
obsidian stone and pale quartz - travesty
all along the corridor; crescendoing whispers
vex and taunt, sweeping the hearth bare
then shadowing crevices with moonshine
elven fingers, movement quick, change unnoticed
even as the morning intrudes once more

"the promise of change,"
Melody W 

you are the biting bullet
piercing flesh through and through
destructive force, invoking vicodin

I am the terrible anxiety
squeezed into milliseconds
before the pain actually hits

you are the flashy headlines
the promise of change,
spotlight on tragedy and love;
tragic, lovely intersection of both

I am the humble footnotes
extending my feeble hand upward
like a moth drawn to its demise
and yet -

you cannot live without me, can you?

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