"instead we command this moment,"
Melody W 

Remember not the decay,
the cruel face of cold shunning
embers ceaselessly illuminating circularity -
by this time next Spring,
a completion of the
first increment of three
measuring your absence;
the rain pelting down upon us
shan’t amount to these
tired whispers of re-unity;
instead we command this moment,
healing ourselves to complete the cycle.

"In that one moment time stands still"
Melody W 

Above the surface of the cerulean waters
an oval of light, oblong and lean hovers
suspended in time, longing for an accumulation
of meaning without truly being;

Coursing through this vast expanse of space
surrounded by silent floating sea creatures
this spectacle of illumination glows with faint longing

Suddenly, the pale orb flickers, hypnotizing
as it crashes down, breaking the smooth mirror of water
into a million deflected light particles

In that one moment time stands still
and the portal to infinity slowly opens,
as a new meaning is born
forced into being from
beneath the waves.

"heightened but for a brief moment"
Melody W 

apex of the witching hour;
it beckons to me with sly allure.
pummeled fists, hard kernels of truth
silently relish whimsical patterns
birthed by this intensifying pressure

anxiously await the threshold
to this lonely portal, shrouded mysteries
echo as if from far away

tiny shifting shapes, pulsating colors
take on a life of their own
content in obscurity

urgent voices of the bubbling creek
are slowly being drowned by soft, yet
intensifying sighs of the flowers
until all is saturated
with eerie overlapping melodies
heightened but for a brief moment

silence settles over the wood, glaring in the midst
of everything that could have been
even as the doors to this parallel universe
shut cruelly once again.

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