It's so sloppy
like runny eggs.

So smelly
hippo diarrhea.

So humid
like the inside
of your mouth,
in the same exact places.

How is it that this seems to happen
over night?

I'm not a grimy human being.

is the closest thing
I have to a religion.

It's time for a washing.

I write a lot of poems about my balls.
They are very near and dear to me.
Don't hate,
down there
and do a good washing

"We need to maintain our nether regions
for the sake of posterity."

Barney Rubble
said that.

"of failed hygiene."

Nothing worse than flushing it away
To see that it floats
To see that it stays

Nothing worse than toothbrush on tongue,
To sense that it's there -
it isn't done

Nothing worse than when you're trying to get clean,
and you're smacked in the face with the taste,
of failed hygiene.

"s, beauty, eloquence but nasty personal hygiene among women"

Nauclatic (fairgoers): The deeply spiritually intertwined with nature just being introduced to the comforts of civilization
Rengall: Reified by concrete effrontery in discovery (Indiana jones)
flagstall: to lose national unity because of corruption
Escraven: timid in the usage of secret terminology
Glaggle: impress with gobbledygook that is divorced from substance
Flagstag: an undue importance of inconsequential elections
Fritty: someone who wastes their time
Gollumny: "my precious"
Akabu: deserted time-travelers stranded in the future or the past
kloffen: A placid body of water
Hermallop: dumping an uglier woman for a hotter one
Radiohoo: fake top secret rap and pop music
Radioglare: Menacing threats by objectionable musical trends
Aushehotaria: Having an O.B.E. relationship
Wickersnatcher: Stolen time travel pirate goods/pirates
Slalem: navigating the esoteric in common contemplation
scroogid: Spoilsport based on false expectations
Xenucography: Cryogenic attempts at eternal life
Qwersy: too popular to be fucked with
Minimasque: No fucks given about poor people
Oxyholotron: specious time travel paradox
Errid: poor mismanagement that leads to drought
wavesnatcher: chronic pirate of obscure music
Niminal: sea monster of pain
Retrude: introducing obsolescence that is unplanned
Qart: art apportionment among museums
Grimsuetude: Morose temperament impaired deeply
Qwestun: Cast System of Extras
Vilium: Missing obvious sexual opportunities
Veridium: Success with women
laskerade: Free-for-all euphoric party
seguage: Connections among times
Hortosynchrony: simultaneously played chants
Vangermyte: Sycophant NSA agents that cozy up to the stock market
Primitude: first in line
primiventure: first expedition
quilldoten: keep it on wax
jengadangle: arbitrage based on financial collapse or playing the VIX
Chrenodendron: Ancient Time Traveler
Chrenodamiange: Near future time traveler to the past
Chrenoid: seen a time machine before
Chrystrenic: The pacification and mollification of sentiment
Jakatta: wisdom of the disguiseans
ugmentum: bad trends continuing
Jocknee: To worship sports
Hackencrude: Stupid vituperative pornographic sentiments
Gullarge: a large unassailed lie fed by the media
glawson: To browbeat with nepotism in legal cases
virecreant: A male person that never flirts with women
hollertrap: Announcing non-neutrality in a world that is divided
qwink: sex between celebrities
qwasthink: an intricate pattern of visualized words
Trocket: Synergized tree-minds meeting in one body
Squirebell: A formal diplomat
Yessurp: Codeine addict
Matrhine: A smart German
poiliosis: a fake disease that is artificial
Dubois: A teed to the nines gangster that robs the corrupt blind
Flissoid: Gloss, beauty, eloquence but nasty personal hygiene among women
Reskig: Sparing animals from painful slaughter
Salug: a salute that hurts your reputation

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