"Now sloths get amorous"

The 3 toed sloth
Rhymes with goth
Or is it oath

Moves slowly

Sometimes algae grows on his head
Joni Mitchell didn't mean him when she said

Wild things run fast
3 toed sloth, he'd come last

Once a week he climbs down from his tree
And that's to have a poo and pee

Now sloths get amorous
But sex is tricky up a tree
He moves too quick, he's not used to it
And hits the ground involuntarily

Randy broke his arm
Kind people fixed it with titanium

He resumes his slothful days
But now he's more careful with his loving ways

Randy lives in Costa Rica near to the world's only sloth sanctuary.
"Sloths by choice"
Mitchell Duran 

To search through the leaflets of buried pages
Plunging mine hands into the hard scratched surfaces
Forcing myself
Never to give up
For to go home is to die and be born again
But not anew
Not like the clouds that will float past my rooftop
Or the stream which trickles down a thousand rivers
Or the coo' of a waking baby crying for their mother
These words are the ones beneath the sheets
The one's people in fear pursue to delete
These words are the rocks thrown from mountains
Jagged, chipped and uncertain
For we are nothing but the same
Jumping from petal to petal
As if drenched in putrid warts
Tongue tied and falling from the world's love
What other place do we have?
What other place do we know how to know,
But Earth?
We are travelers when we need to be,
Sloths by choice
Many try to have a voice
But are caught off guard
By the camera's reflection all bare
Flesh and bones and mucus and stench we are at best
And with ideas come a volcano of good
As well as the bad
Idiots turn the page purging the mind again and again
And we said we meant good
I promised, or at least, I thought I did
In this motion time bends with the flick of a mouse
The flash of a leg underneath a blouse
A dollar sign etched living in an empty house
I once gave a homeless man
Only a dime
Where he is now I don't really know
Hope is to believe in nature's flow
Alone we are throughout these hours
Occupying spaces all holding blank faces
Agreeing with the hand that feeds
I admit it, I always will need
A bow to a ring that comes from the crashing sea
Soon time will shine through your waves, your ripples, your mist
Soon there won't be reason
To hold so tightly this fist

"o by slowly and the wounds healing at a sloths pace"
Samantha Steele 

You spend all you're time cleaning you're razors and knifes
But for what?
To let the wound sit there and fester
To pick at the healing skin
To let it get infected
And the days go by slowly and the wounds healing at a sloths pace
Some leave thin white lines behind
Others red angry raised marks
And I know you lie on your bed looking at each and everyone of them

"Gluttons for attention, sloths throughout the day,"

Time and time again, we experience things that we assume are great,
We soon find out that each thing would lead to our eventual fate.
It’s hard to trust someone that has lied to your face,
It’s hard to get over the past and move on to a new place.
Sick and tired of liars, cheaters and the weak minded,
Living life day by day oblivious to society; blinded.
Saying that things will get better and continue forth,
Believing what we hear daily and henceforth.
Taking in every little white lie and replaying each word,
Ignoring the atrocities that may have occurred.
You claim to be someone you’re not and neglect who you really are,
Actions contradict your words, how truly bizarre.
The words you speak turn to silent tears,
All you stood for is dead after all these years.
Time can’t change the past; it determines what may come,
Time can only heal the hearts and minds of some.
Even if we’re given all the time we may ever need,
Some still can’t hide their lust or greed.
Gluttons for attention, sloths throughout the day,
While pride, envy and wrath control all we ever say.
Those truths that you claim are real are far and few,
Lie to me again and prove to me that hypocrisy, thy name is you.

"judgemental sloths that never bother for the whol story"
Dr Dakota T Frandsen 

A caring heart for an outsider that speak few words with the smile each time

A talented  guardian with a slight psyche to ease the push of the world

Showed a guilted heart for crime she believed she commit when no anger held towards her

Saved the giant  from self extinction just with the simple glimpse of eye

Checked in the battleground to see if the shoulder was down even though no battle was fought

A hidden support for my journey in the unknown

was the example of bridal I continue to seek

The first to hear when I made a comeback

Why was I cowardly? Why did I not speak the truth to my mind? Is it me or just she see the same thing? I would love to take her by my side and show her the legends that is growing, she was one of the ones that helped get the seeds sewn in the right place.

a giant that shared not a care for others out of shyness
a bear in the eyes in most but a teddy to those that care to look
loving to the family youth as I care for them as if they are mine
a bit psycho to all that catch a glimpse, but a resort that leads to peace for the elder

How many more battle must take over the skies before I can see the starlight dance once again? Where is that old lake that made the lights dance in her eyes? The trash of mankind has fogged the grounds, making it harder and harder to see the paradise I built.

judgemental sloths that never bother for the whol story

Amethyst Rock Star 


she squawked,

almost incoherently,

I'd just took a sip of my tea.

"To most, they remain a mystery".

The remark remained a mystery to me.

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