"And face persecution when we act impulse."
Koty Peter 

A comedy, a tragedy, a romance, a drama,
This world is what you make it because nothing truly matters.
Everything done will be undone
by inevitable death.
On the timeline of this earth,
your really quite insignificant.
So laugh at brick walls,
cry at the zoo,
make out with porcupines,
whatever you wanna do.
In 1% of the time this earth has been spinning,
no one will remember you were even breathing.
Don't look at this world a square inch at a time,
Take a step back,
Get the big picture in mind.
Life is a joke.
It's there to amuse you.
Until we reach the next phase in out journey,
which is probably fertilizer.
We walk around and pretend were not a mass of cells,
pointless matter taking up space a pointless world.
Were held accountable for the things we want,
And face persecution when we act impulse.
So everything's fair.
What a hilarious illusion.
We wander around blinded by spoon-fed delusion.
Like things matter.
Like we matter.
But were all only matter.

Sa Sa Ra Oct 2012

No matter the charge
Having your Miranda Rights
Read on the Gallows

The cops took my weed!
Beautiful living creatures
Extinguished by extraction

This message made possible by
The bible-thumpers passion

A simple farmer, simple life
He's caused no one pain or strife
The victim absent, non-existent?
It matters not, just throw him in prison!

david badgerow 

the answer
is not
opposed to principle
it is not
against wars or
it will just
go together with
and it can
be influenced by
and the heart.
there is no difference between fact and fiction.
all writing is fiction.
and that is the worst betrayal of
the truth.

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