"Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single candle burning."
jeffrey conyers 

Cuddle in my arms, you are.
We just enjoying quiet time together.
Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single candle burning.

Just reflecting back on our relationship.
Like when we first met.
It's been a worthy experience.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.

I remember our first kiss.
It's simply hard to forget.
It was sincere.
It was passionate.
Just like the one I've just given you.

I remember our walks in the park.
Those self made dinners we had.
Those was good times.
Just like those we are creating now.

As we are just cuddling in the dark.
Reflecting back.

"I find her dark eyes in my dark eyes every time I look"
olivia grace 

we were just small children so we didn’t quite understand what father meant when he said

“mother is sad”

we continued our games and make believe stories and waited for mother to be happy

and when we were young, sad just meant someone stepped on your picture

or they ruined your sand castle

and in 2 seconds it was over

the deeper I fall into my depression I find my mother
I find her ghouls and her ghosts
her corpses

I find her dark eyes in my dark eyes every time I look in the mirror
and I find her hatred for everything, including me

I find new ways to torture myself
my mother

“you have your mothers eyes”

we also have the same disease

the only difference is, her demons won
mine don’t stand a chance

"A dark heartbeat,"
Dave Gledhill 

The Amazons fractured her skull
while he was busy
introducing himself, with a handshake
and a teapot:
'Good Morning!'
A tuneless whistle,
an anthem from nowhere
falls on deaf ears,
eyes faded to pastel
like a warning poster
after twenty copies
and acid rain.
Not an episode from real life
just an ivory circus,
the sport of savagery
At an end.
It wouldn't happen in Blighty.
A dark heartbeat,
a steady drum
The pen is mightier than the spear,
blotted shapes in the rushes
Inert, unheard
No time for farewells

"peeling tangerines in the dark"
Melody W 

Unblinking night
illuminated by those
long forgotten auras

We linger together
in unveiling separation,
peeling tangerines in the dark

Wordlessly we wait,
our searching palms
exchanging silent energy

And as the night air sighs,
nestling on our bed,
we embraced oddities
of another kind

strange rivulets trickling
down our upturned faces,
undeniably more than this
faint reminiscence
of tangerines

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