"so fly forever. Towards the bright LSD steam that emits electrical glow,"
Norliza Matheson 

Curious bright light, like insect burn close to the core,
no one knows why we do this. Perhaps, it’s instinct,
how funny, an insect’s instinct that we share,
funny from a distance, but in experience – complete cosmic significance.
Nothing is more important, you are what I revolve around,
constantly fly close to the attractive warmth, oh – warmth,
no one can remove emotion, fire, burning sexual desire,
teenager’s fantasy, obscene embarrassment that makes us young,
with imaginative and over expressed feelings towards light,

Why do we fly so close to dangerous sun?
It can harm us, so, what must we do but dream,
raise expectations, deny faults, dream of ideal outcome,
outsiders watch; they snigger, laugh and even pretend we don’t exist,
they don’t understand the stupid phases, constant rambling,
internal beating up, bleeding from our organs within our soft skin,
they can’t see us from the inside, only from our youthful frame,
more important that life, this is our life, memories will be shattered,
make the little things last, they say, we don’t listen.

We’ll live forever, time is irrelevant, merely a trick of society,
as time is the destroyer of passion, and pure ecstasy,
so fly forever. Towards the bright LSD steam that emits electrical glow,
fly forever. Finding different ways of explaining its attractive aura,
sensual smells and touches arouse us, grasping for more,
so close, you push further, we are virgins finding ourselves,
exploring our bodies, yours and mine, all is new and exciting,
explosion of overriding passion, spilling around our hips,
naked with awkward embrace.

We are so close to the fire; dangerous and beautiful fire,
as close as I can be, to true desire,
thrusting and propelling, spinning uncontrollably,
mind is hazy and drunk,
feeling so right, feeling so good, feeling so,
description goes on, until hit the glass, border between pain,
though, the collision stings, it does not kill,
like fence, impossible to cross, it protects but denies,
fly away.

The cycle continues, until we wise up,
learn to avoid the light, grow legs and walk,
no more flying, no soaring and freedom,
you walk away, leaving it behind,
but as you turn, glance behind your tired shoulder,
the fire still burns it’s eternal glow, trapped in restricting glass.

This was one of my first poems. I wrote it when I was about fifteen - exploring the freedom and restrictions of adolescence. It contains some aspects of personal situations, so it carries a great deal of sentimental value to me. I decided to use the image of an insect - exploring the frail and fragile body and mind of the teenager.
"Is the world stupid or high off lsd hallucinations."
Alejandro Medellin 

Worrying to my hearts content.
A sinister sinner that wont repent.
And wont believe, what people say.
Some will suffer, while others pay.
And some will call you brother or friend.
Slander your name and extend their hand.
I believe that all men are evil and greedy.
Because we feed the rich and kick the needy.
Mow their lawns and cut their taxes.
Lets chop down this system with rhetorical axes.
Why blame the world when it is the corporations.
Is the world stupid or high off lsd hallucinations.
The very thread of this system is in tatters.
Left to die, but it never matters.
That the justice in this country is non existent.
Murder is a crime, but getting away with it is persistent.
A real joke to the countries we disassemble.
And what do they resemble?
A power hungry democracy with no authenticity.
That favorites people of only one ethnicity.
While the rest are looked at as thiefs.
Broken bracnches, and sun dried leafs.
Thats all we are. The scum on the floor.
And people close their blinds and lock the door.
I am just so tired of being less.
Why does my life have to be a mess.
While John Doe lives so elegantly.
Im just fuming my anger vehemently.
Why wasnt i born with a trust.
Money is a terrible object that has become a must.
And its the base of all that is twisted.
We could have changed but then we missed it.
And i will tell you what is wrong with this generation:
Everything. we have been spoiled like surprise birthday celebrations.
And pouring thousands of dollars in my education.
I went and became an adult without any preparation.
And they never told me how hard it would become.
So im holding it all in trying not to come.
i dont have money for even the protection.
Taking a cold shower to lower my erection.
I am a product of this culture.
Scavenging the internet like a vulture.
And learning nothing at all, what is up with brain.
I promise i will not die in vain.
Not before i leave my mark on this earth.
Its Velli on my tomb but alejandro from my birth.
So leave me alone, delete me on your phone.
I am not the greatest but nothing is set in stone.

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