"not torn apart by the nonsense"
Laura Robin 

Just Let It In


the perplexity 

of this language, 

is damaging to me.

how can there possibly

exist such an impeccably

imposing combination of

words that still manage to destroy 

a soul as wasted as mine? somehow 

words discover these fine little cracks in 

my wall, as thin as the head of a pin. words 

are like water, rushing into whatever space they 

can invade, occupying whatever volume they discover. 

this water trickles through the fragmented spaces, traveling

all the way to my heart, transforming me in the way they seem to

alter us all. it is these words that i take with me. words reverberate in my mind,

disrupt me to my core, degrade me. your  words are the ones i perpetually carry with me...

any...all of them. yours are the ones that elicit the simultaneous firing of every
single neuron in my brain. there is something about the magic of your words
flowing together...whispered into my ear. they move through me like
a stealthy, lone snake, undulating in a field, stalking its defenseless
prey; slowly...at first glance, not appearing to be a perilous threat
...then piercing me all at once with fierce strength and
determination, devouring me without appearing to 

acknowledge that maybe i still...still want to be.

to be whole. and i do. my body craves 

the sensation of being complete,
not torn apart by the nonsense
of your  daunting words
disrupting my spirit
and making me
despise the
of language.

i wish i could
void your words 

from my brain, but
my mind is helplessly
inconsistent; i can never
forget what i long to,  
scarcely remember
what i must; and
my peculiar mind

certainly will never
forget the sound
of your words, 

just like water,

flooding me.

taking me


"nothing but nonsense"
Daniel Magner 

Cellar door
Sell my soul
just a little more
for a cellar
that holds nothing
but an empty,
empty nothing
nothing but nonsense
My cents, two cents
lined up on the door
lined up
Coked up, on the mirror
let me disappear
behind the cellar
cellar door

© Daniel Magner 2012
"screaming at you about some nonsense."
Matt Roberts 

I saw you today for the first time in years.
You were stopped at a red light
and I pulled up behind you.
You were driving his car with him
in the passenger seat
due to his dui arrest
from a few weeks ago.
Your windows were rolled down
and I could hear him
screaming at you about some nonsense.
You were silent as you looked at him,
eyes off the road,
hoping for an end to the noise.
I saw the tears streaming down your cheeks
in the reflection of your rearview mirror
and watched as you put your head down on the steering wheel in an act of hopelessness and defeat.
I guess I finally know what he's got that I don't.
I guess now I finally know why he's so much better than I am.

"nonsense knowledge, take me"
Life's a Beach 

Tell me a story, or I won't even blink,
I want you to take me to worlds that I
think I could find beauty in, places
to hide deep within like an inside
joke, or a laugh, or a path
to take into Neverland,
a bridge to Wonderland,
any land
as long as I can have you in it.

Tell me a story, fill my sinuses with stink,
I want to feel the ship I want to smell
the brink of desperation, to feel
a strange, secure, separation to
myself, filled with a wealth of
nonsense knowledge, take me
through foliage and laugh as I
bask in a seething sun,
come on, let's go, I crave fun.

Tell me a story, help me taste a
waste of time, I want to laugh a
rhyme and commit the crime
of uselessness and happiness and
bonkerness and silliness and fun
watch me run into a field of fantasies
tongue sampled teas and
smile at simplicities'

Tell me a story, and allow me to touch
a part of your mind you let
locked away, darling, parent, sibling,
quibbling cognitive miser
tell me a story and you'll end up
wiser for knowing it, for imparting
it, let's party it and part with the
sweetest words of goodness,
I could hear from you

To be continued

""Nonsense", said the other man."

One day, two friends were guessing,
The contents of a box.
No way for them to know for sure,
Its lid secured by locks.

The first man took a closer look,
And, straining, tried to lift.
"This box contains a heavy cross,
Intended as a gift".

"Nonsense", said the other man.
"I don't think it's a present.
There's SOMETHING in there, I agree,
But shaped more like a crescent."

A pointless argument ensued,
As each man shook his head.
This quickly turned to violent blows,
And then the two lay dead.

Ironically, it turns out,
That both of them were wrong.
The box, though it was heavy,
Was empty all along.

"Nonsense and impurities become us,"

Cornered like animals,
caged in disgrace.
Nonsense and impurities become us,
Darkening our souls and
greed for blood,
held beneath the seventh circle of hell.
We are alone together,
corrupted by one another.

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