"the other would think it of a lie"

for of lies we tell
the truth

i tell you how i feel,and
you do the
-same?(neither of could possibly
tell the truth)because
the other would think it of a lie

but when you tell me a lie,i take it as the
when i tell the truth(to you)its
a lie?

would i be wrong(although i am right),to assume
that somewhere in the word


Iabsolutelyha(you mean more to me than
the water to the stream)teyou

we will never
work out. we just don't understand

i hope you don't find this too confusing. i was inspired by ee cummings with this one.
"That's a lie. Fuck, I wish you were dead."

Why is there so much hate between us?
So much spite.

All we ever do is fight.

I don't know what to do without you,
but you're fine.

You tell lies about me all the time.

I'd do anything for you, you know.
You hate me.

One day I'll fucking die, and you'll see.

Please just stop playing games with my head.
I love you.

That's a lie. Fuck, I wish you were dead.

"Promise, she's not telling a lie"

Walk with a mountaineer
She will always be near
When feeling fear,
She will comfort you dear

Fly with a mountaineer
She will catch you when you fall,
She will give you all
She will take you high
She will give you the sky

Fall with a mountaineer
She will not let you cry
Promise, she's not telling a lie
Fall in love with a mountaineer

Fall in love with me. <3

"*let me lie in thine heart*"
Anon C 

Am I not too overwhelming
drowning even myself
still waiting
for thee to turn and flee
how hath thy not done so
for I fear thee
not thee
but the power thy hold
within thine heart lies a key  
to the lock that would consume me
please, I beg of thee
do not use said key
let me lie in thine heart
for eternity

"I lie down"

My hand, the pen
Cannot conceive
Words that cause
The make believe
To spring to life
And take away
The dark which fights
Like hell to stay
And so my heart
Swells with sores
Poison seeps
Into my pores
I lie down
In my made bed
Distorted dreams
Inside my head

"Thinking about the days I lie waiting for you."
Edwin F Lopez 

This distance between you and me,
Feels like it's half a world and it just might be.
Wherever you are, or ever might go
Know that I'm still waiting for you.
Waiting to hold your hand in mine,
Embrace your sweet skin in my arms.
I wait for the day.

Beyond the frosted glass there you are,
Touch you I could not,
If I called you couldn't hear.
With no visible way of interaction,
Hope is lost for an ever after,
And my heart overweight.
I wait for the day.

Keep looking forward to the day we meet
For the light in our eyes shall brighten the sky again,
Move on forward and destiny might plan the day
When both our paths entwine and merge
Oh glorious day that day will be.
Forever and ever after might be written on my sheet.
I'll definitely wait for that day.

I'll patiently wait for that day
When we can indulge in our time,
Go through life together like a game
By earning achievements and ranks.
Grow old together and gross our kin
With the passion and love we share.
Oh how I keep waiting for the day.

When I see you out in the distance
Dashing as anyone could be
Not long now until we meet
And say hello and I'd love to spend my time with you,
Laugh and cuddle together under the mellow moon,
Watch the meteor shower and end the night with a kiss.
I've been waiting for the day.

Lights go out and the day turns into night.
A hint of light coming from a corner
The curtains open and unveil
I'm all alone in the moonlit night,
Thinking about the days I lie waiting for you.

Avarious Ignis Ragnarok 10/31/12
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