"3153 miles away I lay with a mind that's clouded with thoughts. Past Scen"
samuel hdz 

3153 miles away I lay with a mind that's clouded with thoughts. Past Scenarios playing out differently. Over analyzing the present. Anticipating the emotion that I will feel in the future. If ever I was consumed it has never been like this. Regret comes and fades. optimism shares that same cycle. Happiness And sadness come in doses like sedatives.  The voice of jealousy tells me that hope makes me weak. Anger fuels my fire and logic keeps it burning. Yet voices, Medication, and the embers fade. The constant variables   are only wondering and anxiety. Peace comes in sleep and yet its hardly enjoyed.

"linger in your heart or perhaps in your mind."
Wolves and Lilies 

I am here. I am everywhere.

Every place you’ve been, I have waited.

Every face you’ve seen I have worn.

I have one name but thousands.

On your birth I am your twin.

At your death I shall be your shadow.

In a mother’s womb I have slept.

In a hero’s cry I have risen.

In the smile of a bride I took pride.

In a widow’s tears I am crushed.

I am the pledge of a groom.

I am the passion left by the dead.

I am the spark in every kiss,

The eternal flame of every vow .

Fourteenth of February I was born.

I am the spell in cupid’s arrow.

In the eyes of Aphrodite I am found.

Red as cherry I have been drawn.

I have no age. No gender.

I linger in your heart or perhaps in your mind.

‘Til eternity I shall live.

I am your hidden desire for others.

I am their hidden desire for you.

I am not LUST.

LUST is a friend and sometimes a foe.

TRUST is my companion. LIE destroys me.

BETRAYAL is my enemy.

TEMPTATION will lead you to another path.

Do not follow. You won’t see me there.

Don’t either find me. I WILL FIND YOU.

TIME is my deliverer. Be patient.

I have one name but thousands.

But you, you may call me


And I’m pleased to love you.

Adapted from Katy Towell's "Agony"
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