"as truth."
Melody W 

Bestow upon the gentle curvature
of this darkening path  
eager indentations untainted by disbelief,
as crimson hues waltz languidly
with cosmic azures, yielding

keen observance (even in nothingness) -
a state partially obscured yet alluding
to awareness in this realm…

noxious dissonance
cannot permeate this sacred space,
tho’ shunned interlopers
with gleaming eyes await
(crouched) in the debris;
never’more shall we succumb
to the talons of the few,

grasping instead
what we’ve come to know
as truth.

©MW, love, J
"knew only darkness, suddenly yearn for truth"
Melody W 

Swift were the winds that carried you to me,
enveloping a solemn vow meant only for our ears;
collision of the softest sort, silent energy
reverberating through paths I had forgotten…
eyes that knew only darkness, suddenly yearn for truth
to penetrate as the pale half-light through spindly trees -
shall we follow our visions then, darling, or the path before us?

"*ears unwilling to accept the truth,"
Melody W 

Nuances of everyday life
albeit unspoken, flit through skies; silent
kites chasing eternity.

As we solemnly gaze at fading colors in the
northern face of the amber sky, they remain:

ears unwilling to accept the truth,
eyes unable to forget the light

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