"when devin townsend masturbated me"
Dre G 

where is the cadence moving?
is it towards jesus christ?
is it towards a shining ovary?
is it foreword?

how does anything happen
linear? how does anything happen
spherical? remember that time
when devin townsend masturbated me
with his guitar pick?

i'll tell you about this plum:

when albert hofmann gave me the
gift seven lifetimes ago, he created
a radioactive island. it needs no aid,
it sees no faces, it survives auto
trophically on moldavite &moonbeams;.

Harriet Maguire Dec 2013

White horses.
Couldn't drag me away.
Not with all the green snakes they have.
Lurking in their bellies.
No written word or painted scene.
No Who.
Or Stone.
Or Radio head.
Can save me from this madness.

"-Duane Townsend"
Duane Townsend 

I pray the Lord their souls to keep
Make the days as short as sleep
My kid, an Airman, the time is nigh
Spread their wings and let them fly
Save the world and protect our land
In the air and on the sand
Teach them skills and plant a seed
To live an oath, the Airmans Creed
In their blues, us parents grin
Aim high, our Airmen, Fly, Fight, Win
-Duane Townsend

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