"its only purpose to push the sweat to dancers skin."

The night sky spits crystalized drops of clarity.
I stand with eyes painted black
My lips painted red
And ponder my reality.
Unloaded amps, keyboards, guitars take up more space
Then my heart can create room for
Erratic beats and flailing feet explode my sense of peace
and I'm caught in the harsh whipping of the vibrating music
played too loud to hold any resonance
its only purpose to push the sweat to dancers skin.
This music which I normally love so much
Falls flat to ears accustomed to the screams of suffocating ideals
and I forget why I am here.
I forget why these arms love his with a tired affection
that withstands his sublimations and holds his faults in a place where everything he creates is perfect.
We are not perfect.
This rain falls in thin sheets
intermingling with tears that suddenly appear on my flushed cheeks
and I taste salt.
Throughout the infinities trapped in teenage years I find
Its taste a fading memory
a paling reminder to how submissive I have become
and before I can remember exactly where it's from
Its gone and I am left with arms full of his music gear
and a heart too full to hold with only two hands.
He calls back to see if I need help
and I say no
because what are you going to say when you are shattering and do not know why.

"Silhouetted dancers of the night,"
Evan G 

Skin of ivory reflecting purity,
On this white throat kiss of passion,
A lovely night is a surety,
Our fingers clasped in amorous fashion.

For just one kiss your lips gave,
Silhouetted dancers of the night,
Fermented bliss makes hard behave,
Our feet a flash of fervent flight.

For a joy the angels keeping,
A dance on the summit of paradise,
Into my loving arms your leaping,
Eye catching eye your gaze entice.

This thought of joy the deepest dye,
Just tonight may I call you mine,
See this complex soul in eye,
Curious souls our breasts align.

A night of imagined fantasies and sighs,
Parting ways to reality return,
A curious feeling to my surprise,
A question in my chest that burns.

"A pack of dancers in the wind"
Shawn White Eagle 

Across the field I strained to see
Caught in the shadows of that old tree

My gaze fell across the field that day
Catching shadowed silhouettes that in the wind did sway

'Twas to the east of that old pine
That shadows played tricks on these eyes of mine

A pack of dancers in the wind
Moving the requiem of my heart to rescind

A lone figure began to alight
In the beauty of the dawn's light

Standing out in the cacophony of this scene
Among all the life that grows green

A single flower
Above all which it did tower

That single flower
Coming after a call to THE highest power

This beautiful brown eyed Daisy
Destined to amaze me

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