"Newtown, Connecticut"
Dorothy A 


Virginia Tech

Aurora, Colorado

Newtown, Connecticut

Is this what our nation has come to?

When shall it end?

What the Hell is Happening to Us?

"Buried under heartbreak, Newtown still stands"
Muggle Ginger 

26 angels have arrived for orientation
Taken from the world without hesitation
Heaven is a little more crowded:
There’s a place already prepared
At least tonight those who’ve passed,
Will rest in God’s care

Buried under heartbreak, Newtown still stands
Worlds changed, for this kid and the next
“Kids, 2 +2 is…” BANG -
Children were unable to protect,
Themselves or their friends

Gunshots filled the air
Instead of love that should be there

Flags at half-staff, leave us half-hearted
Soo many, like too many,
Will spend their Christmas
With families torn apart
And no New Years resolution
Can make up for the inhuman execution

May we ever look to love unconditionally.

My greatest empathies go to those in Newtown, CT. Lives have been irreversibly altered, and in the words of President Obama, "our hearts are broken."
JC Patterson Dec 2012

A palm on the blackboard and a loud black shoe,
tight as a lover’s squeeze against the wind,
a door swing on the incline and blown sky-blue;
this morning’s painting wheezes out from its pin.

A hand on the back-lock and one black sin,
wide as a wind-torn preach upon a pew;
the heavy thud of his boot on the white lin-
oleum - a hopscotch yearly in two by two.

Finger in the tock-tick and a fat, black coo,
dumb as a stillborn on a hospital wing,
the men who sell bullets and claim the right view;
men who start fires and then let the bell ring.

Dedicated to the families in Connecticut

I can not console you,
you the Inconsolable,
you are there and I am here,
I can not be with you, any
or all
of you.

Your grief is as big as the ocean you live
near and you are now tossed on a churning pitch of
waves of emotion, a salty wave-wash that cannot cleanse this.

If I could wrap my arms around you,
in the the hope you would absorb what
strength, I had to give, but it would not
be enough if you have lost a daughter or
a son or a friend of someone, anyone.

But I would anyway.

I need to write this to let you know, that
of you are alone,
but the emptiness that lies around
your town your school your life
will make you feel like it.

find others find all who are going through this
cluster together, break bread, encourage, endure.

I do not know who can make the pain, your agony go away,
I can not tell you for certain it will ever go away
If I could make it go away, if it was right so to do.

I would, but I am human my flesh is weak.
My spirit cries out
Comforter Arrive Swiftly!

You deserve so much for your
Reach out to them
My words seem hollow, even to me,
Forgive me
If this did not help.
Let it be because I am only one,
America, the World,
step close to a community
that needs

East Coast West Coast
Canadians Americans
Matter not
But you do.
Brynn Dec 2012

Those minutes you were wondering
Scared and alone
Wanting mommy or daddy
You never thought you could feel this scared

Backed up in a corner
Huddled together
With fear vibrating though your spine
What's going on?

You don't want that animal to invade
The place you learn

The noises you hear
Will haunt you forever
Corrupt your dreams
Ruin the innocence

The things you see
Red marked halls

Finally out
Knees shaking
Vision blurred
Life altered

The scariest thing
Seeing the adults upset
Their knees shaking,vision blurred
Life altered

One person ruined the lives of so many. Newtown you are in our thoughts and prayers
Gary Gibbens Dec 2012

And so he came to the high place
The broken steps of many years behind him
Many times he had rehearsed his question
It was o so wise and would impress the foolish
But now his heart was shattered
His clothes were rent
There was dirt on his face
He had forgotten all his pretenses

He simply asked
"How could you let this happen?"
Again the images of the children
Lying in their blood
Screams and moans now quieted
As their black blood pooled
Bodies scrambled in a classroom
Filled with their innocent drawings

"How could you let this happen?"

As always, there was no answer
Far away the muffled sounds of weeping.

"of Newtown"

In the wake of an act
More evil than one could imagine prior to its being done
Who more represents evil?

The perpetrator certainly.

Or is the people who profess love
Of god
Of country
Of children


Who refuse to talk
Or even threaten revolt
and more violence

Rather than discuss
possible ways
to reduce the chances of this
of Newtown
ever happening


"under the tree in Newtown"

about all of
the unopened
Christmas presents
under the tree in Newtown
Connecticut this holiday season

R.I.P. to all of them...
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