"Low-Level Terrorist Organization Busted & Detained:"
Donald Guy 

wandering the Commons, quietly listening
   to the sounds of Childish Gambino

Looking for the sixteenth time for
   An escape from the Pru
Sipping a glass of Sam Adams Boston Brick Red
at a corner of WHISKEY'S on Boylston

Stopped in at Ben & Jerry's on Park:
   Bought a cone of  ™
Paid for it with
my Bank of America® VISA® P L A T I N U M   P L U S ®

Checked in on  foursquare and
   read the protest tweets on
my verizonwireless® hTC® ThunderBolt™
with Google:
                #NYPD collapses on #Sanctuary and begins arresting clergy and occupiers
                inside. #D17 #Re-Occupy #OWS
                _Retweeted by Occupy Boston
           @OccupyWallSt Links to sanctuary/clergy violations?

Erst I wandered the sights
and thought of thoughts

Tweeted a picture of the “pro-corporate” march
Pictured Headlines:

Area Cop Arrests Area Man for Obeying Traffic Signal
"Didn't anybody tell him that's not how its done round here?"

Cell of Young Idealists with ties to
Low-Level Terrorist Organization Busted & Detained:
Found Plotting the Grassroots, Digitized, Non-Violent Overthrow of the Status Quo

City upon a Hill: “Whose city?! Whose hill?!”

~D.B. Guy, 12/17/11

A poem which "properly" involves a bizarre amount of formatting. See http://qaxzar.deviantart.com/art/Another-for-Occupy-Boston-274812177
"l drugs or shoplift. Nor do they commit terrorist acts."
Micheal Wolf 

Meet the boys. Fredderick Smith and Barnabus Jones. Just two little guys having fun. They dont start wars, beat kids, kidnap children, sell drugs or shoplift. Nor do they commit terrorist acts.
They bark a little and leave Henry Wintermans around the garden. So why was Freddy left hours old in a black bag and Barney left in a park for dead. We call ourselves humane?

"You are a thought terrorist."
Alissa Rogers 

You are a thought terrorist.
I can't go on a walk
or lay in my own bed
or have a conversation
without you there. You have
hijacked my eyelids and
you linger in my mind
-its maddening! Maybe
with these words
I can cut you from my head
and trap you in paper.
You can not become
my background music or
the rhythm of my soul
-its MINE! Yet still, I think of you.
Why do I do this to myself?
If you are the terrorist I hope
I am not the plane going down.

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