"And all was stress-free"
Cameron Godfrey 

It used to be easy
Making a friend
In Pre-K you just played
And you supposed it'd never end
It used to be easy
Passing a test
You just had to study
And do your best
It used to be easy
And all was stress-free
But now it's too hard
It is too hard for me
My head in a book
My pen on a page
Late nights and waking up early the next day
It used to be easy
It required no thought
It used to be easy
But now, it is not.

It's a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy 9th day of school
"And adjust to a stress-free life"
Charlie Hazels 

He thought that I was blind to it all,
That I thought he could not fall.
He never thought to stop and think,
To see that I could make the link.
So he never thought i knew
That he had a mental blue,
But he denied it for so long,
I knew it all and he was wrong.
He hurt me in a life-long way,
A mental scar that will always stay.
Denied his strange mentality,
Which gave him his verbal brutality
If you read this, and you are he,
Then give me time to just be me,
And adjust to a stress-free life
Without your harm and without the strife.
You're always there, on my case,
If you weren't then seeing you I would embrace,
I'm still too angry, it's still fresh in my mind,
I can't yet leave the past behind.
He thought that I was blind to it all,
That I thought he could not fall.

Inwont put this person to shame by naming them publicly, but mental abuse is still abuse, even if you cant see the scars it leaves.
"In a stress-free realm of dreams"
Bhupathi Prabhakara Rao 

Simmering youth
On adultery flame
Of passionate dreams
Under the thrust
Of thirsty hunger, hankering
To anchor the pranks
Of pubertal parking

Slipped into slumber sullen
At the trick of biometric-clock
The intrinsic instinct awake amidst,
Awoke his inner self off the shelf
In pursuit of pelf of passion
In a stress-free realm of dreams

Infatuation surfed n’ spun its web
Obsessive, his highness sought
Unfair affair with her fairness
In his dreamy creamy fare  
That planted a futile kiss
With a figurative hiss
On her fertile cheek n’ chin
Raw was war at love he saw
Alas, the best of his lovely lass
Perhaps never to figure out
From his naughty mesh
Of wish of vanishing dreams
That often franchise and fantasize

"of another, stress-free and curious"
Samantha Rose Schaefer 

and some of my favorites moments are
when someone opens up to you completely

you walk into a new world,
take a new role

those times when words become visions
and nothing else matters in that moment

roaming around the mind
of another, stress-free and curious

when you realize you and someone else
want the same things for the world

that we all do,
but some of us are just scared

like sitting with your best friend,
only you're older now

are we the same?
we must be the same now

a creek of consciousness flows in,
as if you just took out a dam

and the news is everything pure,
like an open window

but the hinge is always shut at night,
and there is always a toll

savored like the morning's breakfast,
I'll swallow what you've said to me

until morning I'll wonder
what you're thinking now

I'll dream of your urges
and dance in your dreams

as if you were my child
as if we were in love

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